Croatia vacation with children: top 4 destinations

Croatia vacation with children: Top 4 destinations

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A vacation with children has to be planned carefully and precisely, after all, children have different needs than adults. The most important points for a Croatia holiday with children include:

  • A safe beach with small pebbles or sand.
  • A child-friendly place to stay.
  • Leisure activities (e.g. slides, animation programs, pedal boats or water parks).
  • Hotel facilities that are safe for children and do not pose any dangers.

In the following post we offer an overview of our Top 4 recommendations for Croatia holidays with children.

1. Hotel Amarin, Family Hotel Rovinj

Getting there:(quick arrival, place is in the north of Croatia)
Child friendly:(Family Hotel)
Our recommendation:

The Hotel Amarin is located north of Rovinj and can therefore be reached very quickly from Germany or Austria. In addition to the opportunity to swim on the pebble beach, you can also splash around in the hotel pool. The beach was also awarded the blue flag and is one of the best destinations in Croatia.

There are many entertainment programs for children, among other things children can enjoy sporting activities in the Hotel Amarin, let off steam in their own play room or take part in the evening program. Teenagers can make themselves comfortable in the teen club. The hotel was completely renovated just a few years ago. The outdoor facilities are large and provide fun for young and old. This is also confirmed by various reviews from guests who have already been there (e.g. on Tripadvisor).

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2. Hotel Vespera Family, children’s hotel on Lošinj

Getting there:(Arrival only possible by ferry, arrival time from Munich: 8-9h)
Child friendly:(Family Hotel)
Our recommendation:

It takes longer to get to Lošinj than to Rovinj, but it’s worth it: Hotel Vespera is located on the southern tip of Lošinj and is perfect for families. In the morning you are woken by the chirping of the leafhopper and when you look out of the window you can see the sea behind the pine forest (distance: approx. 20 meters). There is even a mini golf course in the forest!

If you don’t want to swim on the beach with the kids, you can make yourself comfortable in the outdoor pools. The pools are filled with sea water and distributed over 3 floors. In addition to the normal pools, there are also two children’s pools. So that the little ones never miss the fun of vacation, there is the so-called "Pino Club" in the Hotel Vespera, where programs are offered throughout the day for different age groups throughout the summer.

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3. Hotel Park Punat Falkensteiner

Getting there:(No ferry necessary, Krk bridge is chargeable)
Child friendly:(newly opened family hotel)
Our recommendation:

The hotel opened in summer 2017 and is a paradise for families. The Falkensteiner Resort is located on the island of Krk and is therefore only a stone’s throw away from the mainland. The great thing about Krk: The island is connected to the rest of Croatia by a bridge and you don’t have to take a ferry as a holidaymaker.

Adults can let the chefs spoil them with culinary delights while the children either run around in Falky-Land or are on the go with the animation team. The offer is enough for the whole family: film evenings, a separate children’s water world and animation programs for young and old ensure that it never gets boring. If you don’t feel like it, you can simply relax on the beach or at the outdoor pools. The Hotel Park Punat is ideal for a Croatia holiday with children, but adults will also feel comfortable in the resort.

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4. Alternative to hotels: vacation in an apartment

Not everyone likes hotels, after all, it can sometimes get quite loud and hectic in such resorts. So how about, instead of going on vacation in a hotel, booking an apartment for the family? It is convenient, you can decide when you eat and you have your own balcony or terrace. In addition, most accommodations in Croatia are now modern and well cleaned.

For a Croatia vacation with children in an apartment we recommend Baška on the island of Krk. Baška can be reached quickly and the Vela Plaža, the largest beach, stretches over 2 km. The pebble beach slopes gently and there are many leisure activities for children, e.g. Pedal boats, water parks or slides. The promenade turns into a promenade at night, where you are overwhelmed by culinary specialties. A holiday on Baška is suitable for young and old.

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