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Congratulations on the cradle festival

When it comes to filling out a birthday card appropriately, it is not always possible to put a lot of words into it. In this case, short birthday sayings are a suitable choice. Your goal is to formulate in a few words what the congratulator wants to show. They express the best wishes for the next year of life and reveal the hope that the birthday child may experience happiness and health. Anyone looking for the right short birthday sayings will find it in this category. The sayings seen here can be used freely. For example, you can write them on a card or present them at a birthday celebration.

Why use a short birthday saying?

Basically, with a short birthday saying it is possible to get by with a short wording. Nevertheless, they have the desired effect. It is often easier to express the desired content in just a few words. The advantage of a brief birthday wish is that it is usually read or heard with full attention. Its content is perceived, which is why the effort associated with its formulation is worthwhile. Maybe it’s about putting a lot of your own text on a congratulatory card. In this case, a short birthday saying is a way to accommodate additional good wishes if there is not enough space for a longer saying.

Use short birthday sayings – what to look out for?

In principle, short sayings for birthdays can be used in a variety of ways. They can be written on a card. In this case it is important to make sure that the writing is legible and that it should be large enough. Only then can the birthday saying take full effect. It is also possible to place the saying on a specially formulated birthday email. Here it can be worthwhile to work with special fonts and colors. An e-card for a birthday is always about an attractive graphic design that should complement and emphasize the content. Sometimes it is also appropriate to give a short speech orally for a birthday. Classic birthday parties are ideal for this, where everyone involved sits around a table. The short birthday saying is a kind of formal congratulation. It helps to find the right words and thus helps everyone who does not want to formulate spontaneously.

Short birthday sayings for men

Brevity is the soul of wit

It is a wisdom that has been scientifically proven: men speak much less than women. This is due to evolution. It may also be the reason why short birthday wishes are so popular with male recipients. They fit very well with the nature of men: short and crisp, not much talked about.

How to say a lot briefly

Nevertheless, short birthday wishes for men must also be meaningful. Therefore, the short birthday saying should be carefully considered. In addition, the birthday child should also be found in the congratulations. Lively sayings can be achieved by incorporating verbs, i.e. activity words.

Stay individual and look into the future

Whether it is a short or a long birthday saying: It is important that the birthday child recognizes himself in the congratulation. This is achieved through individuality. General sayings are only suitable if a connection to the congratulated is established. Individuality can be achieved very well if you allude to the hobby of the man who is followed by the birthday child.

No form prescribed

While longer birthday sayings are usually pressed into a form, for example a poem or a rhyming form, the form hardly plays a role in short sayings for men. The you or you, as far as it appears in the saying, should be capitalized. Although this rule is no longer mandatory, the capitalization of the salutation still expresses a kind of respect for the person addressed. In the case of short sayings, special attention must be paid to the words used and any unnecessary word omitted.

Short birthday wishes for men:

Today we want to tell you,
That it is nice that we have you.
Stay as you are!

Many should come on this birthday,
I was very happy to hear your invitation.
All the best, good luck and health for you,
The presents are packed, I’ll be right there.

You are a man with a word and a goal,
that’s why we don’t do words much,
we want you for your birthday
give a small lecture,
it’s about how much we like you,
we also send our blessings to you.

As a man, you’ve done a lot of good,
You also always help so spontaneously.
We would like to thank you for that today
and recharge your batteries with you.
It’s your birthday today and we are celebrating with you,
that’s why we’re all with you today.

It’s so nice to be with you,
the joy is great, not small.
That’s why we all sit together on your birthday,
moved close together by the flames,
and celebrate your important day,
that was still in front of you yesterday.

Celebrating a birthday is so much fun,
we celebrate it with you in the grass.
With coffee and cake
let’s try,
To give you a nice day
and therefore want to honor our friend.

You have seen so much as a man of the world,
we don’t want to ignore that.
But it’s still nice to come home,
the stranger didn’t take that away from you.
Especially if it’s your birthday,
we, my friend, are happy to be your guest.

Dear brother, son and man,
every one of us loves you as much as he can.
We would particularly like to show you that today,
because we all have it,
we appreciate you because you are like that,
we are happy that it is the way it is.

Since it’s your birthday today,
we tell you, pay attention.
Of course there is a reason,
we want you to be very healthy,
stay in old age
and want to be your designer.

We look forward to being with you today,
have a glass of red wine with you for your birthday.
We cheer you up, you fine man,
together we are a great team.
It should stay that way for a long time.
We want to go this far with you.

