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FELDER GROUP | Info-Tel: +43 (0) 5223/58 500

As a corporate family, we are aware of our social responsibility and regularly help people in particularly difficult situations with a positive contribution, support our young people and specifically support worldwide aid organizations.

16,400 euros at the Christmas donation collection 2019

Every year at Christmas time, the workforce at the Felder Group collects for a good cause. Around 8,200 euros, a new record amount, was raised by the employees this year and doubled by the management to 16,400 euros. Karl Binder and Martin Rainer from the Felder Group were able to present a check for 12,600 euros to Brigitte Schieferer, chair of “Save the Child Tyrol”, as part of the annual Christmas party. Another 5,262 euros were donated to the family of a fatally injured employee.

Fast and unbureaucratic emergency aid, sponsorships, learning support and Christmas help for happy children’s laughter in difficult times – this has been saving the Tyrolean child for 50 years. “This donation is really exceptional, we thank the Felder employees and the Felder family for this great support. I am looking forward to reporting what was made possible with this donation, ”said Ms. Schieferer gratefully for the great willingness to donate.

Image: Karl Binder and Martin Rainer (left and right) hand over the check to Brigitte Schieferer from Rettet the Child Tyrol (center) on behalf of the Felder Group.

Timion manufactures therapeutic agents for South African children in the fields of machines

Timion NPC is a Christian Hunanitarian aid organization in South Africa that is committed to supporting and promoting socially excluded and disabled children and their families. In recent years, over 1,500 children have been looked after in holiday and therapy camps and over 4,000 orthopedic aids own Production can be given free of charge.

The production of these therapy chairs, rollators, walking aids, therapy benches and much more is carried out by volunteers from the organization in a small workshop in Jefferys Bay on the Indian Ocean. The Felder Group has equipped this workshop with a number of high-quality tools and a Felder band saw.

“These machines are a real blessing for us. All workshop employees, from community service carpenters from Switzerland to young and old volunteers to semi-skilled local employees, enjoy working with the machines, ”says Daniel Meyer, Director of Timion NPC, with his team. “The quality in the workshop could be improved by the high-quality machines from Felder. We are always amazed at the versatility of the fields combination machine. We also use the band saw for conventional woodcuts and for making wood connections, but also to cut the foam for our auxiliary upholstery, for example. And the textbooks and specialist books made available are a great addition to the training of local employees, ”reports Alfred Ramseyer, one of many long-term volunteers.

A profitable H200 CNC processing machine and a lot of know-how for the School of Industrial Training and Education in Myanmar

Myanmar, a once rich and progressive country, has been severely hampered in economic development by colonial and military regimes in recent decades. Since the free presidential elections in 2011, Myanmar has been reopening and can offer greater security and stability through brisk economic growth and drastic inflation cuts in the population.

The "School of Industrial Training and Education" (short: SITE) in Yangon is committed to training people in Myanmar. With a wide variety of courses and educational programs in a wide variety of areas, it contributes a significant share to the development of the whole country. In order to be able to offer courses for woodworking, the school uses a Format4 CNC machining center. The profit H200 is the all-rounder of our CNC machining centers. It convinces with a small footprint and a lower investment volume and still has all the standard functions that larger machines have.

The aim of the engagement is to provide the necessary know-how so that the students in Myanmar can produce workpieces with the highest precision by operating the profit H200 correctly. We organized a two-month carpentry course for two teachers from Myanmar together with HTL Imst. The two have been in Imst since October 2019 and get to know the craft – with a lot of fun and exciting insights about the machine and various materials. An exciting joint project for future CNC trainers as well as for students and teachers at HTL Imst. In November, a high visitor from Myanmar was announced: the CEO of SITE Dr. Win Zaw Aung wanted to get an impression of the training personally and was immediately familiarized with the machine and material.

In December 2019, the two teachers will travel to Myanmar again and can pass on their newly acquired know-how to the trainees. “It is my personal concern to make woodworking more popular and attractive in Southeast Asia. Our work is not over with the sale of the machines, it is also about training the local population. I would like to see more projects like this in Myanmar ”, said Simon Spöttl, Regional Manager of the Felder Group for Southeast Asia.

Felder Group donates 16,000 euros to Herzkinder Austria

Support, support and uncomplicated help for families with the shock diagnosis "Your child is suffering from heart disease" – this is what the "Herzkinder Österreich" association offers. Here parents and siblings can find advice and help with all non-medical matters, can exchange experiences and gain some distance from everyday life with the disease in organized activities.

