Schwacke list – dat schwacke – adac vehicle valuation comparison 2022

Among the most well-known neutral valuation services in this country are the schwacke list, dat schwacke, ADAC and DAT rating.

Each valuation service has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In comparison we have tested each vehicle valuation.

The following questions were important to us:

    Is the rating neutral?

What vehicle ratings are there anyway?

There are a lot of car valuations on the internet. It is difficult to keep track of all this.

We have therefore chosen only the best known and neutral providers of online vehicle ratings concentrated.

Schwacke list

the oldest vehicle evaluator in this country is schwacke liste. Founded by hanns W. Schwacke in 1957. On the basis of schwacke valuation a large number of vehicles can be evaluated. First and foremost cars, motorcycles but also motorhomes and caravans.


DAT (deutsche automobil treuhand gmbh) was founded in 1931 by the association of the automotive industry. It is the oldest company in the world dedicated to automotive market research. The DAT offers free used car valuation online to.


ADAC was founded in 1903 by the german motorcyclists association (DMV). In the meantime, the ADAC has over 21. Millions of members (as of 01/2022).

Online there is a free vehicle valuation at your disposal. It can be used to calculate the used prices of cars, motorcycles and vans.

Vehicle valuation: schwacke, dat schwacke, ADAC, TuV, bewerta

The value of the car can be determined most easily with a car valuation.

In the first place with the schwacke list. Dat schwacke is for many the first choice when it comes to the valuation and price assessment of vehicles.

On the basis of schwacke vehicle valuation private car owners as well as car dealers can calculate the prices of used cars.

But there are also alternative and free providers for value estimation. We have tested almost every valuation and almost every vehicle value calculator on the internet.

Which vehicle valuation is free of charge?

Free vehicle appraisals include the ADAC and DAT appraisals.

Calculate the free vehicle valuations reliable values?

DAT and ADAC car valuations often calculate the vehicle value too low.

In reality, higher prices can be achieved in private vehicle sales.

A comparison of the prices with current market prices in vehicle exchanges should be carried out.

How accurate is the calculation?

DAT and ADAC valuation prices are too low. The schwacke valuation calculates the vehicle value more accurately.

Who wants to sell his car – needs reliable information

Which vehicle valuation is neutral?

DAT, ADAC, dat schwacke, bewerta as well as the car exchanges mobile.De and autoscout24 offer a neutral vehicle valuation.

Valuations that are neither neutral nor independent:

We buy car and alternative "freeloaders", also offer free car valuations.

But what is free is not always necessarily good.

It is doubtful whether someone who submits a purchase offer can also offer a serious and comprehensible vehicle valuation.

If it is only about a quick car sale. And the price is rather secondary, then a sale via purchase portals such as: wirkaufendeinpkw is convenient and quickly done.

Not every valuation is equally suitable for the valuation of car, motorcycle or other vehicles. Each service for car valuation works differently and also calculates quite different prices. No matter whether schwacke liste, DAT, bewerta, dat schwacke or ADAC. Each valuation has its own advantages and disadvantages. That is why not only a vehicle valuation should be made. It is better to carry out a valuation with different calculators and valuation tools. After that, vehicle value and average selling prices can be calculated more reliably.

Neutral valuation

Valuation platforms that do not neutrally calculate the vehicle value were not tested.

It goes without saying that car purchase and car valuation do not match. At least not if you want to determine the vehicle value neutrally and independently.

Because it is often unclear and not comprehensible, on which basis, the prices are calculated.

Tip: test the seriousness beforehand

Whether a free vehicle valuation incl. Car purchase is serious, you can quickly research on the Internet itself.

Accordingly, only a few people have good experience with the principle of "car valuation&" purchase" made.

Search for the relevant websites from TV and co. And enter terms such as: experience, experience reports or opinion. Positive experience reports are rarely found.

Often it concerns only lure offers: after a supposedly good price with on-line car evaluation on the web page – one makes oneself happy on the way to the vehicle appraiser.

On the spot, the price is pushed by hundreds to thousands of euros. Argument: poor market situation, the vehicle is difficult to sell.

Besides the disappointment, the realization that it was a waste of time to go there at all.

There is a salesman’s saying: "the dog comes to the bone and not the other way round".

