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Swimming is not counting tiles.

When choosing your swimming club, I would like to recommend us as your first choice. You should urgently look at all clubs, because we are then even more confident of choosing. Here are three points to watch out for, as they represent the three reasons that made us in Lüneburg drop:

1. Quality and experience of our trainers

With Alexandra Bryzgalski your child has a trainer with a sporty swimming career that you will not find in any of the other clubs in Lüneburg. Like no other, she pairs this experience in competitive swimming with her pedagogical training as a primary school teacher. She trains and accompanies the very young swimmers through their first competitions and heads the team up to the top of the competition as a trainer.

I myself look back on assignments as a coach and supervisor at four Olympic Games. So I was able to participate in several world records and Olympic medals. The games themselves may have brought me unique memories; however, it is the way there that gave me the experience that I bring to every training session with your child. The almost unbelievable results – if you consider the little water time – are based on our claim that we never stop paying attention to movement details and train them precisely.

In addition, it is the contacts that are priceless. Our swimmers have already shared the training course with some of the top 10 swimmers in the world rankings, such as Therese Alshammar, Michael Andrew, Danas Rapsys, Nikita Lobintsev, Dimitri Balandin, Aliaksandra Herasimenia, Evgeni Tsurkin, etc. Impressive motivation for our VfL swimmers.

2. Our philosophy

In all of our training sessions, we guarantee that our coaches at all levels understand more about swimming than swimmers always know water.

Because define good trainers not yourself through isolated random talents or growth outliers of their age groups, who first take their club up to be caught up in their years two years later. We define ourselves by the principle of leaving as few children as possible in mediocrity. With us, the club brings the swimmers up – not the other way around.

In the meantime, five swimmers under the 60-second mark, over 40 qualifications at the national championships with less than 3 hours of water training time prove exactly this principle and testify to a broad performance density.

3. Our success makes history

An almost logical conclusion that we are the first and only swimming club in the history of swimming in Lüneburg that has ever brought five swimmers to the 100 meter freestyle below the magical 60 seconds limit.

We did it in one and the same finale and with one weeksaverage of 1.6 hours of training time in the water. (Statistics 2017)

We are experiencing steady growth, especially through more and more inquiries from neighboring clubs. Despite our long waiting lists, applicants are of course very welcome. In doing so, we prioritize our weaker cohorts as well as experienced swimmers with very good performances, regardless of which year. Children born in 2010 and younger are currently invited to apply for a place with us for the coming season.

Maybe your child meets one of these criteria? Then we look forward to your application!

Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi

Chief trainer, swimming team VfL

Swim healthy, faster

World-class experience, directly in our team

Dr. Dr. Gharavi and Ryan Lochte 2016, World Cup in Kazan

The basic requirement for fast swimming is uncompromisingly clean technology. Under the direction of Olympia Coach Homayun Gharavi, our team of trainers therefore focuses on the quality of movement in water and on land. We benefit greatly from our experience at the top of the world in swimming. In strength training, we attach particular importance to the ability to cope with your own body weight.

Our focus is on improving adolescent children ‘s control over their own movement. Clean technology can only be recognized with a trained eye and only a strong wealth of experience can correct deficits towards perfection. Our trainers have these requirements.

Our training sessions in the water rarely go over 1.5 km per training day. On land, strength training is elementary and adapted to all ages based on 20 years of experience in professional sports. For this we work together with our competent exclusive partners, the Day and Night Sports (DNS) Lüneburg.

The VfL competition swimming in Lüneburg is not only fun for young people, but especially for children of young age strongly promoted.

Magic of self-motivation

Our swimming training pursues the goal of personal performance improvement at swimming competitions. Despite the focus on performance, we forego pressure to perform. What our swimmers achieve, they achieve with a maximum of 3 x 1 hour water training per week.

We advise the children on what they can do to improve their competition times. So the country training is given as a recommendation. The swimmers decide how much of it they want to implement. The personal effort should be controlled by the individual status.

Unique to Lüneburg are the successes of our young swimmers, who now qualify for national championships in greater numbers than the other Lüneburg clubs combined.

Our quality also builds on tradition

Swimming has been around at VfL Lüneburg for many years. After founding our own department in 2007, we also integrated the previously held external swimming courses into our department at the beginning of 2012.

The training and course concepts are based on the years of experience of our trainers, all of whom come from active swimming.

In addition to competitive sports, our offer also offers entry-level courses for children and Masters training for adults with competitive ambitions. At all levels, the focus is on continuous improvement through constant new stimuli. So there should be no training on which only one program is floated down. Write to us, test us, absolutely in comparison with the other Lüneburg clubs and only then make your choice. We look forward to you with confidence!

This is how your child can apply

You are looking for the most suitable swimming club for your child in Lüneburg?

Please keep in mind that our club has waiting lists in some groups due to the high influx and the very limited water times (see table). In order to be able to promote all service areas equally at the highest level, we are therefore looking for changing criteria. Get registered on our waiting lists. We invite you to pre-swim dates related to the year.

Send your request stating the year of birth and previous knowledge of the interested party to:

Requirements for entry into our competition groups:

2008 and older, competitive mastery of all swimming styles

2009 – 2010 Competitive mastery of the layers chest, freestyle and back


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