Lime color inside, natural – healthy interiors with

Whitewashing for your living space

Requirement: A living room color should breathable his, no harmful additives have and for an intense white to care. So you should especially combine the health aspects with the aesthetic aspects of a lime paint. Living rooms should be painted lively and healthy so that they have a positive effect on your joie de vivre.

  • Warm and intense color for well-being
  • Breathable and anti-mold
  • No additives for a natural and positive effect

Our recommendation: The Auro lime paint No. 326 offers you that aesthetic and health Strengthening lime paint perfectly in a bucket. It has an intense white and is free of titanium dioxide and emissions. The feel-good atmosphere is guaranteed with the color!

Whitewashing for your wet room

Requirement: Lime paint should be able to do one thing particularly well in damp rooms: Inhibit mold. To do this, the wall paint must be particularly breathable. In addition, the paint should be able to last a long time, as damp rooms cannot usually be painted very often. Lime paints for your damp room should have special qualities, but it can significantly simplify and improve the care of your damp room!

  • Anti-mold and anti-mold
  • Waterproof, moisture-binding and diffusible
  • Should last a long time

Our recommendation: The lime color of Cretaceous is mildew resistant, waterproof and highly diffusible. Therefore, it offers the perfect strengths against mold and moisture binding. Due to the high quality, it also lasts very well and long on most walls. If you have mold and moisture issues in certain rooms, it is an excellent choice!

Whitewashing for your bedroom

Requirement: In bedrooms, on the one hand, should be a lime paint healthy and be without additives and one warm white have. A color without additives and a good appearance will significantly increase the feel-good atmosphere in your bedroom. The wall paint should therefore be able to combine health with beauty.

  • Warm and intense color for well-being
  • Healthy impact on the indoor climate
  • No additives

Our recommendation: The biological Kenter sump lime is without artificial chemical additives. The intense color also ensures a warm color effect, which is ideal for bedrooms. The healthy color therefore ensures a comfortable night atmosphere in your sleep and the natural purity of the color for a healthy indoor climate.

Whitewashing for your nursery

Requirement: A lime paint should spark a positive, healthy effect in children’s rooms. The wall paint is best avoided without additives. A ecological purity associated with one strong hue would be our clear requirement for an ideal nursery color.

  • Ecologically pure
  • Easily colored
  • Warm and nice color

Our recommendation: The swamp lime from Kenter connects Ecology with intensity. Natural and breathing, the color has an extremely positive effect on the room climate and the appearance of the wall. In addition, it can be colored well, which in our opinion makes it a great color for nursery makes. As a color, which of course works for the health of your children and with the right color pigments also looks flexible and modern, is a great option as a children’s room color.

Whitewashing for your living room

Requirement: A living room color should esthetic and healthy be at the same time. A color should therefore fill the atmosphere of the room with a warm shade and make the room climate really cozy. On the other hand, it should have a positive effect on air humidity and the indoor climate. Since living rooms are often colorful, they should also be easy to color with colored pigments. A really good color for the living room should create a comfortable atmosphere that suits you.

  • Warm and intense color for well-being
  • Can be tinted for individual color
  • Naturally and without Additives for a good indoor climate

Our recommendation: The Auro lime paint No. 326 offers you that aesthetic and health Strengthening lime paint perfectly in a bucket. It has an intense white and is free of titanium dioxide and emissions. The feel-good atmosphere is guaranteed with the color!

Whitewashing for your wooden ceiling

Requirement: Wooden ceilings need one special paint, because not every lime color lifts on the material. Standard lime paint can occasionally lift on wood, but particularly impure wood can cause lime paint to have some problems, and the liability time can be very limited.

  • Special liability so that it sticks to wood
  • Liability on impure and uneven surfaces
  • Intense color

Our recommendation: The organic lime casein paint from Kenter has additional Casein as a binder, this helps especially with the Adhesion to wood. A good color with strong adhesion to wood makes it our special recommendation for wooden ceilings.

Whitewashing for your basement

Requirement: Are basement susceptible to mold, but usually only become very deleted irregularly. A lime paint should be very breathable on the one hand, but also really one at the same time long-term liability have. Finally, we assume that you would prefer a cheap coat of paint, especially with cellars, since the aesthetics of the color in cellars are usually not very effective

  • Positive effect against mold growth
  • Color should be long lasting
  • Cheap price

Our recommendation: The spreadable lime from Novatic has long-lasting adhesion and is very good effective against mold growth and this at a comparatively very reasonable price. In our opinion, this spreadable lime is perfectly suitable as a basement paint!

Whitewashing for your bathroom

Requirement: Your wall paint should be for your bathroom breathable and esthetic his. One color with one Effect against mold and a good look should ideally be the case here. High humidity levels can hardly be avoided in the bathroom, but of course you should feel comfortable in your bathroom, because it is also an oasis of relaxation. The requirements for the bathroom color are therefore quite extensive.

