Teeth whitening at the dentist in dortmund – tooth whitening

Scientific studies have shown that whitening is a gentle method of whitening teeth without harming them. For a radiant and healthy smile.

A PZR is absolutely necessary before bleaching! Otherwise the effect of the gel and the whitening is impaired too much.

The PZR is calculated according to the dentist fee regulation.

Each tooth cleaning has an individual effort and therefore we can not tell you a fixed price in advance. However, the costs are usually between 80 and 100 euros.

The dental practice Dr. Kirscht in Dortmund offers you two bleaching methods:

The so-called power whitening

This method is also called in-office whitening because it is carried out on site in our dental practice in Dortmund. The dentist or a competent assistant prepares the whitening and controls the process of teeth whitening. Professional gels are used. The teeth of the upper jaw and lower jaw can be whitened in just one session.
The gums are first covered with a protective plastic mask, then the gel is applied to the teeth and irradiated with an activating light (laser treatment). The desired whitening effect is usually achieved at the end of the treatment. On the day of treatment, however, it is possible that the teeth may occasionally be sensitive.

The price for this is 130, – €.

Home bleaching

The so-called "home whitening" is a method in which individual splints are made that are filled with a special whitening gel. These splints are placed on the teeth for 2-3 hours a day for 1-2 weeks, or you can wear the splints at night. In this case, the desired brightening effect is achieved after only 2-3 nights.

The price for this is € 250.

The so-called walking bleach technique is used for dark, discolored, devitalized (root-filled) teeth. With this technique, the tooth of Inside gebleacht. The treatment is very individual and must be agreed with the patient beforehand, and the prices are also agreed individually.

Durability of the whitening effect:

The whitening effect usually lasts for several years, but this depends on the patient’s habits. With excessive coffee, tea or nicotine consumption, discoloration can occur again. A whitening treatment can be repeated at any time.

Discolored fillings or crowns cannot be lightened, but it is possible that they will be replaced after bleaching.

BlancOne® CLICK:

BlancOne® CLICK is a quick and inexpensive method for an even whiter smile after teeth cleaning. Achieve a quick and effective procedure for a surprising result and make your smile shine more!

With only small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, repeated treatments at short intervals are risk-free and painless. The combination of the cheap price and the quick treatment offer an easy introduction to tooth whitening.

The price is 50 €.

BlancOne® TOUCH:

Instead of waiting for 10-15 days, BlancOne® TOUCH allows you to discover a whiter and more radiant smile

Through the combination of the two components (bleaching and active gel) and blue light, the oxygen is completely added to the tooth enamel. With only small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, repeated treatments at short intervals are risk-free and painless.

Treatment with BlancOne® TOUCH costs € 150

BlancOne® Ultra:

Treatment with 29% hydrogen peroxide removes even the strongest discoloration. Due to accelerated processes of action, the tooth enamel does not dry out, which is usually the main reason for tooth sensitivity.

Compared to conventional whitening systems, the treatment works on your teeth within a few seconds. Even with the strongest stains, the result is excellent compared to other bleaching methods. Thanks to the deeply efficient effect, the end result is retained for more than two years.

The price for BlancOne® Ultra is 250 €

dental fear

There is seldom any pleasure in going to the dentist, but being really afraid of treatment (dentist phobia) is more common than is commonly believed and admitted.


With dental implants you can enjoy life again! The dental practice Dr. will be happy to inform you Klaus Kirscht in Dortmund about the possibilities.

Frequent headaches and facial pains can be indications of a clinical picture that it understands well as a camouflage and in specialist circles "Craniomandibular dysfunction" is called, short CMD.

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