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Teepee tent nursery

For the ultimate tent fun at home and especially in the cold season, the little ones need a teepee tent children’s room. These tents are characterized by a very simple structure, of course in this case without additional pegs.

The child can hide excellently in a teepee tent children’s room and will be the number one place to stay, especially in the early days.

The poles of a tipi tent are usually made of wood or plastic, the tent skin is either kept very simple or printed with motifs.

Before the first assembly you should always follow the assembly instructions of the Teepee tent nursery study thoroughly once. This will definitely save you misinterpretation and thus a lot of time. Here is also information for you about the Pop Up tent .

Teepee tent children’s room – the best models

Amilian Tipi tent children’s room – with blanket and pillow

This shapely Teepee tent nursery comes optionally in a set with an additional pillow and the typical Indian blanket. This tent is relatively large for small children and measures only 150cm high.

The structure is quite simple. Complicated erection is not necessary. The 4 tent poles are made of natural, untreated wood and therefore do not contain any solvents or chemicals.

The tent skin is also made of 100% cotton and is therefore completely washable in the washing machine. As a result, it does not become statically charged.

That is a huge advantage over a lot of other play tents, because with some models the tarpaulin can only be cleaned by hand.

A large, lockable entrance and two side windows that can also be hidden create a mysterious atmosphere from the inside of the tipi tent children’s room.

This teepee tent children’s room is equally suitable for girls and boys. It is not conspicuously designed for a specific gender.

In addition, you could add a small LED light in the top of the tent that ensures an even more authentic Indian atmosphere in the evening.


  • European quality product
  • Untreated natural wood
  • Tent skin made of cotton
  • Lockable entrance and window
  • Available as a set
  • Very quick setup
  • Tent dimensions: 150cm (H) x 1.44m² floor space
  • Recommended from the age of 3 years

The separate blanket of the tipi tent measures a square edge length of 1.25m and, like the pillow, is washable at 30 ° C.

Overall, this tipi tent children’s room is very high quality processed. That means there are no open seams or protruding fringes. The design is very lovingly designed and you will actually have difficulty luring the kids out of the tent.

Teepee tent children’s room Pericross – In different designs

This teepee tent children’s room is made of high quality materials and also offers the possibility to order it in different colors.

This includes that the tent poles are made of untreated wood, which means that it is absolutely free of pollutants. This also creates the typical wooden scent inside the teepee tent children’s room and the outer skin is made of cotton.

In addition, this teepee tent children’s room is supplied with a matching carry bag. So moving to better hunting grounds is also possible without any problems. &# 128578;

This teepee tent children’s room is especially recommended for small Indians over 3 years. A small blanket is also included in the scope of delivery, which makes the tepee feeling even more real.

Due to the really very simple assembly and disassembly, it is suitable for every nursery and the quality is excellent.


  • Stitches sewn
  • Large lockable entrance
  • Integrated window
  • uncomplicated construction
  • Available in different designs
  • Tent dimensions: 1.45m (H) x 1.2m square (floor area)
  • 2x tent pockets incorporated
  • Blanket included

This teepee tent children’s room can also be ordered in a simple way, so that your little Indian can design it himself with suitable colors. This also promotes the child’s creativity.

The teepee tent children’s room is supplied as a set and it is not another tool to set up, like any spare parts are needed.

This teepee tent children’s room – Yakari

Which real Indian child does the cartoon series Yakari not know? The tent is in the typical Yakari design and offers space for a maximum of 2 children. Because this teepee tent is kept a bit smaller, takes it also doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The tarpaulin is made of plastic and therefore does not let water through. However, you should bring this teepee tent children’s room in for outdoor use before the onset of rain or quickly dismantle it, as the material of the main tent is permeable to water.

Due to the very reasonable price, this teepee tent children’s room is always a hit as a gift on a children’s birthday party.

This tent is also ideal for children from the age of 3 and is a real eye-catcher due to the striking design.


  • Tent dimensions: 1.4m (H) x 1m edge length squared
  • Ground tarpaulin waterproof
  • Simple structure
  • Great design
  • From 3 years old
  • Entrance with ribbons

A great gift that little Indians like to accept. Both Indians an exchange was always necessary as a gift. So please get a piece of cake in return.

Teepee tent nursery for girls in pink

Even small squaws (women – in Indian) need their own tent. So that it can be seen from afar as a girl’s tent, it is held in a delicate pink with white polka dots.

This teepee tent children’s room is suitable for use outdoors as well as in the children’s room. Thanks to high-quality materials and extremely clean processing, it is geared towards longevity.

This also includes double-stitched joints and the coverable windows to create an adventurous flair inside the tipi tent children’s room.

There is also a generous inside pocket for storing books, pens and toys. But it can also serve as a hiding place.

With a good height of 1.5 meters and a floor plan of 1.2m square (1.44m²), it offers enough space. Here, too, the manufacturer has made a point of using only untreated wood.

The tent material is made of pure cotton and can therefore be machine washed at 30 ° C.


  • Easy construction
  • Natural materials
  • Hidden windows
  • Lockable entrance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Transport bag included
  • Tent height: 1.5m
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years
  • Suitable from the age of 3 years

With the included carry bag, you can keep the teepee tent children’s room safe from dust even when not in use.

A technically complicated set-up is not necessary, because the children’s teepee tent is delivered partially assembled. It only has to be set up and it is ready to move into.

A great activity on vacation, by the way, for children is the production of bracelets and headbands with feathers inside the tent.


When buying the teepee tent, always make sure that the product has not been pretreated with solvents.

In addition, no pointed or sharp elements may protrude. Overall, the seams should be neatly processed and make a valuable impression.

A teepee tent nursery is probably one of the best achievements for children who want to play in a mysterious atmosphere and they can do so for many hours in the teepee tent nursery.

A tip: the teepee tent children’s room includes more than just a pillow. You might also put drums or flashlights in there. Many adults are reminded of their childhood when they see their Indian children playing and would prefer to play along.

A teepee tent children’s room is usually a one-time investment and, if used properly, will last for several years without any problems.


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