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Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe – and at the same time one of the poorest (followed only by Moldova). Independence from the Soviet Union (1991) was followed by years of mismanagement and corruption until 2004, when the Orange Revolution heralded a new turning point. The question of EU rapprochement triggered another coup in 2014 (“Euromaidan”), which led to a conflict with Russia, the loss of the Crimea and a war in the east of the country that continues to this day with over 10,000 dead.

At the same time, a course of reform was embarked upon, against the resistance of the old elites, driven forward by a stronger civil society. The economic crisis, political instability and the consequences of the war, above all the difficult integration of the many internally displaced persons, are causing the country problems. Low life expectancy and high mortality rates are symptoms of a difficult time. In this environment, ChildFund is committed to democracy and the future prospects of children.

Ukraine: Facts and figures

44 million (2017) (15.8 % under 14 years)

23% of young people (15-24 years)

Men: 67 y. Women: 77 y.

14.4 % on prior year (2017)

Current Projects

Health (children with cancer)

Ukraine is in a crisis, the indebted state has cut social spending. The consequences for the weakest in society are dramatic. Patients often have to pay for their own medicines because the supply of clinics is faltering. In Luzk, this affects children with cancer whose families cannot afford treatment. We make sure that they get everything they need to become healthy.

Help for refugee children

The war in Ukraine continues, people die almost daily. There are 1.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), not all of whom are able to make a fresh start: Poverty, isolation, insecurity as well as the trauma of violence and loss affect the children in particular. With humanitarian aid, psychosocial offers for children and their parents and the promotion of integrative projects, ChildFund is helping to open ways out of the crisis.

Strengthening internal refugees

In the midst of war and economic crisis Ukraine has to integrate millions of internally displaced persons. We point out perspectives: With offers of help and support for refugees and their children, new approaches in integration work and better networking of civil society, authorities and companies. The aim is to define the crisis as a common task and to sustainably strengthen both those affected and those receiving them.

Healthy environment for children

Energy efficiency and sustainability are key issues for regional development, as they affect the right of future generations to a healthy, supportive environment. At two children’s facilities in the Lwiw Oblast, this right is now at risk due to the desolate structure of the building. We promote their energetic rehabilitation and ensure the broad impact of the project with education in energy, resource and environmental protection.

Sustainable development

The reforms in Ukraine also affect the area of education. This is about structures, but also about content: Young people must be enabled to shape the future as citizens who think democratically and act responsibly. The idea of sustainable development is also very important here. ChildFund helps to get young people excited about the topic and promotes their commitment.

Social entrepreneurship as an opportunity

Social entrepreneurship has the potential to become an important solution model for social challenges in Ukraine. ChildFund helps young social entrepreneurs to overcome start-up difficulties and realize their ideas. They will then pass on their experiences and skills to 15 schools and thus enable young people to play an active role in shaping their environment.

Completed Projects

04/2018-10/2018Securing educational opportunities

In the small town of Hirnyk (Donetsk Oblast), where damaged houses and broken windows bear witness to the nearby war, ChildFund is helping to secure the basic right to education for pupils from primary and secondary schools. By the end of 2018, the dilapidated building and its completely obsolete equipment are to be completely renovated and equipped with everything needed for proper school operation.

more 06/2018-06/2019Peace work

Crises, upheavals and reforms are always accompanied by conflicts. In Ukraine, schools are also affected today. ChildFund relies on mediation to establish strategies for avoiding and resolving conflicts and to strengthen pupils and educators. We want to convey democratic values, point out ways of peaceful coexistence and thus contribute to the cohesion of society.

more 02/2018-12/2018Children with disabilities

Even if there is progress: Disability remains a stigma in Ukraine, condemning people to social exclusion. The lack of government assistance is part of the problem. In Wyshhorod near Kiev, we are supporting a special school in improving the therapy, quality of life and participation opportunities of disabled children. The aim is to develop the school into a modern inclusion centre for the entire region.

Help now

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