Moosflitzer daycare center

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Foreword by the institution

Order of the daycare center

Who can visit us??

Premises and equipment

Protection mandate in case of child welfare according to § 8 SGB VIII

Educational work

Goals of educational work

A day with us

Snack and lunch



Cooperation with the school

parents work

Educational partnership with parents

other Info

Registration and house tour

Children are travelers,

who ask for directions.

We want to be your good companion.

1. Guiding principle

To be able to develop individual “being”, to find love, recognition and confidence in the community; to feel a protective, helping and knowing hand on the shoulder!

… And go into the future with a smile

2. Foreword

Dear Parents,

You have the concept of the Moosflitzer day care center, the municipality of Surberg, in your hands and this is the start of a new phase of life for you and your child. Your child will now be a crèche or kindergarten child. You hand over the upbringing of your child for the period you have chosen in very competent hands.

The main task is to help children build and develop their personal identity, expand their self-esteem and engage in a social community.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the many different irritations of today’s childhood can be remedied if childcare focuses far more on the needs of the children so that they can experience security and reliability. Both are the basis for the necessary development of children.

Children’s lives need their own development period "childhood" and enough space to orient themselves in our fast-moving times and to be able to develop accordingly. Our community house for children tries to offer this space of experience.

On the following pages we present the work of our company. We are particularly proud that we can offer you and your children care in very bright and generously equipped rooms.

In the past few years, our municipal childcare has had its educational mandate. H. Supporting the children’s willingness to learn, perform, educate and act is seen as very important and implemented in their daily work with the children.

With this in mind, the municipality of Surberg will always endeavor to prepare your child for school in this wonderful location and surroundings, to offer you and your children a pleasant time and to support them wherever possible.

3. Order from the daycare center

"Daycare centers are extra-curricular daycare facilities for the regular education, upbringing and care of children." (BayKiBiG Art. 2 Definitions)

In the Moosflitzer day care center, children are looked after from the age of one until they start school. Our educational work is based on the BEP (Bavarian education plan).

4. Who can visit us?

All children from the first year of life up to the start of school can be admitted to the Moosflitzer day care center.

Children from surrounding communities are also very welcome!

5. Location of the daycare center

Only about five kilometers from Traunstein, you will find us in the idyllic Lauter on the outskirts. Surrounded by meadows and forests, with adjacent Schlittenberg and Bolzplatz, we are embedded in the environment close to nature. Our nursery and kindergarten are located in our building. About three kilometers from here you will find our forest group "The forest ants", which experience and enjoy nature all year round.

6. Core time

The core time in our facility is from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m..

During these four hours, our specialists work intensively with your child, which is why we attach great importance to adhering to this valuable time.

7. Premises and equipment

You will find the following rooms in the Moosflitzer daycare center:

Group rooms with adjoining rooms

Children’s baths and toilets

Music room with library

Gym with equipment room

Direct passage to our crèche

Game materials are available in a generous amount:

8. Garden

In our spacious garden you will find lots of play equipment for your child. The adjacent parking lot is also used as a play area outside of the drop-off and pick-up times.

Children who love football can play and score goals on our own artificial turf pitch.

9. Personnel

In the Moosflitzer daycare center, nursery school teachers, childcare workers, pedagogical supplementary staff and year interns work with your child. The working hours of the educational staff are based on the booking times of the children to be cared for.

At lunchtime we are supported by a domestic worker.

Three cleaning staff are responsible for keeping our entire facility clean.

The employees of the building yard are our contact persons for the maintenance of our house and the outside area.

10. Protection order in the event of a risk to the child’s wellbeing


A child’s right is defined as a legal right from family law, which encompasses the entire well-being of a child or adolescent, as well as its healthy development. The child’s wellbeing affects a child’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

The well-being of the children entrusted to us is very important to us. In the event of any abnormalities, our first concern with the parents is to create a trusting basis and cooperation and to point out suitable measures at an early stage.

If we continue to find important indications that endanger the well-being of the child, we will assess the danger within the team. If necessary, a so-called experienced specialist is called in. The parents are included insofar as the child’s best interests are not endangered.

If we act on the protection order, the carrier will always be informed.


