Painlessness for children's teeth thanks to Kinderzahn Munich

Painlessness for children’s teeth

Painlessness for children’s teeth

Nowadays dental treatments are mostly painless. In the pediatric dentist’s practice in Munich Bogenhausen there are various treatment options, usually under local anesthesia. Nevertheless, there are always small patients who do not want to be treated.

In order to successfully alleviate this paediatric dentist fear, we have several options at our disposal. On this page your paediatric dentist’s practice in Munich North will be pleased to inform you about these different possibilities. Which of these treatment options will be considered afterwards should be clarified in advance in a personal conversation.

Normal dentist treatment

In many cases, the positive atmosphere in the child-friendly environment already ensures that your child feels comfortable in the children’s dentist’s practice in Munich. In addition, exciting videos on the ceiling and the playful handling of the treatment ensure a pain-free examination. Thus a successful treatment from the second appointment is possible.

Hypnosis Techniques at the Pediatric Dentist

In the children’s dentist’s practice in Munich Bogenhausen, special treatment techniques under light hypnosis also make the treatment of small, anxious and uncooperative children possible.

You have probably already noticed that your child is difficult to address when he or she plays with concentration. You are then in a trance-like state. These special relaxation techniques can also be used – similarly light hypnosis – in the treatment of children. First and foremost, there is a video that the children watch on the ceiling. Stories are told which serve to continue the children’s attention from the dental treatment. Even if language and stories sometimes sound a little confused, it is intentional. This technique is an effective way to lead your child into a pleasant trance state. Thus the treatment becomes a minor matter.

Light sedation at the paediatric dentist

Proven in the USA for a long time, the relaxed way with the “courage and strength juice” is stress-free to perform a dental treatment. It is selected and administered by the dentist or anaesthetist. It is a substance in the form of juice, tablets, nose drops or, in the case of very small patients, suppositories. The usually prescribed drug is called Dormicum and takes about 20 minutes to work after ingestion. This then works for 15 – 30 minutes and needs another 30 – 45 minutes to be completely broken down. The effect is noticeable by a calming and in some cases also rather funny. In addition, your child can get a little tired. The anxiety-relieving effect makes it so valuable for dental treatment. Unfortunately, this method of treatment does not work for every child.

Anaesthesia treatment – Pediatric Dentist Munich

For very young patients with extensive dental problems and for children with many teeth in need of treatment, general anesthesia is offered in the children’s dentist’s practice in Munich Bogenhausen.

During the procedure, our anaesthetists ensure that pain is safely and gently eliminated and that vital organ functions (circulation and breathing) are maintained. During this planned procedure, all preparations are carried out in peace. Complications are very rare with such anaesthesia. Children generally tolerate anaesthesia very well, as their heart and circulation are healthy and can therefore overcome the after-effects of anaesthesia more quickly than adults.

Before the operation you have the possibility to discuss all open questions concerning the anaesthesia with the anaesthetist at our paediatric dentist’s practice in Munich Bogenhausen. Our highly professional surgical technique ensures safety and our own recovery room guarantees a gentle and safe recovery in a relaxed, child-friendly environment.


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