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We see it as a major task to make the children entrusted to us familiar with the contents and statements of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Religious education should not be a separate part of our work; rather, we strive to incorporate individual aspects into our experience, e.g. involved in singing and playing or in role playing. In religious education in kindergarten, the child should primarily experience joy and happiness and thus the meaning of his life in the

recognize Christian community.

We take up situations that arise from
the annual group. So the festivities such as St. Martin, Nikolaus, Christmas etc. not only celebrated because of their tradition, but will be
the Christian moments evoked.

An autumn festival in kindergarten.

The first religious festival of the year.Traditional is thanks to us in Germany on the first Sunday in October. Like most public holidays, the festival has its origins in
Christian belief. That’s how you traditionally thank God for Thanksgiving
his gifts in the harvest.

On St. Martin’s Day we remember the

Saint Martin of Tours.

With the floor theater

we bring the children the history of St. Martin closer.

St.Martin takes place every year on 11.11. instead of.

We meet with the Holy Man in kindergarten. Two children then play the sharing of the coat for the Martinslied and lantern songs accompanied by the parents prepare us for the Martins evening.

It is not so much a question of Nikolaus customs as of exactly re-enacting historical events, but also of knowing exactly what happened back then.

As an Advent saint, Nikolaus especially points out the upcoming Christmas. He is a light, bright figure who wants to bring warmth and joy into the long winter nights.

For almost 20 years, fathers have gone from house to house from kindergarten.

Advent is usually the most beautiful time of the year for children, Christmas in kindergarten is a special highlight every time. Our biblical landscape is ready to marvel at just in time for the start of Advent. Here are the stories about Maria and Josef to Birth of Jesus told child-friendly.

In kindergarten we remember Jesus during Easter.

Easter in Christianity is the annual commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who, according to the New Testament, conquered death as the Son of God. Easter is considered to be of religious origin

the suffering of Jesus Christ. Easter is too today still cause for homage and celebration of his life, suffering, and death and resurrection of the Messiah.

Our religious education work begins with each other and involves many social skills such as:

  • that you are tolerant and friendly with each other
  • that older children help younger ones
  • that everyone accepts each other as they are
  • that you hand in or share things
  • that responsible handling of people, animals and nature is practiced
  • that we pray together before and after dinner, as well as on many other occasions
  • that stories from the life of Jesus are heard
  • that church festivals and liturgies are celebrated together


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