UPDATE: car sales prices in corona times!
Who wants to sell his car this year (2022) – can get a much higher price for it. Due to the corona crisis, the prices of many used cars increase by an average of 15% compared to the previous year 2021. Above-average prices achieved: cars with gas systems, conventional gasoline and used hybrid vehicles with gasoline/electric and gasoline/gas drive systems. Only car valuations from autoscout24, mobile.De, car value.Info and bewerta take this development into account for used car prices.

Vehicle valuation comparison 2022

Only neutral valuations from well-known providers that have been on the market for at least 10 years are included in the test selection.

The following vehicle ratings were tested for the comparison:

  • Schwacke list
  • Vehicle valuation car value.Info
  • Vehicle valuation bewerta
  • ADAC used car valuation
  • vehicle valuation dat schwacke
  • DAT used vehicle calculator
  • TuV vehicle valuation
  • Dekra car valuation
  • Mobile.Appraisal
  • Autoscout24.De car valuation

Schwacke list

  • price: 7,90 euro
  • Conditions: without registration, without e-mail
  • Data basis: ca. 900.000 comparative values
  • Vehicles: car, motorcycle, caravan, motorhome
  • years of construction: last 12 years
  • prices/value: purchase price& selling price gross
  • Accuracy: good
  • car valuation: autobewertung
  • caravan valuation: wohnwagen wertermittlung


  • Price: 19,90 to 27,90 euro
  • Conditions: without registration
  • Data basis: market observation
  • vehicles: cars, motorcycles, tractors, oldtimers, youngtimers, motorhomes, caravans, trailers
  • Years of construction: depending on valuation
  • prices/value: market value
  • Accuracy: good
  • Motorcycle valuation: motorcycle valuation
  • Bewerta experience reports: bewerta experience reports

DAT – dat schwacke

  • Price: free of charge
  • Conditions: registration, e-mail
  • database: market research
  • Vehicles: car, motorcycle
  • years of construction: last 11 years
  • Prices/value: vehicle value (value indication in euro)
  • accuracy: medium – prices often too low

vehicle value.Info

  • Price: 19,90 to 27,90 euro
  • Conditions: without registration
  • Data base: market observation, appraiser estimate
  • Vehicles: cars, motorcycles, tractors, oldtimers, youngtimers, motorhomes, caravans, car trailers
  • years of construction: different depending on the valuation
  • Prices/value: market prices
  • Accuracy: good
  • motorhome valuation: wohnmobil wertermittlung
  • price: free of charge
  • Conditions: without registration, without e-mail
  • Data base: DAT
  • Vehicles: passenger car, motorcycle, VAN/SUV, transporter
  • Years of construction: last 12 years
  • Prices/value: dealer selling price gross
  • Accuracy: medium – prices often too low
  • motorcycle classic car appraisal: motorcycle classic car appraisal
  • price: approx. 100 to 150 euro
  • Conditions: only on-site appraisal
  • data basis: appraiser database – comparative values
  • vehicles: cars, two-wheelers, oldtimers, youngtimers
  • years of construction: no specifications
  • Prices/value: market price
  • Accuracy: good – depending on experience tester


  • Price: approx. 130 euro
  • conditions: only on-site appraisals
  • Data basis: market data – comparative values
  • Vehicles: cars, two-wheelers, oldtimer, youngtimer, newtimer
  • years of construction: no specifications
  • prices/value: market price
  • Accuracy: good – depending on experience appraiser


  • Price: free of charge
  • Conditions: only with registration, e-mail
  • database: 2.000.000 market values daily
  • Vehicles: cars, motorcycles, oldtimers, youngtimers, newtimers, motorhomes, caravans, tractors, trucks, car trailers
  • years of construction: no specifications
  • Prices/value: market price
  • Accuracy: very good – high actuality

Autoscout24.De car valuation

  • Price: free of charge
  • Conditions: without registration, without e-mail specification
  • database: comparative values/sales prices autoscout24
  • Vehicles: from only cars
  • year of construction: 1995 to date
  • Price/value: average selling price (autoscout24 database)
  • accuracy: good – high actuality

Car sale

Before a planned car sale, a valuation should always be made. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual suppliers play a major role here. It would be wrong to rely on just one vehicle valuation.

Different valuations – different values

Every valuation comes to a different result concerning value, market price, vehicle value or dealer purchase price. Therefore it is important to compare.

The solution:

Research current market prices yourself. Where? In vehicle exchanges and classified ad markets.

