What do you need for kindergarten? Checklist for kindergarten equipment

At the start of kindergarten, parents are usually given a long list of things that should be purchased for kindergarten. What exactly the child needs for the kindergarten differs depending on the kindergarten concept. Basics such as rainwear, rubber boots, changing clothes and slippers are on almost every list. As parents, you look at the long list and get the big moan. Not only does it take a lot of time to get everything; You are often at a loss as to what to buy. In the following we therefore have not only one for you Checklist for kindergarten equipment put together, but also give you recommendations.

Kindergarten equipment: Checklist with recommendations

Since it is unfortunately not enough to go through the checklist at the start of kindergarten, it is of course also aimed at kindergarten children in the second or third year. After all, children grow out of shoes and clothes faster than we would like.

Rainwear and rubber boots

Since educators go out with the children in the best case of wind and weather, kindergarten children definitely need rainwear and rubber boots. Depending on the age and usage of the child, this is an option Set of rain jacket and rain pants or rain jacket and rain dungarees. After we put on rain dungarees for a long time, the lavender boy has been wearing rain pants for some time. Since he no longer wallows in every mud puddle, rain pants are simply more practical. These can be taken off regardless of the jacket, so quick pee pauses are no problem.

There is a nice selection of rainwear for example from the Danish brand Mikk-Line. Mikk-Line produces outdoor children’s clothing with simple designs. The rain sets come in many different colors. Depending on your taste and size, you can buy a set with a rain jacket and rain pants or a set with a rain jacket and rain dungarees. If required, rain trousers or rain jackets can also be purchased individually. One-piece rain suits are also offered by Mikk-Line.

For example, the lavender boy has a blue one Mikk-Line rain set. To prevent the rain pants from slipping up when playing, there is a rubber band that can be pulled over the rubber boots. The rain set is of course waterproof (>8000 mm H2O) and windproof. The rain jacket has a removable hood. Thanks to the sealed seams, the rainwear is very durable. Provide reflector strips for one good visibility in the dark. The Mikk-Line rainwear can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees, which is occasionally due after a lap in the mud.

Matching the rain set, Mikk-Line also offers rubber boots in different colors. The Wellies are out natural rubber and also have reflective strips. The Mikk-Line rubber boots are particularly soft and flexible. Thanks to the profiled sole, the rubber boots are non-slip. They are available from size 19 to size 38.

Alternatively, you can also Move by Melton rubber boots to grab. Just like Mikk-Line, Move belongs to the Melton Group. Move by Melton is a Danish shoe brand for children, which we can also recommend to you.

change of clothes

If the children play, eat, do handicrafts or are immersed in the game in the kindergarten, the clothes sometimes get wet or dirty. In order for the children to be able to change in an emergency, it is important that there is sufficient change of clothes in the kindergarten, if possible suitable for the current season.

Ideally, should everything in duplicate if possible be available, so that changing clothes are still there if you forget to fill them up or several “accidents” happen in one day. Should be available: underpants, undershirt, socks, possibly tights, pants / shorts, pullover / T-shirt.

Catering and transportation

In many kindergartens, children have the opportunity to have breakfast. The child needs to transport breakfast a lunch box, a drinking bottle as well as a backpack. The lunch box should have multiple compartments if possible so that bread, fruit and vegetables can be stored separately. The lunch box should also be able to be opened by the child. The same applies to the drinking bottle. In addition, the drinking bottle should be leak-proof and unbreakable.

A kindergarten backpack is ideal for transporting lunch boxes and water bottles to kindergarten. The easiest to use Kindergarten backpacks with zip, because these are easy to open and close. Also, they shouldn’t be too big and comfortable to carry.

Equipment for the forest day

There is a weekly forest day in our facility. The children spend the day with the teachers (almost) completely outdoors. Accordingly, it is important that the children are properly dressed. Not just one is important sturdy shoes, but also Clothing that covers the whole body. Depending on the temperature, the children go into the forest with outdoor pants and jacket or long-sleeved shirt. Since it is usually much cooler in the forest than outside of the forest, a Onion look proven to be useful. If the children get too warm, they can take off their clothes one by one and stow their jacket and other items in their backpack.

Now in summer, the lavender children usually put on zippable outdoor pants, hiking shoes, a shirt and a softshell jacket or a fleece jacket on forest day. The softshell jackets of the lavender children are from Mikk-Line. Just like the Mikk-Line rainwear, the softshell jackets are waterproof and windproof. They are also breathable, which is very important for the forest day. After all, the kids move around a lot and shouldn’t sweat too much in the jackets.

The Mikk-Line softshell jackets are dirt-repellent and hard-wearing. They can be washed at 40 degrees. They are available in plain colors as well as with patterns and in different cuts. The Mikk-Line softshell jackets have a soft fleece inside and are therefore also suitable as a transition jacket. The hood can be removed if necessary.

Alternatively, the children in the forest can of course also wear a transition jacket such as the Mikk-Line NYLON boys jacket wear. It is also wind and water repellent and breathable. It is simple and timeless and can therefore be easily combined with anything. A is also practical for the forest seat cushions, where you can have breakfast break. Our children use knee pillows, which are actually intended for gardening.


So that children do not get cold feet in kindergarten, they need slippers. Kindergarten slippers ensure a better hold and prevent slipping on the smooth daycare-ground. They also protect small children’s feet from minor accidents. Depending on the season, different types of slippers are available. When choosing, you should make sure that they comfortable, non-slip and easy to put on are.

Because woolen slippers are too warm for the summer, the lavender boy got new kindergarten slippers a few weeks ago. In the Move by Melton leather slippers you can just slip in. They are comfortable and the rubber sole prevents the children from sliding away. The leather slippers are available in different colors and of course in different sizes.

Sportswear and sports shoes

Many institutions do gymnastics regularly with the kindergarten children. Many kindergartens demand that children do not slip during gymnastics solid sneakers. Stopper socks or slippers are not sufficient due to the risk of injury. It is best to ask how it is handled in your facility. It is best to pack your children for gymnastics short cotton pants and a cotton shirt on. Both provide the necessary freedom of movement. When choosing the gym bag, make sure that the child can carry it well. The educators cannot carry 20 gym bags at a time. I personally find a backpack more practical because it is much easier for the child to carry and put on.


In summer they need Children in the daycare also one Sun hat, sun cream and possibly swimwear. In winter should go to kindergarten Gloves, hat, scarf as well as an additional one if necessary snowsuit to be available. Also, in some kindergartens toothbrush and toothpaste needed. Changing children also need wrap Accessories such as diapers, wet wipes and, if necessary, wound cream.

By name, please

If you give your children the (initial) equipment for kindergarten, make sure you remember, to label all things. This not only makes work easier for the educators, but also ensures that the new kindergarten equipment does not disappear immediately. Because one thing is certain: there are always other children who have exactly the same rubber boots or the same rain pants.

If you don’t want to write on your child’s kindergarten equipment with a pen, you can also use self-adhesive labels or sew on or iron on labels. Make sure that they hold up well. Otherwise, things have disappeared faster than you can see. If you have several children, you can only add your last name to the kindergarten equipment to save yourself work. If the things are eventually passed on to the smaller siblings, you do not have to prepare new labels.

Check the kindergarten equipment regularly

Regular checks are at least as important as labeling the kindergarten equipment. Neither the child nor the educators manage to keep an overview of all clothing. That’s why you should be a parent check regularly, whether there is still enough change clothes in the kindergarten and whether rainwear, slippers and rubber boots still fit. Damaged daycare equipment should also be sorted out regularly.


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