Financial investment for children: 5 ways to save, mountain prince

Investing for children: Five ways for children to save

Lana Iliev, 04.09.2019

Children are expensive: According to the Federal Statistical Office, a child up to the age of 18 costs an average of € 130,000. This is followed by studies or training and requires financial support until the youngsters stand on their own two feet. All the better when parents, grandparents or godparents have saved something that can be used to achieve the children’s goals.

But finding a sensible investment for children in times of low interest rates is more difficult than ever. The classic savings book just doesn’t make any sense at the moment. Read here which alternatives are available and which investments are worthwhile for children.

Christina Cherry

Investing money for children: the top 5 ways to save

Do you want to invest money for your children? Excellent! The best options Invest money for your children, In this article we summarize briefly and crisply for you.

Some banks offer extra options and products especially for children on. Of course, you should use this, because you get extra conditions, premiums and grants from the state for the investment of your children.

We show you which investment is best for your children and what you should pay attention to if you want to invest money for your children.

Christina Cherry