Holidays with children: the 10 most beautiful travel destinations – 2020 (with tips)

Vacation with children: the top 10 vacation destinations with children (2020)

Planning for the next vacation with the family is on your to-do list, but the choice for vacation destinations with children is great. The question inevitably arises: Holidays with children – but where to? Would you like to take a vacation with the children by the sea or would you rather go to the mountains?

And when vacationing with children there are a few things to consider:

The hotel should child-friendly be the Beach clean and safe access to the water. In addition, the Temperatures are not too high be and the arrival route is not necessarily more than three (flight) hours.

For many families, the budget is also a decisive factor. Timely booking and countries like Bulgaria or Hungary can be one good alternative for a cheap vacation be with children.

In addition to good planning, the wishes of all family members must also be taken into account. During parents’ free time recreation looking for, the offspring is the point Action and adventure.

You can read all tips for traveling with children here.

We have put together which holiday destinations with children are particularly suitable. So the next relaxing vacation or Weekend trip with children nothing more in the way.

These are the best travel destinations with children.

1. Croatia

Croatia holidays: The country on the Adriatic coast is a perfect holiday destination with children, especially for summer holidays. You have guaranteed here a lot of sun and pleasant temperatures.

The best time to travel is from May to October.

With the plane you are in about three hours. The tour takes a little longer by car, but can also be done well with a stopover in Austria or Slovenia, but also with children.

When planning, you should note that many of the beaches in Croatia are rocky. Sea urchins often lurk here between the stones. With older children a trip to such beaches is less problematic – bathing shoes protect against the marine life.

With small children, however, it is advisable to use one of the Sandy or pebble beaches visit.

  • On the island of Krk
  • On the island of Rab
  • On the island of Brac
  • In Punta Rata
  • In the Kvarner Bay near Rijeka

Click here for the: most beautiful Croatian islands

There is also plenty of variety and leisure activities for children of all ages known as a child-friendly country taken care of. We have put together a few holiday ideas with children for you.

The best destinations with children in Croatia:

Funtana Dinosaur Park:

The adventure park in Istria provides excitement for young and old. In the park you can see real footprints of primeval animals and life-size replicas.

The Pula Aquarium:

In more than 60 show tanks you can immerse the underwater world and experience the Mediterranean, tropical waters and indigenous lakes and rivers.

Stalactite cave in Baredine:

A visit to the underground stalactite cave will be an exciting excursion for you and the children.

Plitvice Lakes National Park:

The breathtaking inland national park is one of the oldest national parks in southern Europe. It is known for its bright blue lakes.

  • The best tips: family vacation in Croatia

Hotel recommendations:

  • Cheap:3.5 * Bluesun Hotel Soline | Recommendation:93% from 299 reviews
  • Medium:4 * Hotel Parentium Plava Laguna | Recommendation:96% from 389 reviews
  • Luxury:4 * Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik | Recommendation:92% from 1243 ratings

>> The best family hotels in Croatia

2. Bulgaria

You may not have the country on the Black Sea on your screen when planning your vacation.

Especially the Sunny beach on the Black Sea coast is recommended as a holiday destination with children. From May to September you have pleasant temperatures here. From June the sea has a pleasant bathing temperature. Bulgaria is a great travel destination with children if the holiday budget has only a small framework, because the country is very cheap.

You reach Bulgaria preferably by plane. In about two hours you will be on the sunny beach. There you are completely geared towards tourists and offers many leisure activities. You can get around with a rental car on site. You can book it cheaply in advance online.

The best excursions with children in Bulgaria:

Varna Zoo:

The zoo opened in 1961 is a great destination for the whole family. In addition to animals, the zoo also has many small rides that are also suitable for smaller children. There is also a dolphinarium next to the zoo.

Action Aqua Park:

A lot of bathing fun awaits you here. There are huge water slides, themed pools and entertainment shows for the children. But relaxation is not neglected in calm swimming pools or whirlpools.

Tour with the pirate boat:

From Albena you can go on a day trip with a real pirate boat. An exciting show is of course included.

Hotel recommendations:

  • Cheap:3.5 * Hotel Villa Albatros | Recommendation:100% from 171 reviews
  • Medium:4 * Sol Luna Bay & Mare Resort | Recommendation:93% from 1860 reviews
  • Luxury:4.5 * Hotel Grif >

    >> The best family hotels in Bulgaria

    3. Thailand

    The country in Southeast Asia is ideal for the first vacation with children, which should take you further away than to the Mediterranean. Because Thailand offers everything for you varied vacation with the family: beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, vibrant cities, night markets and food stalls. But also untouched spots of nature and luxurious resorts.

    The country offers adventure, but at the same time has a good tourist infrastructure. That makes it an ideal travel destination and perfect for you Vacation with children by the sea. Run from Germany many direct flights to the land of smiles, so you save yourself annoying stops.

    The temperatures are around the year around 30 degrees with a high humidity. Therefore, it is advisable to acclimatize yourself at the beginning. The least precipitation occurs from December to May.