You kind, dear and good man,
who won so many friends in life.
It’s your birthday now,
that’s why we celebrate your party with you.
We laugh together and sing a lot,
we have made it our goal.

You are our old friend,
that every man only dreams of.
We appreciate what you have done for us
and therefore have a plan.
For our birthday we organized a party,
that makes your heart beat faster.

We are so glad that you exist,
you are loved by many.
This can also be seen on your special day today.
So many people came,
to congratulate you too
and to give you lots of gifts.

Today we all came together here,
because we have heard your call.
You invited us for your birthday,
of course it shouldn’t be your damage either.
We have brought you many gifts
and hope that your heart laughs now.

Celebrating a birthday is so nice,
we can see that in your eyes.
We are happy to be your guest,
because you invited us.

Short birthday sayings for women

For women, it is known that it is particularly easy to find a gift for a special occasion, because the selection is large. At the birthday, the celebration and the birthday card count as well as the gifts. For both of them, short birthday slogans for women are ideal to accommodate the congratulations.

Short sayings for the birthday card

If a woman has a birthday and is looking for smart short sayings for the card, it depends on the relationship you have with the guest of honor. If it is, for example, the grandmother, mother, sister or daughter, a high degree of personality is important in the sayings. These should be very sentimental and include many positive qualities of the woman who has her birthday. If the guest of honor is another person, or a colleague, for example, a certain degree of professionalism is recommended. So the short one Birthday sayings for this woman tends to include standard phrases such as "happy birthday".

Sayings for a speech

If you are looking for a good short birthday saying for a speech of the birthday of a female person, small harmless jokes are ideal. However, these should definitely make a direct reference to the birthday party or the person himself. It is also recommended that if there is additional humor in the sayings, several guests will give a speech.

Birthday congratulations for women:

You can do anything with a tailwind,
because you also enjoy small things.
So have a nice birthday,
and remember that I like you!

Rather a few nice words
as a big cake.
With all my heart I want you
congratulations on your birthday!

Have strength when you get up in the morning
and go out into the world.
Have fun when you come home
and when your day ends.
Have peace when you lie down
and when you get up again.
I’m lucky for all time
as well as health and satisfaction!

Be wonderful
in your new year of life!
Full of sunshine
should be your birthday!

You are warm and loving,
You do good without resentment.
Your smile dispels all worries
and conjures up a beautiful morning.
Your eyes sparkle like sparkles
even in the deep dark.
Happy birthday, my dear,
be my beloved forever.

We wish you all the best,
Sunshine, happiness and health.
And that you are happy
you’re going into the new year.

As a woman you are like a good wine:
the older the better you will be.

Today is your birthday!
Treat yourself to a warm bath,
serve your favorite dish,
grab happiness and confidence,
because itself is the woman.
Today is about pleasure!
The colleagues do the work,
the man throws the household,
it’s not your turn today,
because itself is the woman.

No roses, whether white or red
are still as beautiful as you.
Because you are the very best
Woman in this world and more
still the woman at my side.
What more do I want??
You should know that I always stay
and wish you all the best
for your wonderful birthday
and your new year of life.

Today you get flowers and gifts
and that because I think of you.
Because today is your birthday
and I’ll give you some advice.
Always be cheerful and happy,
generous and happy,
brave and honest,
and celebrate extensively,
because you are what matters,
because you are chosen to do so,
To live your life the way you want
and not the way you should.
You are a very special woman,
kind and smart,
so I wish you all the best
and only the very best.

Love and laugh
are the most beautiful things in the world.
To make others happy
is also one of them.
With my little poem
I make you laugh.
I want to love you
until the end of every day.
I wish you all the best
and make you happy.
I keep you with me
my dearest wife.

Today is your day of honor
therefore know that I particularly like you!

A big smack here,
a hug with it,
I’ll send all of this to you,
and come over right away.
Happy Birthday!

A new year begins
so be excited.
Because moments of joy
should sparkle for you.
And moments of happiness
should be in your life.

Say hello to every fold,
greet every gray hair,
You become more beautiful
year by year!
I wish you a happy birthday.

Short birthday sayings for children

Short birthday slogans for children have the advantage that they quickly sum up the wishes and also look beautiful on a birthday card. The most important thing about birthday sayings for children is that they are not too serious, but a little more playful and maybe even contain some jokes. When choosing the sayings, it is also possible to copy both existing sayings. to formulate some sentences yourself.