A proud 7,951, – Euro – a new record amount of the annual donation campaign – was collected by the workforce of the family company Felder Group from Hall and then doubled and rounded up by the management. Markus Rainer from the “Child Sponsorship Austria”, a partner of the “Heart Children Austria” association, was able to accept the check for 16,000 euros.

"A donation of this amount is very special, we thank the Felder employees and the Felder family for this great support", Mr. Rainer expressed his gratitude for the great willingness to donate.

Caption: Martin Rainer and Karl Binder (left and right) hand over the check to Markus Rainer from the child sponsorship Austria (middle) on behalf of the Felder group.

Machines, know-how & More for "Youth One World" for poverty reduction in India

On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17, the aid organization "Jugend Eine Welt" names two important criteria for the success of this endeavor: "Business enterprises that invest in poor countries and thus create jobs play a significant role in the global fight against poverty , Just as important is the training of young people on site who can thus escape poverty ”. With its subsidiary Felder Group India, the Felder Group makes an important contribution to both challenges.

At the initiative of “Jugend Eine Welt”, the Felder Group started an economic partnership in favor of disadvantaged young people together with the Austrian Development Agency and a Don Bosco training center in the slum of the Indian city of Chennai. The Tyrolean family company equipped the training workshop with five new woodworking machines, including extensive accessories and know-how, thus creating the basis for high-quality, professional training for future woodworkers.

"Machines and know-how of fields, infrastructure and social-pedagogical competence of the Salesians Don Boscos and" Jugend Eine Welt "as mediators – everyone wins in this cooperation, that is much more than just a machine donation. Local employers find qualified specialists, and the youngsters have a job guarantee in their pockets with what they have learned. How to get out of poverty! Education and training are important building blocks on this path, ”says Reinhard Heiserer, managing director of the aid organization“ Jugend Eine Welt ”about the successful aid project.

The first training course was successfully started in September 2018 and the next projects of the successful cooperation are already being planned.

Image: Trainer and pupils with the donated Felder G500 edge banding machine
(Image source all: Youth One World)

Felder donates carpentry equipment for Africa Amini Alama

"Serve the peace and well-being of the region between the peoples of Meru (Bantu) and Maasai". Afrika Amini Alama – the aid project of the Austrian doctor DDr. Christine Wallner in Tanzania, prescribed at the foot of Mount Meru. The teaching center of the WHO model project consists of a tailoring, a car workshop, a bricklayer training workshop and a carpentry.

The Felder Group supports the Afrika Amini Alama project in summer 2018 not only with a Felder 5-fold combination machine CF 531, a slot drill FD 250, an AF 12 suction device and various tools and accessories, but also brought HTL Imst and the logistics company "Gebrüder Weiss" on board.

HTL Imst relies on your experience from the implementation of a similar project in Uganda. This time a team – consisting of teachers and students – was sent to Tanzania to advance the aid project with expert expertise. The HTL Imst was able to finance the trip through numerous voluntary donations and sponsors.

The team’s responsible task was to put the machines into operation on site after extensive training by an experienced field technician and to train users on how to work safely and how to make furniture and other everyday items.

After three intensive weeks, the know-how gained is now being integrated into everyday school life. In a first project, the carpenter apprentices are already producing the tables for the secondary school.

The Felder group thanks everyone who contributed to the success of this project.

Sweat and shavings in the fields exhibition center at the training camp for skills 2018

Perfect preparation for perfect performance at euroskills 2018 in Budapest. In the field group exercise workshop, the builders and furniture makers prepared for the professional EM. There is only one goal: the gold medal!

Alexander Haidinger from Ottendorf in Styria and Christian Buchegger from Vorchdorf in Upper Austria qualified in the construction and furniture joiner competitions for EuroSkills 2018 in Budapest. In September, the duo want to lay the foundation for "their investment in their future professional life" with a top result.

To ensure that nothing is left to chance in the preparation for the competitions in the Hungarian capital in just under a month (September 25-29), the two train for a week at the FELDER company in Hall in Tirol.
“We have been supporting the European Professional Championships at national, European and international levels for many years. The events with the numerous talents convey a lively impression of the woodworking professions with all their advantages. The great workpieces testify to the high quality of vocational training all over the world. This should serve as an incentive for all companies to continue on this successful path and to invest in the next generation, ”says Hansjörg Felder, Managing Director of FELDER.