Nowhere else can you get more up-to-date information on selling prices. The prices in the ads, but only represent the desired prices of the seller. To calculate a realistic selling price – draw approx. 10% off.

Narrow down the sales prices further by vehicle valuation and various valuation tools. At the latest then it is clear: how much the vehicle is worth to be sold.

Car depreciation

Generally speaking, the higher the purchase price, the greater the loss in value. In addition, some used cars are more popular than others.

Depending on the model, sales region, engine and equipment, the selling prices can be completely different.

At depreciation of used cars a differentiation is to be made between diesel and gasoline engines. Because the loss in value of diesel cars, is due to the emissions scandal and diesel manipulation higher than that of gasoline cars.

Even for vehicles with new drive systems such as hybrid electric/gasoline or hybrid gas/gasoline, a differentiated assessment of the loss in value must be made.

depreciation of electric car& hybrid plug-in

Just like vehicles with a gasoline or diesel engine, electric vehicles, hybrids and hybrid plug-in cars are also subject to depreciation. The loss in value of electric cars is currently particularly high.

potential e-car buyers are still cautious. The environmental bonus and the subsidy make a purchase attractive, but the framework conditions are not right.

New electric vehicles are still too expensive for most people. Added to this are factors such as rising gasoline and electricity prices and the corona crisis.

Our recommendation is therefore: before you buy or sell an electric car – do a vehicle assessment beforehand.

the car market is currently subject to strong price changes. This does not only concern e-cars, also the prices of diesel cars fluctuate strongly.

Diesel cars are becoming increasingly unpopular in this country. When selling diesel cars, a high depreciation is almost inevitable. On the other hand, the prices of used cars will rise by an average of 15% compared to the previous year 2021. However, only for cars with certain powertrains: the highest prices are currently achieved by cars with gas systems, conventional gasoline and hybrid vehicles with gasoline/electric and gasoline/gas powertrains.

Those who want to sell their used car will benefit from higher prices. In other words used cars are in corona times – currently worth more.

The amount of depreciation in percent can be calculated using various formulas. Formulas are also used for vehicle valuations.

But no formula for determining average values or car sales prices is correct.

There are too many factors that cannot be calculated. For example: the condition, current developments in the vehicle market, supply-demand, influence corona etc.

Schwacke list& free alternatives

The possibilities for calculation of vehicle residual values are diverse. From online vehicle ratings to value calculators, to formulas.

The dat schwacke list is only one possibility. There are also alternatives to the determination of vehicle residual values.

Those who want to sell their vehicle privately should favor a neutral vehicle appraisal with no buying interest to ensure that the appraisal is neutral.

The vehicle valuations of dat, dat schwacke, schwacke liste, bewerta, ADAC, mobile and autoscout24 offer a reliable valuation. Unlike many other vehicle valuations, a neutral online calculation is possible here.

What is the schwacke list?

The schwacke list is a vehicle valuation: a service, is the schwacke list – also known to many as auto schwacke.

This list is published in cooperation with eurotax on a regular basis. The schwacke publications are available as a book directly from eurotax schwacke.

A free car schwacke list as PDF is not available. In addition, an online vehicle valuation is offered for a fee. With this list you can calculate the dealer purchase price as well as the purchase price of the car.

Schwacke books, tables& PDF lists

Includes: price quotations, new prices, technical data and value-influencing factors.

Dealer purchase and sales prices, of the last 12 construction years. And mileage correction tables.

PDF tables for price evaluation of equipment, special equipment and accessories.

  • Schwacke car (car schwacke list)
  • Superschwacke
  • date schwacke
  • Interclassic
  • Modernclassic
  • Schwacke caravan& motorhomes
  • Schwacke two-wheeler
  • Schwacke classic car& youngtimer
  • Schwacke transporter& commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery

Current prices can be calculated by online vehicle valuation. The valuation costs 7,90 euro.

A free schwacke list as a PDF or as a valuation is not offered.

Schwacke valuation 2022 update: 01/2022

Schwacke valuation directly on the website: the form for the calculation of vehicle values was limited.

To access the schwacke list, a registration is required. A schwacke rating without e-mail or registration is not possible.

As an alternative to dat schwacke: either the ADAC car valuation or DAT. Both car value calculators are neutral and available free of charge.

How does the blacklist work?

Who wants to be valuing a vehicle via schwacke list must first enter the key data of the vehicle in a form on the website.