How creative should it be??

If the short birthday slogans are to be formulated for the children themselves, then you can let off steam in principle. This means that jokes, jokes as well as small rhymes can be accommodated in these sayings if they fit. There is also the possibility of copying different sayings online and combining or changing them with your own so that they are tailored to the child. Common birthday sayings such as "Happy Birthday" can also be supplemented and varied. If you can’t think of any sayings yourself, the Internet offers a large number of ready-made birthday sayings that are short and suitable for every child.

Birthday sayings for every child

In general, the short birthday sayings can be formulated in such a way that they can be used both for your own child and for siblings but also fit for children of acquaintances. Then again there is the possibility to write the sayings more individually. For example, the short birthday slogans for relatives can be even more personal.

Short birthday wishes for children:

The party should start today,
See how the guests are waiting.
Let them in, we’re celebrating now,
The birthday throne is occupied by our dear son.

Few words are enough,
The cake is already on the birthday table.
The candles indicate the years,
Today is the 10th.

Our little, sweet man,
Who can laugh so warmly.
Can hardly wait for the presents,
Let’s start the birthday party.

Happy birthday to you,
That’s why we’re all here,
Congratulations and give you presents,
We haven’t thought of anything else for days.

Balloons are flying, children shouting,
Now the waiting for our darling is over.
His birthday party is in full swing,
Guests are lining up at the front door.
Stay as you are – we love you very much.

Cake with candles,
Heart gifts,
Giant applause,
Seals through the house.
Fun and play,
Gifts very much.
For you my sweetheart,
happy Birthday!

Who is celebrating his birthday today?
Let’s ask all the people,
Those who come today bring gifts,
Sing beautiful songs to you for the day of honor.

I bring my best wishes to you,
Remain as you are on all your ways.
The grandparents also come quickly
And congratulate the birthday child.

Today it’s finally coming true,
It was always clear to me,
Our girl is the best,
We congratulate on the birthday party.

Children, how time flies,
We have had great years,
Many more are also to come,
We clearly heard your invitation.

A colorful cake,
Many kind words,
Guests – big and small,
Celebrate our daughter – yours and mine.

In the happy month of May
We were three at once
People and since there
Let’s celebrate your birthday – that’s clear!

No matter if it is raining or shining,
Your birthday will always be special.
You are our great treasure,
Always have a place in our hearts.

All children are already invited,
What are we playing this year?
Did you want to ask with wide eyes.
It congratulates the large crowd.

Balloons, a clown will come,
Everyone heard the call.
The party is already in full swing,
A snake forms at the cake.
Congratulations to the birthday child.

There are all sorts of gifts,
The children are having fun.
A book to read,
A cloth for the neck.
Nice games, a ball,
Like the chickens in the barn
Celebrate the girls all today.

Today is birthday time,
Guests come from far and wide.
A colorful pack of children,
In addition, the relatives.
Something is going on here,
The joy is great.

Grandma and Grandpa congratulate you,
We are happy to come to the invitation.
You little bitch, you sweet mouse,
Today it gets full in the house.
Stay as you are. Congratulations!

A birthday saying for our child,
The curly hair is blowing in the wind.
How pretty and lovely you are – stay that way
And keep making your parents happy.

It’s finally coming true at the weekend,
It is clear who has a birthday.
My best friend is the birthday boy,
Open the many gifts – please quickly!

Fun, joy and hustle and bustle,
Well-wishers with cheers,
Many presents,
Now the games start.

Short birthday sayings for mom

No matter whether young or old, small or large – often mom is the closest caregiver in life. When the mother’s birthday approaches, it should be made clear to her with a few special lines how much she is valued and loved. It doesn’t necessarily have to be excessive poems or long texts. A short, but heartfelt, honest birthday saying serves its purpose just as well.

Depending on what you want to express and intend with your lines, the choice of words is sometimes funny and humorous, sometimes a little more serious and full of gratitude. A birthday greeting is wonderful to say thank you for the constant attention and care that mothers give their children, no matter how old they are. If the mom understands fun, a small swipe to the advancing age is allowed – but you should think about it in advance.

How you deliver the birthday saying is also crucial. Especially the mother should not be congratulated by SMS, email or WhatsApp. Of course, every mom is most happy when her children send the greetings personally. If this is not possible, a pretty greeting card or a letter designed by you is suitable. If you are particularly creative, you can write a short birthday saying on the birthday cake with special food pens.