15,000 euros for the "Ark Heart Bridges"

A piece of normalcy for families with seriously ill children – that is the declared aim of the Seefeld funding association "Arche Herzensbrücken". The families affected are organized a “break from the illness”, which benefits the sick children themselves, their siblings and parents as a joint recovery phase.

An impressive € 7,439.41 – a new record amount for the annual fundraiser – was collected by our staff and then doubled and rounded up by the management. Mag. Horst Szeli, founder and managing director of the "Arche Herzensbrücken", was able to accept a check for 15,000 euros.

"This donation will enable 15 to 20 families to have a good time together", Mag. Szeli expressed gratitude for the great willingness to donate.

17 woodworking machines for a UN aid project in Lebanon

The aim of a United Nations aid project in Lebanon is to give young people in need of help with training an opportunity for a successful future. The Felder Group equipped the training school in Zgharta with seven brand new woodworking machines, thus enabling qualified specialist training at the highest level.

To ensure that future woodworkers in the region also find a secure job after completing their training, the Felder Group donated an extensively equipped 5-fold combi machine CF 741 to 10 joiners selected by UNIDO.

Double joy for the Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe Tirol

"Financial support for Tyrolean children and their families suffering from cancer", the
was the declared goal of this year’s employee fundraising campaign at the family company Felder. A proud 6,380 euros were collected by the workforce and then doubled and rounded up by the management. At the Christmas party of the mechanical engineering company, chairwoman Ursula Mattersberger was able to accept a check for 13,000 euros for the Children’s Cancer Aid Tyrol.

The evening Felder customer made a particularly beautiful Christmas story with double joy for the children’s aid organization. Thurner. The winner of the field anniversary FIAT raffle agreed with the social idea and also donated his prize of 3,000 euros to the children-cancer-Help Tirol.

Field workforce donates 10,000 euros

Quick and uncomplicated help for the young people in the Axamer Elisabethinum was the focus of this year’s Christmas fundraiser. 4,936 euros were collected by the workforce and then doubled and rounded up by our management. Marianne Hengl was able to accept a check in the amount of 10,000 euros on behalf of the Elisabethinum.

With this donation, young people with disabilities are supported, accompanied and promoted in order to be able to lead an independent and self-determined life. 121 young people are currently benefiting from the offers in the Elisabethinum – From integrative kindergarten to vocational preparation, "Learning to live together" is the common goal.

Handover of the "Young Carpenter Furniture" on "Save the child"-group home

Austria’s best young carpenters demonstrated their skills at the "Best of Young Carpenters"-Show competitions at the Wieselburg trade fair.

Not only the participants and the numerous visitors were happy about the results of the competition, but above all the JuVis youth group in Judenau. All manufactured furniture was made available to the young girls and personally handed over by the helpful young carpenters.

"The young girls looked after here are delighted with beautiful pine beds, wardrobes and bedside tables. We are happy about this great support and the great commitment of everyone involved", thanked NR Johann Höflinger and GF Monika Franta von Rettet the child Lower Austria on behalf of the residential group.

We too are pleased about the helpfulness of the young carpenters and are proud to have made a contribution to this donation by providing our machines.

>> Images: RDK NÖ, (from left to right): KommR Ing. Helmut Mitsch (Landesinnungsmeister), KommR Johann Ostermann (Landesinnungsmeister Deputy), Stefan Zamecnik (Landesinnungsmeister-Deputy), Bernd Hofleitner-Bartmann (Jungtischler), Eva Radinger (Managing Director, Licht ins Dunkel), Anna, Bernhard Ebenführer, MEC (Wieselburg Exhibition Center), Gottfried Bayer (JuVis Judenau Director), Domenica, Leonhard Emminger (Jungtischler), Exhibition Director Ing. Werner Roher (Wieselburg Exhibition Center), NR Johann Höfinger (CEO of RETTET DAS KIND NÖ) , Monika Franta (Managing Director RDK NÖ)

Christmas fundraiser 2014

"Taking some financial worries away from Tyrolean families in need" was the declared aim of the Christmas fundraising campaign in 2014. A proud 4,350 euros were collected by the workforce and then doubled and rounded up by the management.

