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If you are looking for a three new notes, but only have the functions and not the respective model in mind and feel lost due to the millions of products on the market and are looking for a practical, fast and affordable solution, then you are right here.

We offer a comparison service from different sources for the same product or for a product with similar prices and functions, which saves you a lot of time and money.

  • Magnetic and writable whiteboard with a protective varnished, hard-wearing surface from Master of Boards – PROVEN BRAND QUALITY, great international popularity among public institutions, companies and private households – here: size 100×200 cm or 200×100 cm (as usable in portrait and landscape format)
  • EXCELLENT, e.g. Winner price-performance ratio (mark 1.4)
  • INNOVATIVE WALL MOUNTING in comparison to most other whiteboards: The MOB whiteboard is screwed to the wall through the corners and can therefore be installed HORIZONTAL as well as VERTICAL. The storage tray can be hung on the short or long side (exception: with the size 30x45cm only on the long side).
  • Perfectly thought out: For magnets and board makers – Easily dry and damp cleanable – Anodized all-round aluminum frame – Metal backing on the back to prevent the magnetic board from buckling

  • , the cover plate prints an artistic pattern through the laser and the atmosphere has a texture. Mark the self-confidence, silence and gentleness of the swan harmonica!
  • 1.2 mm thick seat plate, multi-point support, and the piano is closely connected to ensure the airtightness of the harmonica! Increase the stability of the body and the durability of the harmonica.
  • , When we pick up and play a musical instrument, the music seems to have taken our soul on a new journey. Thoughts accompany the notes on the distant street.
  • , the T-shaped piano has a large gas storage, and it is easy and labor-saving to compensate for the shortcomings of the traditional harmonica and high notes.

  • Apple Pencil
  • Lightning adapter
  • replacement tip

  • T.H. Germany GmbH
  • Shoes
  • We at Sekey are a customer-oriented company whose main goal is to supply our customers with the most fashionable, stylish, high-quality outdoor products such as parasols, garden hammocks, beach and garden loungers, etc. Our company has only been with them since 2016 Products on the market and already one of the most popular brands for outdoor products in Europe. Sekey – stands for FASHION, QUALITY and LUXURY!
  • High quality Sekey canopy for pavilion: size of 3 x 3m, thickness of 220 g / m. This canopy is made of 100% polyester and has a waterproof coating. It offers UV protection 50+ and is for most Pavilions suitable as canopies.
  • Canopy for outdoors with good flexibility and stability: A Velcro fastener is attached to the back so that this canopy can be attached to the pavilion using 4 poles. Furthermore, a spout is provided in the middle of the cloth, which aims to stretch the tent fabric due to wind influences.
  • Canopy for pavilions with a fashionable design and easy installation: different colors available.NOTE: No patio pavilion included!

  • The sophisticated interior includes practical storage for your ID, credit cards, cash, business cards, notes and other important things. Everything has its right place with this simple yet classic design
  • Outer material: synthetic
  • Inner material: synthetic
  • New Money Medium Purse from Kipling Organization Is Everything With The New Money

  • COAL BASKET: Transport all ignited coals safely and comfortably from the lighter to the shisha. No more burn holes from dropped coals!
  • FIREPLACE SHAPE: Heating your coals in under 5 minutes. With the help of the chimney-shaped coal grill and the additional air inlets, the coals glow immediately!
  • HANDLING: The handle allows you to reposition the coal lighter even during operation. With the coal basket, you no longer have to turn the coals directly over the heat source.
  • CAPACITY: With a compact size and densely located heating elements, you can heat up to 10 shisha coals at a time in the carbon sieve.

The simplest and most effective tool for a happier and more fulfilling life: Happiness is not a coincidence, but a question of attitudes and thought patterns. Use the tried and tested principles of positive psychology to make your well-being your personal project – in feasible portions! 3 minutes in the morning and 3 in the evening to make your life a little bit better every day!

The concept is based on scientific knowledge: Hundreds of publications have been searched to separate the wheat from the research chaff. The result is an effective tool that allows you to use the theoretical foundation to your advantage in just 6 minutes a day, in the long term.

Daily writing is child’s play – more than with any other diary: You do NOT lack the skills to implement your goals, but the right SYSTEM. The 6-minute diary is designed in such a way that even people who are otherwise not typical diary writers and the most creative excuse inventors stay on the ball. So you go to that every day right one Direction. Constant & proactively where you want to go.

Focus on progress and the good in life: If you want to feel good, you have to think well. One principle of the diary is therefore not to look at what is missing or not fits, but specifically on what already exists and works. In this way you make positive things visible and practice developing constructive thoughts. This approach has been proven to make you feel happier and happier in the long term.


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