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The best socket protector at a glance.

Those who have babies or small children in the household develop a different feeling for the dangers that can lurk in everyday life. One of them is the ubiquitous Sockets, which unfortunately are often at eye level with crawling babies.

Socket fuses are therefore mandatory in every household with children. If you don’t want to remove it every time you want to use the socket behind it, we recommend Products where you can also reach the socket with protection. Take a look at our test or comparison table, there you will quickly and easily find the right product for your home.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Socket fuse comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * EMZ 101829 Unitec 40207 RuS child lock for socket Colico socket fuse right 29010 right 3245.010 Offgridtec 0003-78114-20er Noriev’s parental controls Sentivus child safety device for socket right 3246.020 conecto CC50154
at Amazon *
100 reviews 154 reviews 12 reviews 1463 reviews 58 reviews 65 reviews 1520 reviews 187 reviews 35 reviews 674 reviews 83 reviews
Type of closure lock lock buckle screw cap buckle sliding shutter screw cap buckle screw cap screw cap screw cap
Type of assembly plug in plug in plug in tape plug in screw together tape plug in tape tape tape
ease of installation
No tools needed
Socket can be used with protection
Anti-theft protection The socket protection has a closing mechanism? This prevents unauthorized persons from tapping into the socket To steal electricity.
quantity 1 piece 1 piece 10 pieces 20 piece 6 pieces 10 pieces 20 piece 20 piece 20 piece 20 piece 30 pieces
  • effective protection against power theft
  • 2 keys included in the set
  • effective protection against power theft
  • 2 keys included in the set
  • quickly removed and reusable
  • optionally z. B. also available in packs of 10 or 30
  • Removable cap incl.
  • also available as a 20-pack
  • large number of pieces
  • large number of pieces
  • large number of pieces
  • quick assembly
  • no tools necessary
  • large number of pieces
  • large number of pieces
  • also available in smaller quantities
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about EMZ 101829 Questions and answers about Unitec 40207 Questions and answers about RuS child safety for socket Questions and answers about Colico socket fuse Questions and answers about reer 29010 Questions and answers about reer 3245.010 Questions and answers about Offgridtec 0003-78114-20er Questions and answers on Norjew’s parental controls Questions and answers about Sentivus child safety for socket Questions and answers about reer 3246.020 Questions and answers about conecto CC50154
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  • There are several categories of socket fuses. They can be self-adhesive, screwable or insertable. They act as child safety devices and should be installed in every socket when there is a small child in the household.
  • There are various mechanisms for opening and removing. Depending on the model, use the device plug, a supplied cap or a key.
  • To prevent electricity theft in the basement or on the outside wall of a building, there are models that can be locked with a key.

Before the offspring are born, parents-to-be have a lot to think about. In addition to educational questions and logistical challenges, this also affects Design of the living space. This often requires a few changes to make one safe area for the rapidly growing toddler. Because the urge to explore results in accident risks and dangers that an adult no longer perceives as such.

Sockets offer particularly deadly potential, which can be contained with a practical and easy-to-use tool: the socket fuse. There are several types and areas of application that we will look at Socket fuse test 2019/2020 Have accepted. With the criteria and information presented, we want to help you find your personal socket fuse comparison winner.

1. Simple and effective – This is how a socket fuse protects

Electricity theft is punishable

Stealing the electricity from the neighbor in the basement or in the allotment area may be annoying, but at first glance it may sound like a minor offense. The German penal code sees it very differently. According to paragraph 248c, the illegal "deprivation of electrical energy" is punished with a Imprisonment of up to five years or a fine. With the relatively low electricity prices, this crime is certainly not worth it.

The aim of every socket fuse is that the Access to the contact sockets is made impossible for toddlers. If there is a young child in the household, in principle every accessible socket should be provided with such a child lock.

If curiosity gains the upper hand, poking around with pointed objects in the contact openings nasty health consequences to have. If they are covered by a fuse, the electricity is shielded to protect it.

Socket protection also makes sense when there is a device plug in the socket, since this does not have to mean that there is no risk. If the scion pulls out the cable, it has free access and a current accident can be very likely.

A socket fuse covers the contact openings.

But a socket fuse can also serve another purpose, which is more of an adult profession. A common reason why neighbors face each other in resentment is electricity theft.

It is not uncommon for Neighbor A in the basement of the apartment building to secretly use Neighbor B’s electricity access for his washing machine. Then he wonders about the next one electricity bill, can, however, if he is not currently a stalker or one Security Camera wants to install, do very little for the evidence.

Attaching a socket fuse would be more skillful and frustration-free with a lock, for which only you have the right key. Before we explain the different types in our socket fuse comparison, our box shows the common advantages and disadvantages of socket covers:

  • effectively protect against open power sources
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • inexpensive to buy
  • sometimes easy to outsmart
  • occasionally cheap construction

2. Stick or stick? How to attach socket fuses

In order not to conduct electricity, there are keyless models of socket protection completely out plastic manufactured. The most common form of socket in terms of dimensions in Germany is the Schuko socket, so the socket covers offered for German retailers are also designed for this. But there are differences in how you can assemble them and we will get to the bottom of them now:

2.1. glue

The security of a socket is significantly increased by a fuse.