  • Anti-mold and anti-mold
  • Waterproof, moisture-binding and diffusible
  • Warm and pleasant color effect

Our recommendation: The highly diffusible, waterproof and mildew resistant Marsh lime paint from Kreidezeit is clearly our recommendation here. A good appearance and the effective effect against mold are the very clear plus points of this color in bathrooms. The combination of aesthetics with a positive effect against mold is perfectly given.

Whitewashing for your shower

Requirement: Since shower rooms are naturally very damp, they are particularly popular Mould. Because lime colors due to their natural basis lime colors are generally ideal for showers, as they are very permeable and breathable. The feel-good factor should also be given in showers. The right wall paint should look sophisticated against the damp environment, but not lose its soothing radiance.

  • Anti-mold and anti-mold
  • Waterproof, moisture-binding and diffusible
  • Warm and pleasant color effect

Our recommendation: The lime paint from Kreidezeit offers this very well. It is highly diffusible, waterproof and mold-resistant real mold killer. The color offers incredible protection against mold, especially in damp shower rooms.

Price-performance recommendation

Requirement: If you have larger areas to brush want, then he can price be crucial for a lime paint. The combination of the positive mineral properties with a favorable price is of course the optimal prerequisite for a flexible and healthy wall color.

Our recommendation: The Baufan lime paint offers you one favorable, but still one good stroking and holding paint for only approx. 1 € per 3 m² wall. The bucket which costs around 20 € is enough for 59 – 69 m² coating area. With a small budget, it is an extremely good choice.

Adviser: The advantages and disadvantages of Whitewashing for indoor use

Every room has it, few really think about it: a wall color. However, painting the wall determines much more than just the aesthetics in a room. Also sanitary the right wall color can have a positive or negative impact on your life. You can find out the advantages and disadvantages of indoor liming in the following.

Disadvantages: How lime paint lost its importance in the 19th century

Lime paint is a very special interior wall paint. Lime is already available as a coat of paint since thousands of years and this was present in antiquity and in the Middle Ages like no other painting. At the beginning of the 19th century, however, liming had lost enormous popularity. Why was that??

With the advent of ever cheaper and short-term building materials for large housing estates after the industrial revolution, lime paint as an interior paint was replaced by so-called dispersion paints. The reasons were:

  1. The increased use short-lived building materials on not mineral Base
  2. The spread of emulsion paints

Pure lime paint has only one limited liability on non-mineral substrates. The emergence of short-lived building materials, which have arisen, for example, from prefabricated buildings and other mass settlements, are rather problematic for lime paint for various reasons. On the one hand, the adhesion to non-mineral substrates is significantly worse and on the other hand, lime paint is more expensive than the alternative emulsion paint. The spread of Murals and other wall coverings also reduced the demand for intensive and natural wall colors.

The second reason why lime paint became less common was the rise in the popularity of emulsion paints. This is cheaper and generally holds better on non-mineral substrates, but also has blatant weaknesses. The main components of emulsion paints are namely synthetic resins which are obtained from mineral oils. In addition, there is titanium dioxide for the white tone and a lot of other additives. The air quality is much worse than with a natural wall paint due to the many artificial additives. The on mineral oil based paints is also significantly more susceptible as a breeding ground for microorganisms, which increased risk of mold formation shows. Dispersion paints are usually cheaper and more flexible, but for the air and room quality they are significantly worse than lime paints.

Advantages: The healthy rebirth of liming

Lime paint as a line of walls has been celebrating a kind of renaissance in recent years. Especially in single-family houses and modern interior design, it plays a very important role again. Lime paint offers you the following properties:

  • she is breathable
  • It regulates that moisture exchange
  • she binds unpleasant smells
  • It creates one pleasant freshness
  • she is smudge-proof (does not chalk)
  • Old color can simply be painted over
  • she is Naturally & healthy
  • she is antiseptic (prevents the formation of germs)
  • she is solventless
  • she is mold inhibiting (due to high pH value)
  • she is tintable as desired
  • she is quick and easy to process

As breathing, natural, aesthetic and healthy color it is no wonder that for the right feel-good atmosphere, the liming of living spaces is again gaining in popularity. It is the perfect wall color for a modern and healthy lifestyle. The basic properties of lime paint are a popular counter-formula, especially for our ever-faster living conditions:

Sustainable and healthy living

Overall, lime colors are characterized by high light reflectivity (Lime chandelier effect). Since there is no static charge, the walls stay clean and do not yellow. The wall absorbs odors and moisture, which contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. The diffusion openness ensures an optimal room climate, which is due to the fact that lime paint CALCULATES the moisture and adjusts it to the optimal living atmosphere.


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