The most beautiful sayings for mom for her birthday

A comforting word for every pain,
make our home the most beautiful place,
are there for us at all times,
no way is too far for us for you.
Dear mom, we wholeheartedly wish you,
that today for all blown out candles
a wish for you comes true,
and it’s all about you.

We wish you the best for your birthday,
Health, joy and exuberant celebrations.
Let yourself be celebrated and properly presented
not thinking about age.
Because for us you are still young,
do everything in life with ease and momentum!

You should succeed on your birthday,
you should spend nice hours,
with all those who love you,
not a single wish is exaggerated.
They should all come true,
we want to see you happy today!
Want to celebrate, sing and laugh with you,
make this day special!

Another year has passed,
a gray hair here and there,
a wrinkle or two around the mouth,
the hips a little round too.
None of this matters to us,
everything about you is just right!
We want to experience many more years with you,
beautiful, fulfilling and wonderful!
Have a good day on your birthday,
we look forward to seeing you!

Today the candles are burning on your cake,
for that, dear mom, let’s sing the words:
"Congratulations, you should live high!"
We want to raise the glasses on you.
All the best and love, health and happiness,
always look ahead and never look back!

Today the sun should shine for you,
you should experience hours full of happiness and bliss.
A flower and cake, a sip of sparkling wine
make your birthday, dear mom, perfect!

Our wishes, dear mom, and ten of them
should come true for you today:
Health first for body and mind,
and that you travel to many places!
Love and happiness for all time,
good friends to accompany you.
Enjoy small things too,
Moments that make you sing.
Confidence and courage in all ways
And most important of all: God’s blessing!

Today is the time for joy and excitement,
clinking glasses, congratulations and cheers,
Your birthday is today, we want to clink glasses,
the big and small celebrate with you.
You are the center, without question,
we want to thank you for all the days,
where you give everything for us,
protect us and simply love us.

The sparrows whistle from the top:
Today we want to praise you!
Sing and give you presents,
and always remember,
that you are the best of all,
we will never drop you.

Your birthday is the reason,
that we are at this hour
gather and lift the glasses,
Give you everything in your honor,
so that you are happy, of course!
Mom, you are wonderful.

Short birthday sayings for dad

If your father has a birthday, in addition to the gifts, the birthday card is particularly important. When it comes to choosing the content for the card for dad, short birthday sayings are especially good. The following sections explain what these might look like.

Short and entertaining

The spice is known to be short and this also applies to the birthday sayings for the father. In the short sayings, for example, small rhymes can be built in and even poems work well. For the father, it is usually advisable not to let the sayings be too sentimental, but still to incorporate feelings. In addition to the congratulations, short jokes, for example about age, are not out of place.

Sayings with a lot of creativity

Even if the birthday sayings are shorter, this does not mean that creativity has to be foregone. For example, properties from the father can be incorporated into the sayings. Lyrics in combination with common sayings are also a good idea. If the sayings are not intended for the card, but for a speech at the birthday party, for example, it is advisable to consider the special day and its meaning. For example, if the father celebrates a milestone birthday on this day, this is a special occasion that should be emphasized.

Birthday wishes for the father:

My dad is the very best,
I say that out loud at this party.
We celebrate all day today,
Because I love him so much.

This poem is for the best dad,
You have been there for me since I live,
When I need you, day or night,
That’s why I brought you this gift.
A book with everything you have experienced,
Because I’m so happy with you.
Say photos and lots of memories,
How happy we have been for thousands of days.

Cheers to my best dad,
I wish you all the best and a long life.
Never in a bad mood, always a joke on the lips,
This is MY PAPA, I could freak out!

I give you my little hand,
And bring you a birthday serenade.
Mom and I made a cake,
We laughed a lot.
You are loved so much by us,
I am so glad that you exist.

Dad live up, hooray!
The guests are already there.
For years to come, healthy and fit,
Let’s clink glasses – everyone celebrates.

He played with me, comforted me, treated me.
I learned to ride a bike, I got my driving license.
He is my role model, my advisor, my best friend.
Dad, happy birthday!

I have the greatest dad in the world,
That’s why I’m so very happy.
We lift the glasses up to the party,
My dad is and remains the best!

We laughed, cried, suffered,
Disputed many highs and lows together.
You should live another hundred years,
I would give all the riches for that.

Dear Dad, the guests are waiting,
Let’s start the party quickly.
We celebrate in a good mood all night,
I promise – I thought of everything.
Best wishes for your birthday!

