Loft bed with slide 2020

Anyone who has children knows – children love loft beds. And that is often because they are particularly well designed and interesting. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Almost all themed worlds are available, from the knight’s castle to a princess castle. However, before buying a loft bed with a slide, you should consider that any heroic pirate who is still heroic will eventually become a teenager and then will certainly not be as satisfied with his motto loft bed. So choose a simple design or a loft bed where you can remove the facades.

The biggest advantage of loft beds with slides is that more space is created. Why? A classic model is at least 1.6 meters high and therefore offers storage space and, above all, play space. Of course there are also models with other attachments such as desks, wardrobes or shelves. Some manufacturers offer various combinations pre-assembled.

Half-high loft beds are particularly popular at the moment – with these parents can see the bed quite well and interact with the child without having to climb onto the bed. This is not bad for the children either – after all, the risk of injury in the event of a fall decreases – however, the space under the bed also becomes significantly smaller.

Various extensions such as slides or fire brigade poles are particularly popular at the moment – making getting up in the morning much easier. Bunk beds with a slide are also available in some cases – this way the upper cattle can quickly and easily leave the bed using a slide. Of course, slide-loft beds that grow with you are particularly useful – that is, their height can be adjusted.

Cheers to loft beds with a slide

In the children’s room there is play, reading, learning and, above all, frolicking – and of course still rarely cleaned up. It is all the more important to set up a children’s room correctly. Above all, children need space. It is not just about the necessary furniture, but also about the toys. If the children’s room is quite small you should definitely consider buying a loft bed with a slide. So the sleeping place hovers over the chaos of the room, so to speak, and a small empire is created for the child directly under the bed.

With a curtain, for example, you can create a cozy separate room – a cozy cave. However, when choosing, you should make sure that the bed is not too bulky in the room. A loft bed with a slide is definitely much more expansive than a model with a ladder – you should be aware of that. If there are other add-ons, the rest of the room should be designed soothing and rather discreet – otherwise there are too many stimuli for the child.

Security, material and tips

Most loft beds with slides are made of wood or metal – and that’s a good thing – because only then is the necessary stability and stability available. Models made of pine or beech are particularly stable – if chipboard or plastic has been used for load-bearing parts, you should be careful. If attachments are available, you should make sure that they can be easily removed and, if necessary, that they can be cleaned quickly and easily – preferably in a washing machine, of course.

Especially since it is about the well-being of the child, you should pay attention to certain quality standards – but you should not overdo it. It is important with a loft bed that the slatted frame is firmly fixed – otherwise it can slip easily under certain circumstances, which increases the risk of injury. In addition, this should also be able to bear the weight of an adult – this also ensures a certain quality standard. Add-ons should be firmly and securely connected to the bed – this applies particularly to ladders and slides. There should also be a handrail that secures the bed all round – according to DIN NORM, it should also protrude at least 16 centimeters above the edge of the mattress. One should pay particular attention to the GS test mark.

The question of age. One thing is clear – the higher the bed, the higher the risk of injury. Of course you can also fall out of a normal bed – only then you will not fall as deep as with a cheap loft bed with slide. Experts recommend buying a loft bed from around the age of 6 – only then will the motor skills and above all the coordination ability be developed accordingly. Because the child should be able to climb safely up and down from the loft bed, even if he is not yet awake. One should also pay attention to a sufficiently high distance from the ceiling – not that the child bumps its head.

What makes a good loft bed with a slide??

Buying a loft bed including a slide is not just a purely visual decision – other important points should also be considered. Because a pedestal bed in itself also entails other risks that should be taken into account – safety is particularly important here. In addition, points such as material and design are also decisive.

As a safety-conscious parent, one should say: If something is wrong with the point of safety, then you should keep your hands off a cheap children’s loft bed with a slide. No child should sleep on an inferior, unstable loft bed – otherwise the risk of injury and, above all, falling is too great. The most important thing is the correct height of the frame – 16 centimeters should be between the upper end of the mattress and the grid. This height is perfect to protect the child while preventing them from playing with it. Additions should also be checked carefully – especially the ladder and slide. These should be stably attached to the bed and offer a firm hold. A good ladder is characterized by extra wide steps and possibly the possibility to hold on. If you do not want to deal exactly with the regulations or standards, you should pay attention to the presence of the GS test mark – then basic safety aspects should be fulfilled.

Incidentally, security can be increased by various accessories. For example, you can stick non-slip film on the steps of the stairs or just put a thick, damping carpet at the end of the slide.

