When does tooth position correction make sense??

Adults love aligners: there are many options for correcting tooth positions that go hand in hand with high aesthetic demands in the context of orthodontic treatment. Old childhood memories are a thing of the past: In the past, all brackets or braces were pink and also on "such a rack around your head" some adults have bad memories. These reservations are now unfounded. thanks aesthetic materials and low forces, it is possible to treat misaligned teeth today into adulthood – without aesthetic disadvantages.

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Tooth corrections in adults

Long since the order of the day

Awareness of the importance of healthy and well-groomed teeth is steadily increasing. Therefore, more and more adults are opting for tooth correction. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for medical reasons.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Misaligned teeth often lead to health problems such as headaches or joint disorders.
  • A tooth correction prevents the teeth from wearing out prematurely.
  • Fixed braces or aligners are recommended for adult tooth corrections.

Misaligned teeth in adults

Almost everyone has misaligned teeth. In some, however, they are more pronounced. In about every third person, the misalignments in the rows of teeth lead to health complaints.

Mostly are misaligned teeth hereditary, z. B. by the growth of the lower jaw. A too small lower jaw leads to a lack of space in the mouth. The teeth are therefore nested.
However, too external influences lead to misalignment of the teeth. About a milk tooth that failed too early. The neighboring teeth try to close the gap. This leaves too little space for the new tooth. Tooth injuries in childhood can also be to blame for a later malposition. If the tooth germ has been damaged, this can cause a malposition in the dentition.

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Adult teeth correction – fixed and loose braces for adults – types and costs of tooth correction

Tooth correction with the help of braces is the best way to get aesthetic teeth – no matter what age! Effect and cost of tooth correction in adults

It is never too late to have beautiful teeth! For adults with misaligned teeth who have not worn braces in childhood or have not taken any other tooth correction measures, treatment is possible at an older age. Tooth correction with braces is suitable for adults with misaligned teeth such as cross bites, pre-bites or other types of misaligned teeth. Healthy and beautiful teeth allow a beautiful smile and increase self-confidence. You can also increase your self-confidence by finding out how to create and change websites, all without programming.

Orthodontists usually recommend adult teeth to fixed teeth correction devices such as brackets and lingual braces. These are attached to the teeth and act continuously and actively on the jaw muscles to correct the position of the teeth. After the bracket therapy, the patient must wear a retainer to stabilize the tooth correction, which ensures that the teeth remain in the new position. If adults skip this step of tooth correction, there is a high risk that the teeth will return to their original position despite long-term treatment. The correction of misaligned teeth i.e. Wrong bite, cross bite, pre-bite, tooth or jaw outgrowth, is often done for aesthetic purposes because of speech and eating disabilities. Surgical interventions such as dental implants, complete dentures by bridges or correction of tooth gaps by crowns are also often performed by adults. In comparison, tooth correction using braces in adults is often part of aesthetic tooth regulation.

An inconspicuous – almost invisible tooth correction is possible with the help of invisible braces or transparent brackets and aligners. In this way, the psychological effects of tooth correction in adults are avoided and a healthy smile is achieved with minimal aesthetic stress. Another tooth correction method for adults is aligner therapy. Aligners are transparent removable splints, each for the upper and lower dental arch. As the only loose tooth correction method that is also suitable for adults, aligners have become very popular in recent years. Paternity analysis has also become very popular in recent years, opt for DNA analysis, which is very easy to do with a test set.

However, this method is associated with higher costs. The cost of tooth correction in adult patients is not covered by the health insurance – unless the patient has supplementary dental insurance that covers this tooth correction treatment (both the practice fees and the pres of the device). Unlike adults, braces for children are paid for by the health insurance. Additional costs may also arise for young patients, e.g. because of expensive tooth bracket models or when the squib correction is not urgently needed.

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Treatment focus.


From prophylaxis to dentures: We offer a wide range of modern, gentle and largely painless dentistry. Your permanent dental health is our goal. Please contact us directly on specific topics. We are specialist dentists and can help with dental problems.

From years of successful practice, we have a wealth of experience and are on the cutting edge of technology through permanent further training of doctors and practice staff. We can advise you comprehensively and prove our excellence especially in complicated and complex tasks.

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Dental fillings – what is the best material?

If tooth decay has caused a hole in the enamel and the dentin has been attacked, the affected tooth must be filled. To do this, the dentist first removes the damaged parts of the tooth with a drill. The caries must be completely removed before filling. Pathogens that remain in the tooth unintentionally can spread further towards the tooth nerve. Once all pathogens have been removed, the hole created is cleaned and closed with a filling. When choosing the filling material, the patient has the choice.

