Destinations with children in april, 3 favorite tips

Where to go in April? Favorite travel destinations with children

Rough coastlines, heavenly beaches, wonderful food, exciting culture – Nadine from Planet Hibbel takes us on a trip to her favorite travel destinations with children during the Easter holidays.

Scotland is not only cold and wet: there are many beautiful beaches here © Planet Hibbel

Tip 1: A trip to Scotland with the whole family

Easter after Scotland? Most people probably shake their heads at the thought. Too cold and too wet. But that can also happen to you in a Scottish summer. In addition, not only myriads of Midges (nasty mosquitoes) frolic in the summer Scotland around, but probably just as many tourists. So why not just come back with children in April Scotland travel and enjoy spring there? We had wonderful weather except for two days during the Easter holidays and even spent Easter picnicking on the beach.

A lot of variety for young and old

Magnificent nature, picturesque towns, cultural highlights and an exciting history. We have fed seals with our children in the wild with fish, the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle from the film “Highlander" discovered the breathtaking Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye climbed, visited Harry Potter film sets and unsettled the historic streets of Edinburgh.

The whole of Scotland is a highlight, but my personal insider tip is the Hebridean Isle of Skye, with its rough, fairytale charm.

The Isle of Skye is fairytale and adventurous © Planet Hibbel

Road trip across the island

We were in our own car for two weeks Scotland en route and had very different accommodations. A beautiful ocean view cottage on the Isle of Skye, Overnight stays in a camper trailer at the foot of the Ben Nevis (the highest mountain in Scotland), a few nights at the hostel in Oban and an apartment rented through Airbnb in the capital Edinburgh. At Easter time, however, accommodations are always better booked from home.

Getting Tip:

The best way to get there is by ferry from DFDS Seaways from the Dutch Ijmuiden into English Newcastle. From there it is only a two hour drive to the Scottish capital.

Tip 2: Vacation on the Adriatic – away from the tourist crowds

If you prefer a bit more Mediterranean and long for warmth, I recommend the Italian one Adria and Venice just explore in the pre-season. We were in last spring San Michele al Tagliamento, better said in the Bibione district, marveled at the abandoned parasol legions on the beach and let us have a good time in a family hotel (Aparthotel Imperial).

The hotel belongs to the group of children’s hotels, has cozy rooms with a kitchenette and offers many amenities for both children and parents. The beach, the cafes and restaurants are still almost to themselves out of the busy summer season.

What to do in Bibione

I particularly recommend the Ristorante Casoni, where you can eat extremely well and with a picturesque view of the lagoon. You can also see the pretty lagoons around Bibione also explore by boat and visit the up to 100 year old former fishermen’s houses.

South Sea flair: the lagoons at Bibione | © Planet Hibbel

A short trip on vacation: off to Venice

And if you feel like city life and culture, you have to make a detour to picturesque Venice (approx. 1.5 hours away by car). Simply stroll through the spring-like alleys, enjoy the scent of the blossoming orange trees, eat a gelati and marvel at the incredible beauty of this city.

Greetings from picture book Venice | © Planet Hibbel

Getting Tip:

The best way to reach the Italian Adriatic is by plane to Venice. From there it is still about 1½ hours by rental car to Bibione.

Tip 3: Heavenly travel destination with children: Maldives

And if you feel like the exotic, you should look at it once in your life Maldives to travel. The Maldives are admittedly a rather exclusive destination, but you can actually travel there individually and on a budget.

We have in eleven days both on the luxurious resort island Kuramathi and in the affordable boutique hotel Kaani Village & Spa on the local island Maafushi used. Both hotels are great and I highly recommend them. But the price difference is around 400 euros a night.

It never gets boring in the Maldives

They are wrong Maldives the reputation of being boring or just the goal for water sports enthusiasts or honeymooners. We had a great and exciting time with the child. Because we were not only lying on the beach, but also splashing with baby sharks in the knee-deep bath-warm water, snorkeling and stand-up paddling, having a spa day and exploring the island jungle.

Turquoise water, white beaches, lonely boats: dreamlike Maldives | © Planet Hibbel

Travel individually with children to the Maldives

We also traveled individually to the Maldives: From times it went with the local ferry to the local island Maafushi – life there doesn’t have much in common with the perfect tourist islands. Because what many tourists do not know: the state religion of the Maldives is Islam and the women are sometimes deeply veiled. If you get involved, you won’t be able to walk around in a bikini on the public beach, but you will get an insight into the real life of the Maldivians. More tips for the perfect vacation on Kuramathi

About Nadine

Nadine | © Planet Hibbel On my Planet Hibbel travel blog, I (Nadine, 42 years old) have been reporting on trips with our children aged three and seven for three years. Two months of parental leave in Thailand, city trips to New York or Berlin, road trips through Scotland or the east coast of the USA, culture in Italy, nature in Norway or the beach in the Maldives. Traveling with kids? It works wonderfully. Because the world is a huge adventure playground.

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