Working in the Netherlands, emigrating to Holland

Working in the Netherlands, emigrating to Holland

Working in Holland

Unemployment in the Netherlands is currently at a very low level. As in Germany, the unemployment rate is just over 3%. Employees with work experience are in demand, the chance to find a job in the Netherlands is pretty good.

In general, German employee appreciated for their good training, so that you have a real chance of a direct employment. Relatively simple it is work about a temporary employment agency, one "uitzendbureau", to be found on every corner. But watch out, unlike Germany, you are not usually employed there. That is, if you do not get busy, you will not get any salary.

Of course you have better chances on the job market if you already speak Dutch. But also without linguistic proficiency is it possible to get to a job? For applications and later job interviews, English is preferable to German. Most Dutch people at least understand German, but they also appreciate it if you do not automatically assume that you can get by with German easily. English is generally very well spoken.

applications are very often sent by e-mail in the Netherlands. Certificates and a photo are usually not common. You may be able to take training and employment certificates with you for a job interview, but that too is not common practice. Most important is a clear, tabular CV, called Curriculum Vitae, CV for short.

About the differences in everyday work between Germany and Holland are in the After Holland Blog at How that is, working in Holland a little insight.

An interesting brochure with the answers to the "30 frequently asked questions about working in the Netherlands", published by EURES, you can download for free here.

labour market

The unemployment rates are currently very low and the skilled workers shortage has arrived in the Netherlands. Good personnel is sought in many industries, and reinforced in some industries. This includes above all:

  • construction industry
  • Trade and service
  • IT sector
  • Metal construction (engineers, welders, fitters)
  • technical engineers
  • technical and commercial sales specialists
  • logistics
  • (Petro) chemical industry

in the Nursing and health care Due to government austerity measures, a lot of staff has been laid off in recent years, although actually more staff would be needed. There is also a chance there as a German, but without Dutch language skills, it is hardly possible. In the normal case you have to have your profession recognized in the care sector, which you have acquired in Germany. From 1 January 2017, a language qualification will be required. More information and corresponding forms for the application can be found here.

Who bears the thought as German teacher Working in the Netherlands has a very good chance of being hired. Also for newcomers there are some possibilities.

Detailed and practical information can be found on the website of the Duitsland Instituut in German.


Cross-border workers are people who work in one country and work in the other. This is mainly about Germans who live in Germany, but go across the border to the Netherlands to work there.

Especially if you live near the border and have children of school age, this option is actually ideal. The children can stay in their familiar environment and continue to attend a German school, in addition, the cost of housing and car in Germany are usually lower.

By law, this is now quite well regulated, both in terms of tax and social security. As soon as you accept a regular job at a Dutch company, you are taxed in the Netherlands. The social security contributions are also kept there and you have health insurance there. But you can still go to the doctor at your German place of residence.

A whole series of information brochures for cross-border commuters in German is available on the website of Grenzinfo. By the way, also for people who work in Germany but live in the Netherlands. Also the new website, an initiative u.a. from the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia, offers assistance for the different living-working situations.

In addition, you can still here appropriate Brochures and information sheets Download with a lot of information. In addition, there is an information sheet Living in Germany, working in the Netherlands.

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