Activate aeg cooker with induction field – child lock

AEG-Elektrolux cooker with induction field: activate child lock & switch on or off & switch off. Instead of reading the operating instructions, here are the simple instructions.

In our country house kitchen Nobilia Lucca we have an AEG Elektrolux stove with an induction field.

And one day the hostess switched on the child lock without her realizing it. Once set, activation remains permanently set. Of course you can still cook with it, you only have to press the lock symbol for about 5 seconds when you switch on the hob and then you can switch all the fields on and off as usual.

However, this only helps for the individual cooking process; the next time the stove is switched on, the child lock is active again.

Activate / deactivate childproof lock permanently

With us it was actually the case that I had to dig through our documents and use the operating instructions to help.

AEG stove: activate / deactivate the childproof lock on the induction field

Here you can find out how to switch the childproof lock on the AEG induction field on and off again.

  • Activate parental controls
  • Switch on the stove and do not set a heat setting. So do not operate the induction field.
  • Now touch the childproof lock for at least 4 seconds, i.e. the lock symbol on the hob. This should now light up permanently
  • Simply switch off your AEG cooker with an induction field
  • The childproof lock for the induction field is now activated and switched on.
  • To be able to cook, simply press the safety symbol on the stove for 4 seconds with the stove switched on and then switch on the desired induction field
  • Disable parental controls
  • Switch on the induction field and do not press any other button. So do not set a heat setting.
  • Now touch the childproof lock for at least 4 seconds, i.e. the lock symbol on the hob. The sign should now stop lighting up permanently
  • Switch the hob off again immediately
  • The childproof lock was thus successfully switched off. The next time you switch on, the lock symbol should no longer light up

These instructions are for an AEG Elektrolux cooker with an induction field, but they also apply to other AEG models and even to other manufacturers such as Siemens, Bauknecht, Bosch, Beko, Gorenje or Bomann, the deactivation of the child lock works in a similar way.

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Child safety is ours household capitalized. The induction cooker was a logical next step. I am excited about it and gladly give others advice.

This is super helpful, thank you very much! After we have been struggling with the "L" for months, I have my first good resolution for now 2018 implemented… :-)

What does fault E mean? 9. The operating instructions are silent about it? Great instructions (haha)


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