Smart, funny, imaginative,
Helpful, big, loving,
Not enough adjectives to describe it:
My dad – all the best for you!

happy Birthday!
We love you!
You are the greatest dad!

I wish you many more years,
Dear Dad, live up!
Live long and full of happiness,
I want a large piece of the birthday cake.

All the best to you
Now and here
We say:
You are the best dad ever!

We wrote the poem for dad,
Because we love you infinitely.
You give us support, trust and courage.
It is incredibly good for all of us.

My dear, good daddy,
That’s what I call you since I was little.
I wish you many more birthdays,
Now it starts – now we celebrate.

Guess who’s birthday?
The best dad in the whole state.
It is mine, the best in the world,
Under the very big sky tent.

We look back on time,
We wish you the best of luck for your birthday.
Stay healthy and stay with us for a long time,
You are and remain the best dad!

What a joy,
Your special day is already today.
The years fly by,
We both age step by step.
Stay the way you are – dad!

You have a son and a daughter,
There are also three grandchildren.
You are the greatest treasure for us,
Papa, you always have a place in our hearts.

Short birthday sayings for your best friend

As is well known, you go through thick and thin with your best friend. Exactly this special connection should also be expressed in the short birthday sayings. Birthday is the ideal occasion to show your best friend how much you love her and how important she is to you. The birthday sayings therefore do not have to be particularly long to bring joy.

What should the sayings look like??

The best friend is not just any person, so the birthday sayings should also be chosen carefully. In general, standard phrases such as "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Birthday" should be avoided if possible, or should be changed. It would be a good way to give the sayings more personality, to show that the sayings were made by yourself and were not simply copied. Short birthday slogans are also advantageous, because everything can be brought to the point quickly.

Birthday sayings in speech

If the short birthday sayings are not to be written on a card, but are to appear in the speech on the birthday, then the sayings should also be particularly sentimental. It is important to express the meaning of the day but also the meaning of your best friend. Depending on the relationship, or whether the girlfriend is available for jokes, smaller jokes can also be incorporated into the short birthday slogans.

Best wishes for your best friend:

We went through thick and thin
and have always caught us.
Hard to believe, but true,
today you will be XX year.
All the best and have fun,
I lift my glass on you.

To be the best friend means,
Always there, you know.
So Happy Birthday and a nice day,
because I like you so much.

We have known each other since childhood
and have been inseparable ever since.
All your greatest dreams and desires
let me say, i know.
I wish that you come true
And will always be by your side.

I wish you a happy birthday,
Health, happiness and believe me,
Everything else you lack,
my friend, be animated.

I like to go shopping with you
Celebrate anyway,
as your friend i am always here,
and also in the middle.
Now let’s celebrate and lift one,
on our friendship, our life.

To have a best friend,
not everyone can say that of themselves.
I, on the other hand, can do that,
you always make me laugh.
Thanks for that and all the best,
my favorite sugar sponge.

Whether sad or full of joy,
we were always two.
Again, I wish,
Happy birthday just for you.

All love and health,
Joy, happiness and joy.
Live, love and laugh a lot
And all these things
I wish you as yours best,
To your big festival of honor.

Aging alone is very difficult,
But not so much together.
I promise you as your friend,
we also drink a beer together in the old people’s home.

Another year around,
But no matter, the age is only a number.
So I wish you all the best,
I would do anything for you.
So press your shoe,
I’ll be there for you in no time.

My love, hard to believe,
Can you let yourself go today?.
For the special day, perfect for us,
let’s toast with a glass of champagne.

I wish you everything you like,
I just wanted to tell you,
my love, believe me,
without you it’s hard to bear.

Friends in their infancy
And also in ankle boots.
Soon also slippers in orthopedics,
even if we never thought.
Happy Birthday my friend,
I’m glad to have you,
To celebrate here with you today,
and every day.

We have been friends forever
and that’s how it should always stay,
Happy birthday old house,
Today you can also go wild.
So we let the corks fly
and all worries about us are.

Thanks for your open ear
and make you laugh.
For that I want today and here
Bring you a serenade.
happy Birthday to you
Can’t sing, admit it,
Still all the best to you,
a cool blonde beer on you.

I am always there for you,
also in your new year.
Stand by you with advice and action,
with luck and also with bankruptcy.

You and me,
since childhood,
Are best friends,
Can’t complain.
You’ve always been there for me,
happy Birthday
You’re Marvellous.


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