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In this classic you go through Mario World with Mario. Gather mushrooms to grow and eliminate your opponents by jumping on their heads. The goal is to heal through the level come and save the kidnapped princess.

game play

The world famous plumber from Italy actually knows everyone. Go on all sorts of adventures with him and fight your way through numerous levels, all of which have challenging tasks to offer.

Mario World Monolith is a remake of the popular console game from Nintendo. However, the goal remains the same: the princess was kidnapped by the evil Bowser. The aim is to free the princess and defeat the nasty Bowser and his army of Koopas. On the way there all sorts of tasks have to be solved, as is usual for a classic jump and run game.

Different levels of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult

The game developer Monolith has adapted to the needs of all types of players in this jump and run game. Before starting the game, you can choose between the easy, medium and difficult difficulty levels and find the right level for you. No matter which level you choose, be quick and hurry to help the princess. Rescue the princess kidnapped by Bowser and show off your jump and run skills in this adventurous flash game.

Control with keyboard

Do you want to play the game in your browser? Then you should know the right key combinations to get Mario safely to his destination. With the spacebar you start the game. To be able to move Mario, you have to use the arrow keys. Down, left, or right – Mario follows your directions quickly, so prepare for a quick and fun game. Use the A key on your keyboard to make Mario jump, while the S key is responsible for running. If you want to send your character through the exit door at the end of a level, you have to move the arrow key up and Mario will find himself in the next level – always with the motivation to free the princess as quickly as possible.

Game characters: From Princess Peach to Bowser

The central figure in Mario World is, of course, Mario himself. Probably the world’s best-known plumber denies many adventures in countless jump and run games and finds a place in the as a helpful and lovable mustache wearer heart many players.

The basis of almost all Mario titles is the liberation of Princess Peach. Peach is considered to be a symbol of the young lady who is to be protected or saved forever and who must always be freed from her kidnappers by her hero. The charming blonde Peach with her red pumps and sapphire crown wakes the hero in every player and will also cast a spell over you.

The arch enemy Marios is called Bowser. He is the king of the Koopas – upright turtles – and rules his own kingdom. Defeat the choleric and sneaky Bowser, which resembles a giant tortoise, and free the princess.

Different versions

From the first Mario World Monolith to Monolith 2 and 3 to Monolith 4 – the many different versions of Mario World Games have the right browser game for every gamer. Enter the world of an arcade classic and fight with the well-known Mario against different opponents. Due to the numerous sequels and updates, Mario World never gets bored and you can look forward to many hours of fun.

For your browser without download

You can easily play the entertaining game Mario World on your browser without registration and without downloading. The popular flash game is compatible with all common browsers and offers many hours of fun. Due to the different difficulty levels and game versions, Mario World is always exciting and you will always be surprised by new enemy characters on the way to the next level.


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