Night party as a child’s birthday

Overnight party as a children’s birthday party: At some point the question arises about an overnight party. Most parents may shy away from it. But with good planning, the pajama party will be a party hit. A good mix of eating together, scary actions and games provide variety until the kids board the sleeping places.

The invitation:
There one Slumber Party usually takes place at the weekend and the children should stay overnight the invitation be distributed to the party guests at least three weeks in advance. This ensures that no other appointments prevent you from coming.

On the invitation In addition to the information on address, telephone number and arrival and pick-up times, you should also note which ones Utils the children should bring with them. After all, the host parents can’t for each Child prepare the sleeping place.

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat or air mattress
  • pajamas
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight (is always useful and also very practical for night hikes)
  • other personal things like cuddly toys etc. that the children need overnight

When designing the invitation card are no fantasy border set. A beautiful invitation card can be quickly and easily made from black cardboard, loose eyes and colored paper. First, the invitation cards are cut from the black cardboard. Glue the wiggling eyes and the word "INVITATION" to the front. Colored paper is glued to the inside, which you may cut with a pair of scissors. This results in jagged edges that give a nice effect. The invitation text with the important dates and the above-mentioned utensils are noted here. The inside of the cards can also be decorated with moons, stars or other motifs.

The sequence:
One is absolutely necessary approximate process in the evening and at night, because the children will not crawl tiredly into the sleeping bag. When all the children have arrived, they can Starlights distributed, which are offered all year round in stationery stores. This means that the children are part of the "overnight club" and are easy to see during a possible night hike.

The dinner:
It’s nice to see that afterwards dinner designed together. Perhaps the children will bake a pizza and add their favorite ingredients to it.

While the pizza is being baked in the oven, the first can already be Preparations for the bed kick off. The children choose their sleeping place in the cleared living room, blow up their mattresses and unwrap their sleeping bags. This is fun and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

When sharing dinner the children can already be attuned to the upcoming actions. It is particularly exciting for the children when it comes to finding one treasure map with which perhaps a night hike or scavenger hunt is heralded. The map can be hidden under a plate beforehand, or you can create a crossword puzzle where the solution tells you the location of the treasure map. Experience shows that you should start shortly before the end of the meal so that the children can finish eating in peace.

Nightly promotions:
Once the treasure map has been found, you can start. Depending on the season, the children start one night walk or one scavenger hunt In the bright. If it is already dark, the glow sticks are used particularly well. They are also ideal for marking the "treasure trail". As a treasure, there is a box of goodies for the night that the children take to their sleeping quarters.
In summer you can also have one outside campfire host with grilled marshmallows.

Cinema or bowling?
Alternatively, one could visit the cinema or an evening on the bowling are planned, which can often lead to high costs or can become a logistical problem if there are not enough transport options available. But also an evening one bus ride downtown is something special and can be very fun. Here, however, the schedule should be carefully studied, especially at the weekend, so that you don’t have to spend too much time waiting.

Stories and games before going to sleep
Back home, it’s time for one horror story or a lateral. A lateral is a yes-no puzzle. The children only experience the end of a story, which is usually a paradoxical situation and have to find out by asking specific questions how it came to this end. Information on this can be found in large numbers on the Internet.

There are also various games like mummy wrap, spin the bottle, singing star, disco, make-up evening, football tournament, truth or duty.

DVDs always go
If all else fails and the children are no longer interested in playing, there is still the possibility of an exciting one Movie appeal. Of course, the film selection should be well thought out so that there is something for every taste.

With all the preparation, however, it is very important not to force the children on a program. Sometimes they are self-sufficient and enjoy being together at an unusual hour.

The conclusion
The next morning that forms shared breakfast the end of the overnight party before the children are picked up by their parents.


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