This includes the date of first registration, make, model, fuel type and mileage. Then you can enter information about the equipment and optional extras. After the price for the valuation has been settled, the vehicle value is calculated mathematically using the schwacke liste database.

Update 01/2022: the schwacke vehicle valuation has been restricted for end users. The schwacke list of 2022 is primarily aimed at tradesmen such as z.B. car dealer.

Private vehicle owners often only want to know how much their car is currently worth. The dat schwacke, ADAC or bewerta fahrzeugbewertung are suitable alternatives for this purpose.

For passenger cars, the period of the schwacke valuation is limited to the last 12 years of construction. For older cars there is the oldtimer schwacke valuation list.

Oldtimer schwacke

A oldtimer schwacke list existed earlier as interclassic and modernclassic. For 2022 as well as previous years, the price list is not available.

the alternative: bewerta auto classic price mirror for newtimer, youngtimer and classic cars.

The bewerta classic oldtimer market mirror is available on request. Daily updated classic car market prices are available via online short valuation.

tables as download: current tables of car and vintage car prices from 2021, 2022 and previous years.

The table oldtimer prices: from 2005 to 2022 – gives an insight into the price development of classics and youngtimers over time.

Schwacke list – calculate car current value

The schwacke list, is often simply called schwacke or schwackeliste. With this list, you can get the approximate price of the vehicle calculate current value of car. Not to be confused with car residual value.

Residual value cannot be calculated with dat-schwacke. A residual value evaluation is carried out by expert appraisers in the event of accidental damage.

Schwacke current value

With the schwacke valuation the current value for used cars can be determined. A valuation and valuation of two-wheelers (motorcycle), cars (schwacke car), caravans and mobile homes, is also possible.

The last 12 years of construction are covered. For older vehicles a vehicle valuation is not possible. The schwacke list is continuously updated and serves as an important basis for estimates for commercial and private vehicle sellers.

Since the beginning of 1990, a vehicle valuation is also possible digitally via the schwacke website. In addition to the classic schwacke list, the vehicle value of off-road vehicles, vans, two-wheelers, motorhomes and trailers can also be determined.

The vehicle value can be calculated on a daily basis via the schwacke price database. In addition, further lists are offered as PDFs that can be used to calculate repair and spare parts costs and to calculate loss of use (loss of use compensation).

The publisher of the schwacke list, is the company eurotaxschwacke, a subsidiary of eurotaxglass’s.

Schwacke: the beginnings of car price valuation

How the price valuation started? How did the idea of collecting and offering sales prices for cars and other vehicles come about??

The names schwacke, eurotaxschwacke gmbh, eurotax or eurotax glass stand for the probably most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of automotive vehicle data. Not only in germany, but all over europe schwacke is known for: collecting, valuing and publishing vehicle information. A well-known reference book is the schwacke list or the book superschwacke.

It primarily contains price data for various motor vehicles. Sorted by year of manufacture as purchase price and gross sales price.

Schwacke the beginning:

In 1933, william glass founded glass’s in the united kingdom and began collecting market and price data on the automotive market.

In germany, it was hanns W. Schwacke, a U.S. soldier had given him the idea in the 1950s to develop the used car value of cars to systematically determine.

the soldier, stationed in germany, wanted to buy his car, a chevrolet from the car dealer hanns W. Schwacke in payment. With the residual value determination, the american put the so-called blue book for pricing american cars on the table.

After this event, hanns W. Schwacke comes up with the idea of developing such a market price list for german vehicles as well.

The german schwacke list was invented. The collected market data about the used car market became more and more from year to year. In 1957, the first schwacke list (auto schwacke) was finally launched on the market.

Short time later it was helmuth H. Lederer, who published price data for used cars in austria under eurotax.

Due to the great demand from car dealers, but also from private car owners, eurotax quickly developed into a sought-after information provider.

In 1971, the operators of the German "Schatzliste" and the Austrian "Eurotax" merged to form the "Schwacke". The company concept was gradually extended to other countries. In 2000, eurotax merged with the glass’s company.

As of this date, the company bears the name: "eurotaxglass’s internation AG". The company is currently (as of 01/2022) represented in more than 30 countries.

The schwacke list can be used to value not only cars, but also motorcycles, motor homes and other vehicles. In germany, the core product continues to be the schwacke list.

The french counterpart is the "argus list. In the USA, the so-called "kelley blue book" is used to determine vehicle values.

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