    The best travel destinations with children in Thailand:

    Temple visit to Bangkok:

    The Grand Palace is one of the most impressive temples in the metropolis and will also delight your children.

    A ride on the tuk tuk:

    Your children will enjoy this form of transportation very much. The vehicles drive through the busy streets at a rapid pace.

    Sai Yok National Park:

    Here you can marvel at impressive waterfalls and let yourself be guided through stalactite caves.

    Hotel recommendations:

  • Cheap:4 * Kantary Beach Hotel – Villas & Suites | Recommendation:95% from 624 reviews
  • Medium:4 * Khao Lak Merlin Resort | Recommendation:97% from 1401 reviews
  • Luxury:5 * ROBINSON Club Khao Lak | Recommendation:92% from 1291 ratings

>> The best family hotels in Thailand

4. Denmark

The neighboring country from Germany is a good travel destination with children who rely on their own car on arrival.

Depending on where you live in Germany Arrival time very pleasant and can also be arranged with small children. The country between the North and Baltic Seas is suitable for holidays with children both in the summer months and classic bathing holidayb, as well as in the cooler season.

Lots excursions, where you stay inside are offered.

The best holiday destinations with children in Denmark:

Legoland Billund Resort:

In the theme park you can experience unique buildings and landscapes made entirely of Lego bricks. There are also rides and children can get their own driver’s license.

Tropical rainforest Randers Regnskov:

In this extraordinary zoo you enter a tropical world with 200 animal species.

Fårup Sommerland:

The aqua and leisure park is perfect as a holiday destination with children. Here the children can let off steam and there is definitely no boredom.

>> The best family hotels in Denmark

5. Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are ideal for a vacation with children by the sea. Because they offer warm temperatures all year round and little rainfall. So you can choose the best travel time, depending on the age of your children. Even if the flight time is somewhat longer at around five hours, the journey is still pleasant. A few films or books literally let time fly by.

  • Campsites in Spain are very popular for a holiday with children

For families with small children own Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

If the children a little older and a little bit more action is also suitable the largest Canary Island Tenerife as a travel destination with the whole family. In the south you will find many hotels and various adventure parks.

In the north is the Anaga Mountains, which are ideal for hiking or you can take a trip to Teide National Park and the imposing volcano.

  • Tip: One is particularly suitable Holiday house in Spain or in the Canary Islands for a vacation with children

The best holiday ideas with children in the Canary Islands:

Jeep Safari:

In Gran Canaria you can drive a jeep through the dunes and explore the landscape. Exciting for young and old.

Loro Parque:

The animal park on Tenerife is a special highlight for children.

Siam Park:

the water park in the south of Tenerife promises action and fun. Slides for all ages guarantee that nobody will get bored for a long time.

Our tip: Siam Park and Loro Parque offer combined tickets. So you save 10 euros per person for adults and 7.50 euros per person as children.

Hotel recommendations:

  • Cheap:3 * Apartamentos Masaru | Recommendation:95% from 288 reviews
  • Medium:4 * Sotavento Beach Club | Recommendation:92% from 7463 ratings
  • Luxury:5 * Adrián Hoteles Roca Nivaria | Recommendation:96% from 2989 reviews

>> The best family hotels in the Canary Islands

6. Austria

The country in the Alps is recommended as a holiday destination with children if you are an active family who likes theirs Time in nature spends. With the right equipment, even the smallest family members can be there.

The Arrival is most convenient with your own car. But also with the train you can travel cheaply from Germany. Austria is just as suitable for vacation in summer as for winter vacation with children.

A farm holiday is particularly exciting. This type of vacation is offered quite often in Austria.

The best excursion destinations with children in Austria:

Hiking in the Öztal:

Through deeply cut alpine valleys, you pass impressive waterfalls and viewing platforms.

Gold panning in the Rauris Valley:

You can go searching at three gold panning sites. Maybe you will find real gold.

Educational trail in Waidring:

Child-friendly knowledge of geology is imparted on the two-kilometer educational trail. You can see primeval corals embedded in stone.

Our tip: Pack the bathing suit. In Tyrol, more precisely on the Steinplatte Waidring, the highest sandy beach in the Alps including a bathing lake awaits you.

>> The best family hotels in Austria

7. Hungary

Hungary and above all that Balaton are ideal as a holiday destination with children. You will find there in the summer months great weather with lots of sun and above all affordable prices. You can reach Hungary in just under two hours by plane or by car in around 12 hours. A stopover with an overnight stay, especially if you are traveling with children, is therefore a good idea.

The Balaton, in German Balaton, is perfect for a vacation with children.

The beaches on Lake Balaton are mostly green lawns in separate beach resorts for which you have to pay a cheap day entry. You can borrow loungers and umbrellas there.

There are also gastronomic offers and sports facilities on site.

A real one sandy beach can be found in Siofok, Balatonbereny or Balatongyörök. In addition to bathing fun in Lake Balaton, the region around the lake also offers great excursion destinations for children.

