Liiviundliivi: casual children’s fashion reloaded

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Oh wow, great station wagon. Are you totally good * gg * I think this Okar color is totally beautiful. (is it called * brooding *)
best regards

But this has really become a super great combination!
And the curry is sooo beautiful, especially combined with the rest!
Lg Kristina

Beautiful! (And I especially like the piping :-). ) I’m looking forward to your further copies!
best regards,

yes the station wagon looks like summer :-)

I know The The well – our middle one doesn’t like either "tough" Put on pants ;-) I’m just really excited about the (slightly different) sewn cut Aurelia (mix of colors). Sewn in soft woven fabrics, the trousers are cozy and still do everything. If you like to look, here is my example:

Even if I already know the combi from trial sewing, I have to write to you again how great I think pants and sweaters are. Nice fabric combination and a sugar-sweet model.
Best regards Karina

Thank you for sewing, dear Maarika!

Thank you for sewing, dear Maarika!

It looks really comfortable. I have to go browse Yvonne. I also love the piping. Very cute!
best regards

Hach, such nice parts again: D I particularly like the pants!

Kind regards, Kati

In the truest sense of the word: casual! Looks really great and I think the color combinations are very, very successful! I would dress my kids right away :-)
best regards

Very nice colorful combination – I think the colors are great! I also have a little rebel at home who sets the tone when it comes to clothing. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out exactly what she is orientating when it comes to clothing. We have a number of bloomers in the closet, which she strictly refuses. It’s a shame when I look at your creations!

This is another combination for which I like your blog so much. I find your style unmistakable and very wonderful.
Kind regards, Steffi

I find the Puli beautiful, I particularly like these bright colors. Greetings thread Miss

The station wagon is very nice! The with the I can understand comfort very well. I personally only wear jeggings (with a if possible, jeans look) and leggings. For my curly head there are only comfortable pants that do not restrict. I just don’t want to do that to him even if there are super nice pants :-D Your daughter is lucky that her mother shows understanding for it!
Kind regards

The combination including the colors have become really great! I have been sewing the trousers for years and my son is also super happy about the legroom :)
Greetings from Austria

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