You can buy numerous socket fuses in stores that are stuck over the unsecured socket. However, you do not have to use instant glue yourself and possibly block important contacts. Instead, one is on the back of the outlet covers Adhesive strips attached.

Simply remove the small strip of paper and press the fuse onto the socket. In order to act as safely as possible, it is advisable to do this for the duration of the installation to turn off the electricity.

Wait a few minutes to see if the adhesive strip works, everything is secure and the adhesive version of the socket fuse is installed. No use of tools or notable craftsmanship are required for this.

2.2. Plug in

Socket fuses can be released in different ways. Here: by plug.

Also popular and widespread are versions of the socket fuse, which are simply in the box be plugged in. These variants, which are also made entirely of plastic, often function via two rods that are inserted into the contact openings of the power connection and thus hide them.

An alternative to this are models that fit exactly in the can and only fit with them matching items have it removed. This type of assembly can be carried out even faster and has the advantage that it can be carried out several times per cover.

The effectiveness of the adhesive strip is hardly suitable for a second attachment and, moreover, it often leaves behind adhesive residue.

3. Buying advice on the question of plugs or keys – opening options for socket protection

In our table we explain which types of locks are available for socket fuses. Depending on the design, you have different options, the socket protection levered out in a controlled manner, to get access to electricity.

Opening type description


The plug of the electrical device, which is the only object allowed to pass through the protective barrier of the socket protector, is often the means of choice to gain access. For socket fuses with twist lock you have to press it gently against the thin cover plates over the contact openings and turn it counterclockwise.

This will make them postponed and release the sockets. During this one step, the rods of the connector slide into the holes and the current can be transferred to the device.

In the case of fuse variants that have to be removed as a cover before using the socket, there are also designs that are commercially available Connector as the removal tool are designed.

outlet cap

Some models also come with openings or barbs that only work with special aids let achieve. So-called socket caps are usually included and have been designed to remove the cover.

If adolescent kids might have seen through the device plug trick, the more individual tool would be one Difficulty level above. Of course, you have to take good care of the small parts, because if they are lost, adults will also have a problem.

For types that e.g.. detachable via slot a cent piece or a thin screwdriver. Keeping a watchful eye on the learning progress of young people does not replace all of this.


The safest, but also the most expensive variant is the one that deals with one individual key properly closed. Especially if you want to avoid the unauthorized use of electricity by a third party, a socket fuse that is difficult to remove is cheap.

With the appropriate will and force, also the Overcome the best socket protection, but such a lock often already functions as psychological deterrence.

Also think about the height: At first glance, it makes sense to secure those sockets that are in the immediate reach of small children. Your three-cheese high doesn’t have to be able to match the height, either higher located To reach sockets. A chair is sufficient as an aid. It is therefore strongly recommended that higher-level sockets are used accordingly cover.

4. Popular manufacturers

Different designs and locking mechanisms are also a sign that different manufacturers and brands share the business area of ​​socket fuse. So that you can pair Have heard of it before if you are looking for suitable brands we have listed some of them here:

  • Hartig + slipway
  • reer
  • Bachmann
  • RPS
  • Offgridtec
  • Lindam
  • GWS Powercell
  • chuckle
  • Sentivus
  • HSM
  • Novaato
  • Hauck

The small difference: There are sockets that are always plugged. But that one not a full replacement for a socket fuse, we emphasized earlier in our socket fuse comparison. He quickly pulls out and releases the contact sockets unprotected. It is worth covering here that gives access to the openings close again automatically and don’t need to be taken out. Those sockets that rarely used, can easily be fitted with a somewhat more complicated socket protector.

5. Questions and answers about socket protection

5.1. What does the Stiftung Warentest say about socket fuses?

Some socket fuses also come with the release tool.

The Stiftung Warentest has no test for socket fuses in their repertoire. In order to give you an overview of the variety of fuses possible, we have representative representatives of socket fuse in the test.

Depending on your personal preference and how you use the sockets, you should be able to find the right product for you.

5.2. Can I also equip socket strips with socket protection?

Of course, that is also possible. If the dimensions of the individual sockets on the bar of the widespread Schuko standard correspond, the chance is even higher that the socket fuses can also fit in there.

In particular, because power strips are often attached to the floor or at a low height and therefore easily Endanger child safety it makes sense to equip them with it.

5.3. What does a socket fuse cost??

Lockable socket fuses protect against power theft.

Fortunately, socket protection is affordable. For simple models are two to ten euros due. Here is also a real plus point that you are here not just a single part, but often between five and twenty fuses received for your money. Given the variety of outlets in the house, this is a good deal.

For models that have a key and a lock, between ten and fifteen euros called. However, these are also less childproof for sockets in use, but rather to prevent electricity theft.

5.4. Can I also screw on socket fuses??

Yes, that is also possible. Such specimens have one in the middle corresponding hole, through which the screw must be passed, which otherwise ensures that the housing of the socket remains in the wall.

After turning off the power, unscrew the screw, insert that retention tag on the socket interior and screw the whole thing back together. This procedure is also clearly illustrated in the following video:


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