Brigitte Schieferer was thus able to receive a check in the amount of 9,000 euros for the organization "Save the Child Tyrol". “The donation from the Felder employees will benefit the two families as quickly and directly as possible. I am looking forward to reporting what has been made possible with this donation ”, the chairwoman of the board of“ Rettet das Kind Tirol ”expressed gratitude for the great willingness to donate.

Christmas fundraiser for two Tyrolean families

"Children a chance"

The Tyrolean initiative “A Chance for Children” has set itself the goal of giving orphans in Uganda a better future through education. The training to become a craftsman should help the population to play an active part in improving the living conditions in your country. Of course, machines and tools are urgently needed for this.

As a mechanical engineering company, we want to help with a circular saw, a surface planer and an elongated hole drilling machine and give the children the chance to take their future into their own hands.
At the beginning of September, the container from Tyrol was brought to its destination in Zigoti and the machine donations were enthusiastically received.

Fundraising for flood victims

After the flood disaster in spring 2014, many families in Southeast Europe are facing the ruins of their existence. Villages, cities and entire regions were completely destroyed by the water masses. The people in the region started rebuilding immediately with the help of numerous nonprofit organizations, but they still rely on every support.

The FELDER employees started a company-wide collection campaign to provide the necessary aids and were able to raise a four-figure donation amount within a short period of time. This amount was doubled and rounded up by the management and passed on to the President of the Tyrolean Red Cross, Dr. Handed over to Neumayr.

"We are always surprised by the willingness of our employees to help. We are very proud to be able to contribute to the aid in the affected areas," says KR Martin Felder, impressed by the commitment of the workforce.
Further information on the Red Cross aid projects: Red Cross

Forest playground for SOS Children’s Villages

At the beginning of this year Jörg Schmidt, head of the SOS Children’s Village in Imst, was pleased to receive a donation check from the Felder Group.

Since 1949, over 700 children have found a loving home in the first of over 200 children’s villages. 32 children currently live in the nine Imster SOS Children’s Village families and grow up in a family-friendly environment. A place to let off steam and enjoy nature together has so far been lacking. Thanks to our donation, the new forest playground with climbing frame was opened and the children stormed it.

"I know nothing better than helping a child," Hermann Gmeiner once answered when asked about his motives for founding SOS Children’s Villages. The pictures that came to us from the opening in Imst are the best proof of that. We would like to share these impressions and the thanks of the many children with our employees and partners all over the world.

It makes us very proud as a Felder team to be able to contribute a small part to enabling disadvantaged children to have a stable and, above all, happy future.

Felder supports a training project in Brazil

“Today is Christmas. Just choose and order what you need for woodworking for the training workshop in Campo Grande ”, said Hansjörg Felder when signing the contract with Girassolidário. That was in the summer of 2007. Then a real odyssey began.

The aid organization Girassolidário is an independent, non-profit organization based in Dietikon in Switzerland, which, together with its parent organization in Brazil, is actively committed to a decent future for socially disadvantaged children and young people in Brazil. Holistic programs and projects have been implemented since 2002 which, as a verifiable result, achieve a sustainable improvement in the living situation of children, young people and their families.

Girassolidário started on September 3, 2007 with the project "My future – carpenter with brains", which offers young people from the poorest layers of Campo Grandes the chance for a sound professional education and a life on their own responsibility.
As Hansjörg Felder, managing director of
Fields KG in Hall in Tirol, the two representatives of the aid organization Girassolidário Switzerland and Brazil, Fredi Lei and Stephan Hofmann, visited, he spontaneously decided after the project presentation for an extremely generous donation for the Escola Pau-Brasil. At that time, no one could have guessed which bureaucratic marathon this act of solidarity, the foundation of a complete carpentry machine park, would trigger.

The biggest hurdle in the almost two-year import process, which ultimately went through four government agencies in Brasilia and whose forms fill three files, was the tax exemption that is enshrined in Brazilian legislation for donations in favor of non-profit organizations.

After the packaged machines had spent almost two years in the warehouse, after an almost endless bureaucracy odyssey, Girassolidário finally received the long-awaited machine donation from Felder KG from Tyrol on September 14, 2009.

In the meantime, the machines have been assembled in the training workshop and will make a significant contribution in the future so that Escola Pau-Brasil can work towards its goal of differentiating itself on the market with products of the highest quality and thus achieving its own financing. Thanks to the large machines, carpentry training can now be continued at a top level. It will soon be possible to accept larger orders!


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