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Tooth filling in white! (Teeth, dentist, filling)

Tooth filling in white?!

Hello dear users, I wanted to ask if you can have a white tooth filling done! :) So you have to pay for it out of your own pocket or take over that, the health insurance (:? Which filling is better the black or the white? Thank you in advance _ :) mfg abrar

5 answers

Hello abrar, the white filling is of course better because it does not deviate so visibly. If you have to have front teeth filled, they will be filled in white without additional payment. Hanco writes that he also got a molar in white, free of charge. I have had the experience that my dentist does not fill the molars or the ones before that in white for free. I do not know now whether it is the dentist who wants to save his budget or the respective health insurance company that does not pay it. If you are lucky enough to have a dental clinic in your area that trains students, you can go there, because all teeth are sealed in white, i.e. the students practice on the patient, and that is without additional payment. VG Katzina

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Protect teeth by sealing teeth

Despite very good dental care, bacteria can settle in depressions on the tooth surface and damage the tooth. For this reason, very large depressions and furrows (fissures) represent an increased risk of caries. To prevent these depressions, the dentist can specifically close them using a special procedure, the so-called "fissure sealant". Read all important information about tooth sealing here and find out how you can protect yourself privately against possible costs.

Useful especially for children and teenagers

Strong fissures occur primarily on large occlusal surfaces. A tooth seal is therefore particularly suitable as an additional protective measure for the permanent molars or molars, especially for children whose teeth often have larger fissures and require special protection. The first molars break through in children around the age of 6. The second molars follow at the age of 12. At the appropriate age, it makes sense to carry out a tooth seal for the molars and additionally strengthen the teeth with fluoride. Adequate sealing can reduce the risk of caries at an early age. However, sealing is also possible regardless of age if there are significant fissures that represent an increased risk of caries.

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Tooth loss: mixed dentition child, dental accident, dental disease

tooth loss

Article Index

Teeth loss in children

Teeth fall out in children when changing teeth in the mixed dentition due to normal tooth loss of the milk teeth.

The first milk teeth that fail in the child are the incisors in the milk teeth.

Teeth fall out when changing teeth

The permanent teeth develop under the milk teeth and expel the milk teeth, because between the 5th and 13th year of life the milk teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth.

The teeth of the human dentition are already in place before birth, because the germs for all teeth are created in the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy. At birth, parts of the milk teeth and permanent teeth are formed. The permanent teeth complement the milk teeth, which are the placeholders for the permanent teeth and, up to this point, are responsible for crushing the food. Milk teeth must fall out to make room for the permanent teeth, which takes six or more years. Inflamed milk teeth can also cause damage to the permanent teeth, which means that milk teeth must also be optimally cared for. The constantly growing and shifting remaining teeth begin to dissolve the roots of the milk teeth from below, so that milk teeth begin to shake. The 20 deciduous teeth that grow up to about three years of age usually fall out in the order in which they came. In some children, the first milk teeth fail at the age of four, but in other children, the teeth do not fall out until the age of seven. When children get their teeth early, the teeth usually fall out early. Milk teeth fall out, even if the permanent tooth is not yet visible under the milk tooth, because it often takes days, weeks or months for the new tooth to appear. The concerns about the initially missing tooth are mostly unfounded in the event of a delayed breakthrough of up to six months.

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How much does it cost to have a tooth pulled??

For medical reasons, tooth extraction cannot always be avoided. Tooth damage, misaligned teeth or an accident can be causes that make this routine intervention necessary. But what does it cost to pull a tooth, what are the risks and what are the consequences of removing a tooth? We clarify these and other questions in an interview with the cost check expert.

Tooth extraction – what does it mean??

Check cost: Tooth extraction is the technical term for teeth extraction. It is a very old treatment method. Records from the first century show that sore teeth were already pulled out at that time. There are two different methods for tooth extraction:

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abscessed tooth

A tooth abscess is an infection of the mouth, upper or lower jaw, face or neck that results from a tooth infection or caries.

If caries is neglected (not treated), it reaches the tooth pulp (dental pulp).
The nerve and blood vessel in the center of the tooth become infected and die.

The bacteria spread beyond the tooth and form an abscess.
This can also happen with children’s milk teeth or a reconstructed or crowned tooth that has undergone root canal treatment.
A tooth abscess is not contagious.
It can affect any tooth: canines, incisors, pre-teeth (premolars) and molars (molars).

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