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In our dental practice in Bayreuth, we offer you state-of-the-art equipment in modern dentistry, a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly team who will take care of your needs. Healthy teeth for a lifetime – your dentist Bayreuth.

Everyone wants that, but unfortunately not everyone is given it. Dental diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal disease, accidents or taking medication as well as incorrect or missing dental hygiene damage the teeth and can also lead to tooth loss.

We offer you the best possible prophylaxis and care for your teeth. Our focus is in the areas of professional tooth cleaning and implantology.

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Trust through years of experience

Dr. med. dent. Ulrike Schinner quickly removes fear from the patient with her humorous nature and gives confidence.

Trust through years of experience

Dr. med. dent. Hans Schinner scores with his many years of experience and his open, calm and honest manner.

Holistic dentistry

"Every tooth is part of a whole person!" Holistic dentistry involves the entire organism in diagnosis and therapy, and requires interdisciplinary collaboration with others.

Preservation of health / prophylaxis

"A clean tooth stays healthy!" Get your radiant appearance. The team of our oral health practice supports you professionally with individual oral hygiene measures from toddlers to senior citizens.

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A weekend in bayreuth, what can you do there? (Germany)

A weekend in Bayreuth, what can you do there?

I am supposed to accompany my husband to Bayreuth for a weekend at the end of November because he has to go to a meeting there. What can you do in Bayreuth at the end of November? Would be grateful for a good tip!

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In addition to the sights already mentioned, the New Palace with the associated courtyard garden, the centrally located city church and the baroque hospital church are also worthwhile. There are also some very interesting and somewhat unusual museums; First of all there is the German Masonic Museum, which is one of the largest Masonic museums in the world. The German Typewriter Museum gives an overview of the development of the typewriter from the first models to the computer age. The 1988 Guinness Book of Records already included Maisel’s brewery and brewing museum – the most extensive beer museum in the world.

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