Saving tips: buy children’s clothing and children’s shoes cheaply

Buying children’s clothing and children’s shoes costs a lot. That could be a few hundred euros per season and child. Especially now in winter, when new winter shoes and a new winter jacket are due, it will be expensive. It is therefore worth being prepared. Those who only take care of winter shoes and winter clothing when there is no other option usually have bad cards or buy expensive ones. That is why we have put together a few tips for you, like the one at Buy children’s shoes and children’s clothing can.

Save on children’s clothing and children’s shoes: Here’s how!

We drive quite well with these savings tips. If you have several (same-sex) children, you can of course continue to use the children’s clothing you have already bought within the family. Unfortunately, the lavender girl is not very willing to compromise in this regard. Only socks, undershirts, rainwear and a few selected sweaters are ready to wear.

Therefore, we also have to buy a lot for the lavender girl. It often makes the mix of the ones presented Saving tips when buying children’s clothing.

1. Saving through shopping clubs: Zalando Lounge

If you like to buy branded clothing, you should definitely have shopping clubs on your list. High-quality branded products are offered there well below the MSRP. Personally, I love shopping (and often) in shopping clubs, because you can find real bargains there and also shop seasonally.

A shopping club that I visit regularly because there are great offers is that Zalando Lounge. There is in the Zalando Lounge New offers every day from many well-known brands that reduced by up to 75% are.

The sales usually stay online for three days and come from the clothing sector for the whole Family, accessories, shoes, home and lifestyle. Because the products offered only in a limited number are fast. It is therefore worthwhile to register for the newsletter and to be informed about the new offers every day. Registration is very easy via an existing Zalando account, via Facebook or with an email address.

Most recently I ordered regatta jackets, which you can see in the photos, for the lavender children from the Zalando Lounge. The lavender girl in particular urgently needed new jackets. For five jackets, I paid just over € 100 instead of € 300. Thanks to free return shipping, a selection order is also possible.

2. Saving on the (online) flea market

You can also bargain at flea markets. Small children in particular often have items of clothing that the children only wear for a short time because they then grow out again. That’s why you can often find it on (online) flea markets Children’s clothing and children’s shoes that were not or hardly worn.

There are many flea markets in the region where only children’s clothing and toys are sold and which are very well sorted. That makes it easy to find the right one.

In addition, those who buy at flea markets also do something for the environment. Flea markets are the ideal place to shop in the sense of sustainability to act and appreciate the limited resources.

3. Exchange or borrow from friends

This also applies when you exchange children’s clothing and children’s shoes with friends. Who has friends with children of different ages or with different sizes, can the use to swap, lend or sell children’s clothing.

Above all, this possibility ideal for people who don’t like to buy used things from strangers. With children’s clothing from friends, you know exactly where they come from and who has worn them. Whether you want to borrow, trade or buy children’s clothing is a matter of taste and negotiation.

4. Buy on sale

Children’s clothing and children’s shoes are the cheapest to buy anticyclically. In the sale or in the final sale you can often make real bargains. Of course, when it comes to children’s clothing and children’s shoes, it is often not known exactly what size the child will wear next winter. As a rule, you can estimate it quite well.

Should you be wrong or forget already bought children’s clothing or children’s shoes, you can still resell them at the flea market or with friends. If you have made a real bargain, you often even make a profit when reselling.

5. Mix of branded and no-name clothing

I think children need not just branded clothes in the closet. Especially for the kindergarten and the playground Clothing that can get dirty, important. Of course, it is a matter of attitude whether expensive branded clothing can also get stained or break, but personally I prefer that the lavender children have cheap clothing as a change of clothes in kindergarten and at school.

And then there is the phenomenon that children like to lose their jackets, hats and sports shoes. It is also nicer there if, as a mom, you don’t have to cry after expensive brand clothing.

Do you have any other savings tips on how to save when buying children’s clothing and shoes? Which savings tips do you prefer??


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