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With modern bleaching methods, a bright white smile is possible for almost all patients today. The processes and materials we use are effective and gentle at the same time, because we focus on the health of your teeth.

Why whitening?

Food and beverages such as coffee, red wine, tea and nicotine, but also in the course of the normal aging process, can cause the teeth to discolour over time. It is often not possible to satisfactorily remove such discolouration solely through good oral hygiene and regular dental hygiene measures. In such cases, the desired whitening can often be achieved by bleaching.

When is whitening possible??

The prerequisites for successful whitening are healthy Teeth and good oral hygiene. Existing fillings must be dense and sufficient. Fillings or ceramic restorations such as crowns and bridges cannot be bleached. This means that fillings in the visible area must be exchanged after the bleaching is completed in order to achieve an optimal treatment result. That is why it is important, that the bleaching is preceded by a short examination by the dentist.

Your teeth should fill in the visible area and without further restorations, the results are excellent even without further measures.

How long does the brightening effect last??

How long the brightening lasts varies greatly from individual to individual. If the consumption of discolouring substances and foods is reduced or even completely avoided, the brightening lasts for a very long time. Heavy smokers, patients who like to drink a lot of coffee or red wine, will want to do another bleaching after a short period of time.

How is whitening done??

The bleaching gel (carbamiperoxide) is applied to the tooth enamel, penetrates into the tooth enamel and splits the stored color pigments into colorless compounds by means of a chemical reaction.

Power whitening

With in-office or power bleaching, bleaching takes place in a single session on the dentist’s chair. This treatment is carried out by our dentists or dental hygienists.

The bleach used is somewhat more concentrated, which leads to a very good bleaching result in only about 90-120 minutes. Power whitening is ideal for patients who want to achieve an optimal result in a short time.

Home whitening

With home bleaching, individual splints are made for you in the dental laboratory. According to the instructions of our trained staff, this splint will be filled with bleaching gel at home and carried by you until the desired result is achieved. Should you want to whiten your teeth again after some time, the splints can of course be used again and the required bleaching gel can be purchased in our practices at any time.

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