Supplementary dental insurance for tooth cleaning: Top 10 tariffs in comparison & test

Although the conditions for dentures and dental treatments are of particular interest when choosing a dental supplementary insurance, the services for dental care measures, such as professional tooth cleaning, should not be forgotten. Many tariffs now reimburse a share of the costs of professional tooth cleaning and also cover other dental care measures. They are therefore a useful addition to the protection provided by the statutory health insurance company, which, although it bears the costs of the annual check-ups at the dentist, but does not pay for professional teeth cleaning.

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Tooth sealing: When does it make sense??

Tooth enamel can develop small hairline cracks even with healthy teeth. These small cracks can be so narrow that they cannot be cleaned with the toothbrush, they are ideal places for tooth-damaging caries bacteria. These cracks on the molars occur particularly frequently, since these are particularly stressed by the strong forces when chewing the food.

To prevent the occlusal surfaces from being permanently damaged by caries, the dentist can protect the surfaces with a tooth seal. This caries prophylaxis is covered by the health insurance for children and adolescents up to the age of 18, provided that the teeth are sealed on one or more of the large molars. For milk or small molars and adults, the costs must be borne by the patient privately. Tooth sealing costs between 15 and 25 euros per tooth.

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Tooth sealing in children - useful or not?

Tooth sealing in children – useful or not?

Teeth are important and yet not immune to diseases that damage the tooth structure and can lead to tooth loss. If you have children and take regular dental examinations at your dentist, you will have already heard of the possibility of sealing teeth. It is said that tooth sealing supports the preservation of teeth and should minimize the risk of caries. Is that really the case? Is tooth sealing worthwhile for your child? At what age does the procedure come into question and can milk teeth already be sealed? We’ll deal with these questions in this article.

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Tooth sealing costs

The essentials in brief:

»A tooth seal enables small depressions to be sealed on the surface of a tooth (fissures).

»The measure has proven to be useful on broken molars, as they serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

»For children and adolescents, the statutory health insurance company pays the costs of a tooth seal in full.

»Adult patients often pay for the measure independently, which can cost 40 euros per tooth.

»If the patient has supplementary dental insurance, the patient’s own contribution is reduced because the insurance usually reimburses 70 to 80 percent of the costs.

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Sensitive teeth after filling

In some cases, patients still experience toothache after filling their teeth. Drilling out the caries and filling the tooth should ensure that the pain stops. People experience toothache for many reasons, but the transmission of pain always works the same way. A nerve is irritated and passes the pain signal on to the brain. Therefore, it may well be that the teeth react sensitively despite caries being removed. The reason is that the nerve takes time to calm down. Here you can read about the other reasons behind sensitive teeth after a tooth filling, how other readers deal with them and how the problem can be solved.

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Tooth cleaning costs

Teeth cleaning costs

The cost of professional tooth cleaning ranges from € 40 to € 150 depending on the treatment effort. You have to be aware that you have to bear the costs for good tooth cleaning. If a professional tooth cleaning costs € 40, it can be assumed that it cannot be done carefully enough, otherwise it will not pay off for the dental practice. The cost of teeth cleaning is almost always borne entirely by private health insurance companies.

The situation is different for statutory health insurance companies: the health insurance benefits only include the removal of tartar once a year, but the costs of tooth cleaning for a complete professional tooth cleaning must be borne by the patient privately.

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Dental healing – molar tooth fills automatically thanks to visualization

An experience report on the power of the mind

The following impressive example of an adult over 40 who regenerated a molar tooth using a simple visualization technique (he just imagined this tooth to be healed) provides brilliant proof of the power of the human mind over the body, which extends down to the tooth area extends into it. [2]

I have to tell something absolutely heretical. About 5 years ago on Christmas Eve I had an inlay 1 hour before we wanted to go on vacation, because unfortunately a rye core of my whole rye bread roll was not a rye core but a stone. When I realized it was too late. Catch a dentist here in the country, and also one who works biologically: none.

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When does tooth position correction make sense??

Adults love aligners: there are many options for correcting tooth positions that go hand in hand with high aesthetic demands in the context of orthodontic treatment. Old childhood memories are a thing of the past: In the past, all brackets or braces were pink and also on "such a rack around your head" some adults have bad memories. These reservations are now unfounded. thanks aesthetic materials and low forces, it is possible to treat misaligned teeth today into adulthood – without aesthetic disadvantages.

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Tooth corrections in adults

Long since the order of the day

Awareness of the importance of healthy and well-groomed teeth is steadily increasing. Therefore, more and more adults are opting for tooth correction. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for medical reasons.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Misaligned teeth often lead to health problems such as headaches or joint disorders.
  • A tooth correction prevents the teeth from wearing out prematurely.
  • Fixed braces or aligners are recommended for adult tooth corrections.

Misaligned teeth in adults

Almost everyone has misaligned teeth. In some, however, they are more pronounced. In about every third person, the misalignments in the rows of teeth lead to health complaints.

Mostly are misaligned teeth hereditary, z. B. by the growth of the lower jaw. A too small lower jaw leads to a lack of space in the mouth. The teeth are therefore nested.
However, too external influences lead to misalignment of the teeth. About a milk tooth that failed too early. The neighboring teeth try to close the gap. This leaves too little space for the new tooth. Tooth injuries in childhood can also be to blame for a later malposition. If the tooth germ has been damaged, this can cause a malposition in the dentition.

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Adult teeth correction – fixed and loose braces for adults – types and costs of tooth correction

Tooth correction with the help of braces is the best way to get aesthetic teeth – no matter what age! Effect and cost of tooth correction in adults

It is never too late to have beautiful teeth! For adults with misaligned teeth who have not worn braces in childhood or have not taken any other tooth correction measures, treatment is possible at an older age. Tooth correction with braces is suitable for adults with misaligned teeth such as cross bites, pre-bites or other types of misaligned teeth. Healthy and beautiful teeth allow a beautiful smile and increase self-confidence. You can also increase your self-confidence by finding out how to create and change websites, all without programming.

Orthodontists usually recommend adult teeth to fixed teeth correction devices such as brackets and lingual braces. These are attached to the teeth and act continuously and actively on the jaw muscles to correct the position of the teeth. After the bracket therapy, the patient must wear a retainer to stabilize the tooth correction, which ensures that the teeth remain in the new position. If adults skip this step of tooth correction, there is a high risk that the teeth will return to their original position despite long-term treatment. The correction of misaligned teeth i.e. Wrong bite, cross bite, pre-bite, tooth or jaw outgrowth, is often done for aesthetic purposes because of speech and eating disabilities. Surgical interventions such as dental implants, complete dentures by bridges or correction of tooth gaps by crowns are also often performed by adults. In comparison, tooth correction using braces in adults is often part of aesthetic tooth regulation.

An inconspicuous – almost invisible tooth correction is possible with the help of invisible braces or transparent brackets and aligners. In this way, the psychological effects of tooth correction in adults are avoided and a healthy smile is achieved with minimal aesthetic stress. Another tooth correction method for adults is aligner therapy. Aligners are transparent removable splints, each for the upper and lower dental arch. As the only loose tooth correction method that is also suitable for adults, aligners have become very popular in recent years. Paternity analysis has also become very popular in recent years, opt for DNA analysis, which is very easy to do with a test set.

However, this method is associated with higher costs. The cost of tooth correction in adult patients is not covered by the health insurance – unless the patient has supplementary dental insurance that covers this tooth correction treatment (both the practice fees and the pres of the device). Unlike adults, braces for children are paid for by the health insurance. Additional costs may also arise for young patients, e.g. because of expensive tooth bracket models or when the squib correction is not urgently needed.

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