The best holiday destinations with children on Lake Balaton:

Western Park in Nemesvita:

From May to the end of August you can experience a real western adventure with your children. Whether pony rides, gold panning, archery or a visit to the mini zoo, you will feel like real cowboys.

Serpa adventure park:

Here you will find a climbing wall that you have to conquer. You can then take a breather in the cable car and enjoy a great view of Lake Balaton. Just like from a 15 meter high observation tower.

>> The best family hotels in Hungary

8. Germany

For all those who are wondering where the vacation with children should go, here is the simplest answer: Germany. Because if you do not want to go abroad with your children on your next vacation or just want to take a short trip, you can also find it at Vacation in your own country many beautiful regions for a family vacation.

A holiday in Germany with children can be organized in a variety of ways:

Beach holidays on the North and Baltic Seas, skiing in the mountains or hiking in the most beautiful natural regions of the republic, in Germany there is the right experience for every holiday taste. Depending on the destination, you can with your own car, train or long-distance buses arrive. Long-distance buses in particular are ideal for a small holiday budget.

The best destinations with children in Germany:


Many amusement parks now also offer overnight accommodations. So nothing stands in the way of a short vacation with children. The Belantis in Leipzig, the Heide Park Resort, the Serengeti Park, the Hansa Park in Rostock or the Europa Park in Rust are ideal for a vacation with children.


They offer a great alternative to the threat of boredom for the cold season. Many hotels now offer overnight stays including tickets to fun and adventure pools.

Here is a small selection of the best water parks and water parks in Germany:

Lake Constance:

Lake Constance in the border triangle between Germany, Austria and Switzerland is one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. Here you can explore the area by bike, take a trip to the flower island of Mainau or visit the stilt houses in Unteruhldingen.

>> vacation in Germany

9. Greece

Greece with its popular islands, such as, is suitable as a holiday destination with children Rhodes, Crete, Kos or Corfu.

The flight time is about three hours.

In Greece you have excellent opportunities great weather on your vacation with children. The many sandy beaches The Greek islands are particularly suitable for a family vacation: the children can play extensively in the sand and there is definitely no boredom. The islands of Corfu and Rhodes are particularly recommended here.

Hotel recommendations:

Especially on the mainland and the Crete Island it can get up to 40 degrees in summer. You should either switch to another island with your children or not fly there in the summer months.

The best destinations with children in Greece:

Canyoning in Crete:

In addition to the well-known Samaria Gorge, which is only suitable for older children, there are also many “child-friendly” gorges, such as the Agios Antonios Gorge.

Aquatica Waterpark on Kos:

The water park with exciting water slides ensures an eventful day for young and old.

More about Greece:

Hotel recommendations:

  • Cheap:4 * Nefeli Hotel Rethymno | Recommendation:96% from 1627 reviews
  • Medium:5 * Fodele Beach & Water Park Hol >

    >> The best family hotels in Greece

    10. USA

    The land of unlimited possibilities also offers such a holiday destination with children. Regardless of whether city ​​trip to the big cities like New York, Los Angeles or Miami or a camper tour along the east or west coast or through the large national parks. Here you will find the right holiday experience for you and your children.

    Tip: The United States is right strict entry requirements and there are some forms waiting for you to fill out. But that everything is half as wild and shouldn’t put you off. Just deal with the provisions in advance and in good time. Useful information on entry the German Foreign Office has compiled here in the USA.

    The best vacation ideas with kids in the US:

    Visit an amusement park:

    This is a must on every trip to the USA. The rides are even bigger and more spectacular than in Germany and there are more than enough amusement parks in every state. Disney’s parks are particularly popular, of course. You should not miss a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim (California). It’s even bigger at Disneyworld in Orlando (Florida).

    Grand Canyon Hike:

    Impressive and untouched nature await you in North America’s most famous natural wonder and one of the largest gorges in the world. The viewpoints are popular destinations for tours and offer a film-like view. If you like, you can also take a boat tour through the canyon and even spend the night there. However, approval is required for this.

    Vacation on the beach with children

    The USA is known for its dreamlike and kilometers long sandy beaches. So what could be more obvious than a vacation with children on the beach? You will find particularly beautiful and family-friendly beaches in Florida, California and New Jersey. The beaches of North and South Carolina are an insider tip.

    Whale watching in Boston

    Well, if that’s not for kids ?! The ocean on the east coast of the United States is a preferred area of ​​whales and dolphins that you can watch on a boat tour. Experience majestic humpback and right whales or watch the cute porpoises playing in the open sea.

    A visit to the Niagara Falls

    The world-famous Niagara Falls on the border between the USA and Canada are an excursion tip for the whole family: not only that the thundering masses of water are incredibly impressive, the waterfalls are also very romantic. While the children stand in amazement in front of the falls, the parents enjoy a moment in front of a breathtaking backdrop.

    >> The best family hotels in the USA

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