Making and decorating candles from beeswax yourself

I have discovered a great idea for children’s activity: making candles from beeswax! It’s so easy that even small children can enjoy it. But it was also great fun for the 6-year-old and me. Because you see results immediately and have quickly made Christmas presents. I show in pictures, how one makes completely simply candles with children.

Making beeswax candles with children

Beeswax slabs can even be found in drugstores in autumn. But you can also buy them in the handicraft shop, on eBay or Amazon. I took beeswax plates in 300 x 100 mm size. With it you can make candles of different sizes.

Materials for making candles from beeswax

Materials required for candle making

Below I list the materials (provided with Amazon Affiliate links) that my son and I used to make the beeswax candles. You don’t need much, in contrast to the production of wax candles, which you draw in the pot. Here there is no mess and no dripping wax. One more reason why this is a great handicraft for children.

It’s that simple: rolling candles

My son and I warmed the fragrant beeswax plates slightly with the hair dryer. You can also put them on a heater for a short time to make them easier to shape. Then we put the wick on the rectangular plates, let it look out longer on one side and rolled the beeswax in tightly. If one rolled too loosely, the plate can be rolled up again quickly in order to correct this. This also works great with smaller children!

Candles made of beeswax simply roll – with children.

Rolling twisted candles – Cake tin

With the beeswax plates you can make different shapes. In addition to the simple candle, which is made straight from a rectangular plate, you can also make a twisted candle – a cake tin. For this you need a form that resembles an elongated triangle, but has an additional small edge. The picture explains this quite well:

Twisted candle roll & basic shape

How is the twisted candle made? Take the heated plate, place it with the medium side in front of you, insert the wick and roll gently on it. It’s really so easy that the candle is made faster than the text is written. ;) Did I mention how much fun it is?

Roll up the twisted candle from the middle side.

Decorate candles with beeswax

My son came up with the idea of decorating the candle. He took his modelling tool and made small holes in the candles. It looked like a small beehive.

My son also made not only big candles, but also small and very small candles. He enjoyed finding new shapes. Unfortunately we had to roll up the “croissant” again, because the candle had no stand.

From the remains of the beeswax plates I cut out a heart, which I finally put on a candle and pressed firmly. By the way, this candle was made from two beeswax plates, so that it became thicker. Around the heart I fastened still some beads.

Decorate candles with the leftovers.

Since this looked a little strange, I put a frame around the heart, which consisted of small, rolled pieces. That just didn’t make it any better. :D

Modelling candles: with tools.

The result is impressive! I only have to practice the decoration. My heart candle suddenly got flames and small dots that look like spots. This requires creativity and a little practice. In any case, candles made of beeswax plates are the perfect Christmas present for the family. Toddlers certainly need help with handicrafts, but they can take over the rolling very well.

Ready made candles from beeswax – made with child.

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