Snacks for children’s birthday, to take away for the little ones

This makes the children’s party snack technically a complete success

A proper children’s party naturally includes small snack to go or a delicious snack to snack on in between. The children naturally want sweet snacks. But many parents are now paying attention to a healthy diet and are reluctant to give conventional sweets with lots of artificial sugar or sweeteners to children. In addition, most of the common snacks are packed in plenty of plastic, which causes a lot of garbage and is therefore not particularly environmentally friendly.

In this case, SnacKid is the perfect party snack that everyone is happy with! The children love the animal cover and it arouses their curiosity through a mix of sweet and sour ingredients. Thanks to the delicious fruit juice bears, dried cranberries, strawberries, grapes and numerous other sweet ingredients, the little ones are also introduced to the hearty, healthy nuts and even the slightly bitter aronia berries in Maxi’s SnacKid. Thanks to the diverse mix of healthy ingredients, SnacKid provides the body with essentials while snacking Nutrients / minerals and natural vitamins. Because the snack cups are made entirely of compostable bioplastic pollution is also counteracted.

The children’s birthday party – traditional and varied at the same time

Children’s parties and birthdays are celebrated all over the world. However, traditions of how birthdays and children’s parties are celebrated vary from country to country. In some countries, for example, gifts are placed around the bed at night or surprises are baked into the birthday cake. In Mexico, on the other hand, it is tradition to hang up and smash a piñata (paper mache figure) filled with delicacies on the children’s birthday party.

The friends of the children who bring gifts for the birthday child are often invited here with us. Birthday songs are sung and games are played. The birthday can be dedicated to a specific theme that matches games, clothing, and food. How about the next time, for example, with an animal birthday, where every child dresses up as an animal of their choice? The likeable SnacKid animals Eddy, Nala, Maxi, Dickie and Bobby complement the topic perfectly and ensure strengthening and a good mood. The snacks make children’s birthday parties and the associated party an unforgettable event.

To make the day special, there is no need to organize anything big or spend a lot of money. Children’s birthdays are automatically something nice because the children have fun and there is a lot of laughter. The SnacKid cup can also be built into various games or used as a reward for the winner.

You can find more ideas for decorations, games and food at

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