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Ideas for Santa gifts.

Are you looking for a Santa gift? Here you will find wonderful ideas for Santa Claus gifts for girls, boys, women and men.

How to find the perfect gift

Ultimately, it always comes down to finding the right Santa gift as a surprise, whom to give exactly would like to. Here it plays gender a role, but that too Age and interests are important for a suitable gift. Of course you should Sweets not missing with a Santa gift. There are of course exceptions to this. Anyone who is not allowed to eat sweets for health reasons should be given an equivalent, for example a healthy basket of fruit and vegetables.

Gartenbista tip: Children always look forward to a candy surprise from Santa Claus. This should be provided with a toy, depending on the age of the child.

Here is on the Preferences, role models and interests of the child to watch out for. This ensures that the child is completely enthusiastic about the gift and is extremely happy. Men and women mostly have different interests, so that here also different Gifts be considered. In the following, some tips and suggestions are made about what little gifts could be given to Santa Claus.

Santa Claus gifts for men

A Santa gift should always be a little bit of attention. Of course, this is also always expressed financially. In addition to sweets filled with alcohol, others can Little things keep friendship.

Gifts for adventure lovers

Men who are adventurous are happy about you Voucher for an adventure event. There are many options here:

  • Helicopter Tour
  • Skydiving
  • a simple survival kit for off-road excursions

The man can be impressed with many small surprises. This also includes Aktivitispiele. A nice selection can be found at providers who specialize in adventure vouchers.

Men who love sports

Die-hard sports fans can do well with equipment the favorite sport to surprise. Whether dumbbells or a voucher for a gym, if you like doing sports, nothing is left out and nothing is tried. If there is already a very clear sport that people like to do, then there is certainly one Trifle as a gift, quasi as an accessory that fits this.

Playful men

Men who like to play and tinker, are very happy about a remote controlled racing car or a drone or a remote controlled helicopter. But remote-controlled racing boats are also often given away.

Media enthusiastic men

With cordless headphones you give almost timeless but with great benefit. Sometimes an easy one Cinema or theater voucher, or a voucher for a concert visit can be a real surprise. But a book or a magazine subscription is always on the wish list as well as the well-known hats.

Santa Claus gifts for women

women appreciate a lot of attentions. This can also be a self-made gift act. In addition to the classic gifts, such as a book, a fragrance or a voucher for the favorite boutique, many other gift ideas can be considered.

These include, for example Coupons for one Wellness weekend or a short trip to a metropolis over the weekend. As a small attention will always be happy Flowers or chocolates given away. But also nice laundry as a gift from the partner is always well received.

Santa Claus gifts for children

With children you should always be careful about that Pay attention to gender and age. The older the children are, the more preferences have become apparent. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable small gift here. This is all the more true the less one knows the child’s preferences.

Be happy Games and books given away. But also funny Accessories for Existing game attractions are very popular. Children are always enthusiastic when you see that favorite hobby knows. For the hobby, little things can also be given as a supplement.

Our gift tip for girls: Stephanie’s bakery (Lego Friends)

Our gift tip for boys: Kais Mini Dragon (Lego Ninjago)


Ultimate gift ideas always depend on the gender of the recipient and how old they are. Play here individual priorities and areas of interest a major role. To be exercised Hobbies a complementary accessory can always be easily found and given away. It also says chocolate in any form still as a Santa Claus gift in high class. Be happy homemade chocolates given away. Adults also like to look forward to alcoholic gifts, like a good wine or champagne. With a lot of imagination you can always find nice little things that offer a big surprise. Here are the choices again and again Creativity and practicality high in the course.


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