Test children’s clothing: summer sleeping bag and pajamas from lotties natural textiles in the test

Especially with babies it is recommended that they wear a sleeping bag at night to sleep. But many toddlers also like to wear a sleeping bag to sleep. Lotties has a very special sleeping bag. A sleeping bag that you can adjust the size of. Simply practical and the whole thing in organic quality. To match this, Lotties naturally also offers pajamas made from natural textiles. I have tested both children’s products for you and here is the full test result for you.

Lotties summer sleeping bag with extension

Buy organic summer sleeping bags online at: Lottie

Price: € 39.95

Details of the summer sleeping bag test:
This sleeping bag is not like everyone else. It has a 30 cm long insert and so the size can be extended from 75 cm to 105 cm. And that’s easy with a corresponding zipper. The sleeping bag is therefore for that Age suitable from 1 to 3 years. The sleeping bag is designed in a colorful unicorn pattern. So he is for guys and also suitable for girls. The fabric is 2-ply and the inner fabric in particular is soft and cuddly. Slipping into the sleeping bag is possible via a side zip. The quality is made in Germany and 100% organic cotton.

Rating Lottie’s summer sleeping bag with extension:
I think the idea of ​​having a sleeping bag with an extension is absolutely brilliant. So the sleeping bag can be used much longer. This also relativizes the somewhat higher price. There is no need to buy a new sleeping bag once the child has grown out of one size. Simply put the insert in the sleeping bag and you can continue to use it. The sleeping bag is really pretty in design and the material is just great. Anyone who buys this sleeping bag should know that the neckline is not very large. My son still wears a sleeping bag at the age of 3 and the length of 105 cm would have fit him perfectly. Unfortunately we can no longer use the sleeping bag because the neckline is too tight. A pity.

Organic pajamas from Lotties

Buy organic children’s pajamas online at: Lottie

Price: € 34.95

Details of the children’s pajamas test:
This 2-piece pajamas is completely in the night sky design. Stars and moons adorn the children’s pajamas. The pajama pants with the elastic waistband ensure a perfect fit. The shirt with the 3 buttons makes it easy to put on and take off. Due to its slight elasticity, the fabric is particularly comfortable and at the same time cozy and soft. The quality is 100% organic cotton in fine knit quality.

Rating organic pajamas by Lotties:
This pajamas is just so great. The organic is absolutely great-cotton. A really great material that Lotties processes in the pajamas. The pajamas are just so cozy for the night. The fit is great too. Not too tight but not too sloppy. The 3 buttons in the neck area make it easier to put on. The design is also really pretty and suitable for sleeping. An organic quality pajamas for children that I can absolutely recommend.


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