Walking with children

Simply drive away with the family and discover the unique nature with the children! Hiking with children can be really nice if the route selection is right. Discover the most beautiful family-friendly hiking tours all over Europe, because various tours around our Familotels invite you to go hiking together. Ideal for spending time with the whole family!

Hiking with children – great fun for the whole family

Children love to explore nature. Whether meadows, forests or mountain streams – nature has many exciting adventures for children. And if the hiking route is selected according to the age of the children, then the little ones can really enjoy the joint exploration tour. Our Familotels offer one ideal starting point for family walks together. Start in a few steps in front of the hotels the first family-friendly hikes.

Are also particularly popular Theme trails, where there are different play stations for children. Which trees grow along the way and how do you read animal tracks? Those are just a few questions to answer at a Hike with children the answer can be found.

Explore the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland together! If leisurely tours to rustic huts, demanding hikes for families with older children or High-altitude hiking trails suitable for prams – there are so many destinations that invite family hiking.

Tips for hiking with children

  • Walking routes according to the age of the children
  • Good preparation (maps, goals, stops, huts.)
  • Enough provisions
  • Loving motivation of the children

If you need tips or are still looking for a suitable hiking route, the reception team at familotel further. You will surely find the right destinations for your hiking holiday with children.

Hotels for your hiking holiday with children

Attention mountaineers and summiteers! Finally out of everyday life and into the hiking paradise – our Familotels offer the ideal starting point for hikes together. Whether hiking holidays with children for mountaineering, climbing or mountain biking – our Familotels guarantee unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

Our hotels are in the most beautiful regions in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland and offer you numerous inclusive services for a successful hiking holiday. Rent hiking maps, backpacks, poles and mountain bikes at the hotel and off you go!

thanks to the age-appropriate childcare of at least 35 hours a week you also have the opportunity to experience a challenging mountain tour with your partner, during which time your kids are well looked after in the family hotel!


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