Trouble with the dentist – who helps, tooth costs

Trouble at the dentist – who can help?

Treatment at the dentist is not always without problems. Dissatisfaction with dentures or fillings, refusal to pay cash or overpriced bills are among the daily annoyances of patients.

Patient advice centers of the consumer centers

In many federal states, consumer advice centers offer personal advice on health issues at their advice centers. Anyone who has questions about their rights as a patient or who has failed to apply to the health insurer for costs can get advice from specially trained employees or fee lawyers.

In Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein, the consumer centers offer special dental advice such as: B. on the subject of dentures. This is done in cooperation with dentists from the dental associations and the dental associations.

Overview of all advice centers and offers from consumer centers.

Federal working group of patient centers and initiatives

The Federal Working Community of Patient Centers and Initiatives (short: BAGP) is a working group of regional independent patient centers. She also helps and advises on dental issues.

The patient centers help e.g. B. in conflicts with the dentist or health insurance. They answer general questions about treatment costs and various treatment options and provide support if a treatment error is suspected.

health insurance

Most statutory health insurance companies offer free dental advice for their insured. Find out from your health insurance company which advice options are available for you.

If a treatment error is suspected, the health insurance fund is even obliged to support its insured. If there is suspicion of defects, for example in the case of integrated dentures, the health insurance company can have this checked with a defect report. However, it is the health insurance company and not the patient who decides whether an expert opinion is to be prepared or not. This service is free of charge for patients.

State dental associations and dental associations

The state dental associations and health insurance associations (KZV`n) offer partly separate and partly joint patient advice centers in the individual federal states. If a patient would like advice on dental treatments, questions about the treatment and cost plan or would like to check his bill, he will find free advice here.

If you suspect that the dentist wrongly refused a service or otherwise behaved incorrectly, you can complain directly to these offices. In the case of concrete indications, (state) dentist chambers and KZV`n should investigate suspicious cases in their function as professional supervision and punish them if necessary.

Especially on the subject "dentures" the dental dentist associations in the federal states have created a so-called second opinion model. Here, patients can get a second opinion on their planned denture treatment in a personal consultation. Advantage: The dentist who advises is not allowed to undertake the planned treatment himself, and therefore does not benefit from the economic benefits from the consultation. However, this service is only available to those insured by law.

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