For us, pedagogy means that the individual needs of the children, in harmony with the overall well-being of the group, are paramount.

We see ourselves as companions and initiators and support your child in its development. It is particularly important for us to give your child as much help as necessary and to give them as much freedom as possible. This way your child learns the greatest possible degree of independence and self-activity. As a result, it develops confidence in itself and can thus master everyday life safely and confidently.

We achieve this through a methodical approach:

Trust the child

Trust the child to do a lot

Allow space to try it out

Rules and limits

Consistent behavior when the rules are exceeded

Allow individual needs and space to live it out

Take the child seriously and appreciate it

12. The goals of our educational work from the perspective of child

Learning self-competence:

I get to know myself

I know how I react in different situations

I can my Control behavior as best as possible

I’m gaining confidence

Learning expertise:

I am acquiring knowledge

I learn how to learn

I get to know different materials

I learn how to handle materials with care

Learning social skills:

I learn to act responsibly

I learn how to behave in the community

I can find friends and maintain friendships

I learn how to deal with conflicts

13. Preparatory work

The preparatory work (pre-school) is at the discretion of the respective specialist of the preschool children to be cared for. It is organized in internal work units and is individually tailored to the children.

After the Whitsun holidays, our preschool children go to primary school in Surberg about four times to familiarize themselves with the rooms and conditions.

14. A day with the moss racers

Bring time with greeting

Time for targeted offers

Graduation in the group

Free play in the garden

The kindergarten day for your child is something like this. Subject to changes within the group 

15th birthdays

There is a different motto for each year that makes your child’s birthday an unforgettable experience. In a cozy atmosphere we eat the treats we have brought with us (ice cream, muffins, sausages … or whatever the birthday child likes to eat).

16. Snack and lunch

We attach particular importance to a balanced and predominantly healthy diet. So give your child a varied snack. Please avoid sweets!

Children who are with us at lunchtime can register for lunch.


There are five integration places in the kindergarten. Here we can accommodate children with physical limitations, developmental delays, behavioral problems and intellectual disabilities.

The educational concept of this group is: Equality where possible – specialty where necessary. Everyone learns and grows from and with each other.

17. Cooperation

The cooperation of our day care center with other institutions is very diverse:

18. Teamwork

In order to be able to do good educational work and ensure our quality, various forms of teamwork take place:

Team meetings with the entire team

19. Cooperation with the school

In order to make your child’s transition to school easier, we cooperate with the teachers at the Surberg primary school and, if necessary, with the primary schools of the city of Traunstein.

The following forms of cooperation exist:

Visiting the prospective first graders in primary school

Teachers visit our facility

Exchange of information between educators and teachers

20. Educational partnership with parents

For the benefit of the child, we strive for a positive educational partnership (according to BayKiBig Art. 14) with the parents. A trusting cooperation is particularly important to us so that you and your child feel comfortable with us.

Among other things, you will find the following with us:

Door and door conversations

Groups pinboards with information

21. Parents’ Advisory Board

A parent’s advisory board must be set up at the beginning of each new kindergarten year (BayKiBig Art. 14 Para. 3).

The parent advisory board acts as a link between parents, team and sponsor. The parent advisory board is informed and heard by the management and the sponsor.

22nd closing days

The Moosflitzer day care center is closed during the Christmas holidays, three weeks during the summer holidays and in the second week of Pentecost holidays.

Additional days that may apply:

Training days of the staff

23rd booking days

Your booking times are binding! However, if you find that the care time is not enough for you, you have the opportunity to book accordingly in September and February.

24. Registration and house tour

We have our filing days at the beginning of each calendar year. You can get important information and get to know our facility.

25. Complaint management

If you have any ideas, suggestions, suggestions, criticism or complaints, these may be addressed to us.

We attach great importance to a constructive exchange of opinions and you have the following options:

Interview with the daycare management

Your suggestions can be helpful for our facility, since we see it as our goal to always advance quality assurance.

Your children are also involved in decisions and children’s surveys take place, because the children’s opinion is very important to us.

26. Interns

If possible, we offer interns from different schools an insight into our educational work.

27. Address

We hope that our concept has given you a good insight into the work of the Moosflitzer daycare center. If you still have any questions, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information.


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