ZMK Laboratory in Kassel: State-of-the-art technology and precision craftsmanship

With our own ZMK laboratory, we can react even faster and optimise a wide range of dental treatment procedures. Because our technicians are directly on site and this has many advantages, especially for our patients. For example, the colour and shape of a dental prosthesis can be matched internally. Through this individual assessment, care and production on the patient, an even more perfect result is achieved, which results in beautiful, healthy teeth.

Of course, not only our patients are happy about that.

We can now be doubly proud of the achievements of our ZMK laboratory team: The Hanover Chamber of Handicrafts has awarded our laboratory manager Sebastian Palmnach the title of Master Dental Technician after successfully passing the German Master Examination of Dental Technician. The ZMK Laboratory is now officially a master laboratory! As a master dental technician, Sebastian Palm not only brings with him extended specialist knowledge, but can also train apprentices in this profession.

Thanks to his outstanding performances Sebastian Palm also took 3rd place in the competition for the Klaus-Kanter-Förderpreis. More information about the prize and its background can be found on the website of the Klaus-Kanter-Foundation.

ZMK Labor conquers the championship title:

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Sebastian Palm is the laboratory manager of ZMK Zahntechnik’s own dental laboratory.

Why does ZMK have its own laboratory?

With our own laboratory, we can react even faster and optimise a wide range of dental treatment procedures. For years, we have been working closely together as a team of oral surgeons and prosthodontists to achieve an optimal overall result.

Our dental laboratory is closely networked with the dental practice and works consistently and uncompromisingly to achieve the perfect end result. We technicians are directly on site. And this has many advantages, especially for our patients.

What are the advantages for the patient?

Everyone has a need for individual function, tooth shape and colour. Because we are directly at the treatment chair, we deal individually and professionally with these necessary aspects. This is the only way to achieve a more perfect result.

This pleases not only our patients, but also us.

What types of dental prosthetics, i.e. dental prostheses, can you produce in your laboratory?

There are several ways to correct the lack of natural teeth. Whether bridges, crowns, implants or prostheses – our aim is always to achieve the best possible result for our patients. For this purpose, predominantly all-ceramic materials are used.

This modern combination of materials means that metallic constructions in the oral cavity can increasingly be avoided.

What positive changes are there for ZMVZ ZMK GmbH and its patients now that we have developed into a master laboratory?

The fact that the ZMK Laboratory is now a master laboratory has its advantages: The technical knowledge that we can now fall back on has expanded massively. In addition, we can now create further training places: As a master dental technician, Sebastian Palm is able to train apprentices in this profession. The award is also an official confirmation for our patients that they can continue to rely on our high-quality work.

Own CNC milling machine for digital production

Modern addition to ZMK Laboratory: Our own CNC milling machine (short for Computerized Numerical Control) supports our dental technicians in their daily work. With this modern high-tech machine, we produce semi-finished parts in various shapes, for example crowns, bridge frameworks or bars. The required templates are designed by our dental technicians according to the needs of our patients. They then further process the parts they have fabricated with the device, individualize them and finish them – to the final polish.

This brings advantages for our patients:

  • Thanks to our own CNC milling machine, we can even improve our high quality standard – and adapt more flexibly to the individual requirements of our patients.
  • Many orders will be produced even faster in the future.
  • In addition, we can use all modern, high-quality materials with the milling machine.

Highest patient orientation, high quality, state-of-the-art technology – a recipe for success at ZMK!

You can also find the appropriate report on our news page.

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