Personalized children’s book and children’s novel with names

The individual gift for your child: A personalized children’s book with your own name and photo! Personalized children’s books make children book heroes. What child doesn’t dream of being a great hero in an exciting adventure story. Fulfill your child’s little dream and give away the main role in an exciting children’s novel. The right gift idea too different Gift occasions such as birthdays or name days as well as at the beginning of school or for communion as well as for Easter or Christmas … or just because.

Personalized children’s book with your own name and photo

Present the main roles in a personalized youth novel. A personalized youth book is an original gift that every young person will be happy about.

Personalized youth books for teens as well as young adults, with your child in the lead role.

Make your child a hero with this unique gift. Design your very own personalized youth book online with your first name and last name as well as your hair color and eye color as well as your nickname. In addition, you can personalize the children’s book with your hometown, favorite singer, your pet’s name and your favorite color.
Optionally, you can have your own photo printed on the envelope …

Individual children’s book as an individual gift

Personalized children’s books from child-friendly adventures. Reading books can be really boring. A book should be fun, especially for those with little reading muffle, personalized children’s books as well as children’s stories as well as youth books stimulate the desire to read … You can design the personalized children’s book, inside and out, individually and personally.

In the customizable children’s books, the girls and boys can be represented in addition to their first names with their individual hairstyle as well as with their hair and eye color.

The book cover can be embellished with the child’s photo. So your personalized children’s book is really an original and unique gift!

In addition, a personal dedication and a short greeting as well as very special congratulations to the child can be added …

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Decide who plays the main role in the funny as well as educational children’s and youth book.

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Picture books, poetry albums and youth books

Surprise your loved ones with an adventurous personalized children’s book. Picture books as well as poetry albums as well as youth books for girls and boys (suitable from 2 to 16 years). A personalized book by framily is a magical gift idea for birthday as well as for Christmas, because here you make your child the hero of a book story. Glowing eyes are guaranteed!

A personalized children’s book as an individual gift for your child. Make your child the hero of an exciting story.

Framily offers various customizable children’s books on different topics. The offer includes, for example, a Bibi Blocksberg book, an Olchi book and a football book. In addition, a name book and a love book as well as a birthday book and a Christmas fairy tale.

In the book designer you have various options to design your personal children’s book according to your child …

Books for reading as well as stories for reading aloud

Children’s books with age recommendations, children’s literature such as picture books as well as youth books as well as personalized children’s books. Which are optimally matched to the age of your child. Pedagogically valuable children’s literature that is fun and that promotes language development as well as the imagination and social skills of the child.
A personalized children’s book is guaranteed to make faces smile. In addition, it extends the experience horizon of your little darling and is the first Step to promote reading skills – suitable for ages 2+.

You can easily order exciting as well as personalized children’s books for reading beginners as well as captivating youth books online. Whether as an individual gift for a birthday, as a Christmas gift or as a holiday reading or just like that. An individually made book with the name as well as hair color and eye color as well as pet name … your loved one is an ideal book gift. Your child will be amazed when he recognizes himself in the children’s books with his own name and appearance.

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