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Which cold foam mattress for my child? Special requirements for children’s beds

Parents want their children to sleep well and above all to lie on a healthy mattress in the cots. Many factors play a role in this. The cold foam mattress for the cot is generally a good choice. Children’s mattresses made of cold foam are characterized by the fact that the mattress adapts to the children’s body. That plays one size Role for the growth phases in which children are naturally. The cold foam mattress is optimal both in the back and in the side position and for sleeping on the stomach.

The solid basis: density and degree of hardness

Cold foam mattresses with a low density are suitable for children because they still have a low body weight. The degree of hardness should therefore be chosen rather low. A washable cover is recommended when it comes to a mattress for a baby or a child. This way, impurities can be removed quickly and easily.

Ravensberger mattresses

The cold foam mattress from Ravensberger impresses with its low price and a washable cover. she is in four Degrees of hardness are available and are characterized by seven different zones, which allow optimal adaptation to the child’s position. Both the cover and the mattress itself are suitable for allergy sufferers.

The Emma mattress is more than twice as expensive as the Ravensberger mattress. Here two additional foam layers are processed around the cold foam core and the top layer consists of an additional climate fiber.
The 7-zone cold foam mattress Basic from Breckle offers a very inexpensive alternative for the cot. However, it should not be overlooked here that the cover is made of polyester and is not removable. If you value natural sleep, you will certainly get along better with a cotton cover.

The “Prima” cold foam mattress

We find five zones instead of seven in the 5-zone cold foam mattress Prima from Home & House. This mattress for children’s beds is characterized by the fact that the cover is climate regulating and has a zipper on each side. This makes it easier to change or wash the cover.

The Medical Basic

The 7-zone cold foam mattress Medical Basic from Breckle has seven symmetrically arranged zones. This makes the mattress usable on both sides. This can be very important in children if moisture has penetrated the mattress. This mattress for children is available from 190 cm.

The IKEA mattress

The Swedish furniture store too IKEA offers a mattress with a core of cold foam.

The Morgedal model is 18 cm high. The degree of hardness is not shown separately. This mattress is offered with the addition "firm". The good feeling of lying is complemented by an extra thick layer of comfort material. The mattress made of foam material is in the middle of the price range. However, it is only available from a size of 90 x 200 cm. The cover is removable and also machine washable. This children’s mattress is suitable for the children’s room when the children are already at school.

German mattress quality

You can buy mattresses made in Germany from the mattress manufacturer Strohmeier from Bavaria. There you can be sure that all materials meet German quality standards. Hollow fibers are used in the cover to increase breathability. The manufacturer Strohmeier offers children’s mattresses for various needs, which were basically developed orthopedically. In addition, no mattress is rolled or vacuumed here.

The mattresses of this manufacturer are made individually for each customer. Parents should ask themselves whether you are willing to pay the slightly higher costs to allow your child to sleep comfortably. The mattresses of the manufacturer from Bavaria are particularly high at 18 cm. The dimensions of the children’s mattress are freely selectable. Mattresses for teenagers are priced up to 90 x 200. In addition to mattresses, the company from southern Germany also produces slatted frames.

Badenia Irisette

The Badenia Irisette VitaFlex Flextube is a mattress that customers have found to be particularly durable. It is particularly characterized by good lying properties and high air circulation. However, it is softer than specified by the manufacturer. With a body weight of less than 60 kg, this mattress is suitable.

Schlaraffia Bultex active

The Schlaraffia Bultex active care 400 completes this series. Its strengths lie in hygiene protection and good lying comfort.

Parents who want to buy a cold foam mattress for their child are very good with the Ravensberger or Schlaraffia. If you want to invest a little more, you should go to Bavaria in Manufaktur and get an offer there.

Basically, be warned about cheap offers. There is no guarantee that the durability of the mattress and the material will meet expectations. If a child’s mattress is to be purchased for a younger child, the Schlaraffia is a good choice because of the hygiene benefits. For children up to 60 kg body weight it always applies that the mattress should have degree of hardness 1.


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