The highlight of a bed with a slide is of course the slide itself. Children love it – they climb the ladder, slide down and repeat it – preferably for several hours a day. But this is exactly the kind of fun that can lead to accidents. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the construction and the nature of the slide itself.

It is important, for example, that the slide itself is firmly attached to the bed. Only slides that are loosely attached to the edge of the bed can tip over slightly and thus significantly increase the risk of injury. It is also important that the slide holds the child’s weight. Therefore, you should pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the slide itself. You should also consider that the children get heavier over time – so you should pay attention to a high robustness. The edge of the slide should be raised to prevent the children from falling out when sliding. In addition, the children can then hold on to the edge of the slide – this increases the height of loft beds with slides.

Price tip: Play bed Moritz L

The Moritz L play bed is supplied in solid beech wood lacquered with a roller grille. With it is a slide and a small shelf. The slide can be mounted on the left or right. Setup is quick and easy.

The posts are very thick at 6 × 6 cm and ensure good stability. The bed is approximately 1.4 meters high. The scope of delivery includes 2 roller gratings. Mattresses have to be bought separately. Common safety standards according to EN 747-1 and 716-2 are observed.

First of all, you shouldn’t think that the material itself is secondary to the purchase of a loft bed. Why? The material used has a very large influence on the stability of the bed itself but also on the ease of care. Most models are made of solid wood – but some are also made of fibreboard such as MDF or HDF.

Bunk beds made of solid wood are particularly impressive due to their natural look and positive effect on the indoor climate. They are also very stable and durable – they last for many years. But they are also much more demanding to care for. Special products are needed for cleaning and the room temperature and humidity are also important. If these two environmental variables do not match, they can be used as a bunk bed with a slide years warp.

Bunk beds made of MDF, however, are significantly cheaper. In addition, these beds made of HDF or MDF are much easier to care for – special cleaning agents are hardly necessary. The room environment is also completely unimportant. However, the charm suffers somewhat. The models are also available in a different look, such as white. However, you should pay attention to the stability of MDF beds.

It is of course particularly important how high the loft bed should ultimately be. On the one hand, you should make sure that the height of the loft bed with slide ultimately matches the age of the child. The higher the bed, the higher the risk of injury. Loft beds that grow with you are particularly recommended. Then you can set the bed low for especially small children and then let it grow with the height. It is also important that the child’s wishes are taken into account. Some like to sleep very high, others don’t. So you can protect yourself from a possible wrong purchase.

Of course, the design is also important. For children, it is not necessarily a question of lying comfort or the right pillow, but rather of the "around". Nevertheless, we advise you to buy real "themed loft beds". Because children get older and lose interest in certain topics over time. You play it safe when you buy a simple model that can only be expanded with small detachable attachments. Slides are particularly suitable for this.

There is a loft bed with a slide with one but also with two beds. But where exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of these two designs?

A children’s loft bed with a slide and a lying area is very suitable for smaller children’s rooms and if only one sleeping place is needed. There is also an additional storage space under the bed. For siblings who share the room. If there are two beds, you can also speak of a bunk bed with a slide – this second bed is perfect as a sofa or for a second sleeping place for the siblings. But you also lose storage space under the bed.

It is also important to determine the optimal size of the lying area before buying. The most important thing is the useful life. If the bed should only last for a few years, the lying area can also turn out smaller – if it is a loyal companion until the teenage age, then the lying area should be larger. A rule of thumb therefore: the larger the lying area, the better. Above all, it is also better to play and cuddle on a large children’s loft bed with slide. Children often feel somewhat uncomfortable and restricted on small loft beds.

As with many pieces of furniture, the price of the loft bed with attached slide is heavily dependent on the product quality. However, complex extensions also drive the price up. Even those who prefer a solid wooden loft bed with slide will have to dig deeper into their pockets. Although the price has a major impact on the purchase decision, you should not undercut the budget – because you should not save on security and stability.

Loft beds – recommended at what age?

According to various guidelines and DIN standards, it is mandatory that the instructions for use of a loft bed explicitly point out that children under the age of 6 are particularly at risk of falling out of the loft bed than older children. From a scientific point of view, this is also correct – many children only really learn to assess dangers realistically at this age. The coordination skills are also only fully developed at this age. According to studies, it is precisely these motor deficits that are often the cause of accidents in children.

You should also consider that children sometimes have to go down at night or sleep in the morning. It is very different from day and light. It is therefore also useful, for example, to attach a lamp to the top of the bed, which the child can switch on so that they do not stand in the dark when climbing down from the children’s loft bed with slide.

However, as a parent you can still best judge whether the child is able to handle the loft bed or not. In general, experts recommend the following points when buying:

  • According to the DIN standard, the parapet should be at least 30 centimeters high. If the children also play on the bed or run around, you should choose a 60 cm high parapet. Attention: You have to measure from the edge of the mattress and not the slatted frame.
  • It is also important for the mattresses themselves that you make sure that they are not spring mattresses. These springs are very good and therefore also suitable as a trampoline, which means that the children also use the bed as a trampoline.
  • One should also pay attention to the presence of test seals. The so-called GS test mark (tested safety) ensures that all important safety requirements and DIN standards are met
  • Resilience – you should expect several children to play on the loft bed and slide at the same time – and the bed has to be able to withstand this. That is why experts recommend beds made of solid wood

Purchase advice Children’s loft bed with slide

Especially for children who can already climb, run, run and run safely there are very nice high and half-high bunk beds that offer a lot so that the children can let out their play instinct. There is a recommendation to buy loft beds with a slide only from the age of 6 – but since each child develops at their own pace, it is very difficult to give a really concrete age recommendation.

Just watch your child. Can it climb and play safely and independently on a climbing frame in the playground, for example? Then there is certainly nothing wrong with buying a raised bed. Once the child is in bed, nothing can really happen – that’s why you should only check whether you can climb up and back safely and independently without help. Use So the playground as a small test environment before buying.

Slide is degradable and grows with the child

Especially with children’s high beds with a slide, the question arises how durable the piece of furniture is in the end. Basically there is use of loft beds in all age groups. Nevertheless, there are modern play beds in a racing car or castle look – these are of course very focused on the young age. Because young adolescents want change in theirs at some point nursery – and then a princess loft bed no longer fits in the teen room.

A primary school child will love a loft bed with a slide, while a ninth grade teenager will love less. Therefore, before buying, you should make sure that the slide is attached separately and can be easily removed accordingly. Elaborate and child-friendly structures should also be made of fabric so that they can be easily dismantled later. However, the bed frame should also consist of a neutral wood grain or a neutral color. White or black is particularly suitable.

Some loft beds can also be removed. Either back to a normal bed or a higher loft bed which is also perfect as a youth bed. This ensures maximum flexibility and ensures that the bed also has a long half-life.

Most of the children’s loft beds, including the slide, come with a roller grille. We recommend firmly attaching the grate to the bed. This can be done quickly and easily with selectively placed screws. A complete slatted frame is more stable and secure – but this is very rare. However, if you place a robust and firm mattress on the slatted frame, a simple fixation without problems is sufficient.

Most loft beds with a slide offer a bed surface in the standard size of 90 × 200 centimeters. Accordingly, you can quickly and easily use a suitable standard mattress. You should definitely pay attention to this before buying – because mattresses in special sizes are significantly more expensive than models in standard sizes. So you could put almost any kind of mattress on the bed – whether latex, cold foam or pocket springs. One should pay attention to the maximum load weight of the bed – this should of course not be exceeded (including children / children).

Since children grow quickly, you should make sure that the struts of the slatted frame can be moved individually to adapt them to the size of the growing child. In addition, the slatted frame and mattress should of course not protrude above the fall protection – otherwise there is a very high risk of falling.

Use the newly gained space

Children, especially at a young age, love colorful furniture, wild patterns, hiding places and a mysterious place in their room. There they can let their playful frenzy run wild or even withdraw. A loft bed creates exactly this space – a great retreat for children.

Children can build a play height below it or set up a desk. Half-height loft beds are around 1.40 meters high – a small closet or chest of drawers fits perfectly under them. There you can perfectly store things that you don’t need every day. By the way: If you come to visit, you can also perfectly put a mattress under the loft bed with slide and thus create another space-saving sleeping space.

Conclusion – what really matters is short and sweet

Loft beds are practical and give the nursery a whole new atmosphere. In addition, they not only create a sleeping area, but also an additional play area or storage space for additional furniture. Thanks to extensions and structures, the bed can be quickly and easily converted into a themed bed and thus becomes a real adventure playground directly in the children’s room at home.

The most important points before buying are: Check whether I am climbing safely on a climbing frame in the playground and fear and with the necessary respect – then the child is old enough for a loft bed with a slide. The lying surface should have a standard size and the total height should fit into the room. Also make sure that superstructures can be easily removed and the bed has a long lifespan. In addition, the point of security is important – pay attention to test seals and a solid construction. Then nothing stands in the way of the purchase.


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