20 Creative places for children’s birthday parties

Celebrate children’s birthday: If not at home, then where?

There can be many reasons why you don’t want to host a children’s birthday party in your own home. But now you are spoiled for choice: Should the celebration take place inside or outside? Would the kids like to romp and move or would they like to experience and experience something interesting? And then of course there is the question of costs: You can book an all-round carefree package, which is a little more expensive, or you can prepare something yourself by investing more time than money – for example in a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt.

Find in this gallery 20 locations for children’s buildingrtstage:

Celebrate children’s birthday: the 20 most beautiful locations

Collect contact numbers: It is certainly also a good feeling for the guests’ parents if they know that they will be informed immediately in an emergency.

make photos: Arrange with the caring adults who takes photos from time to time so that there are later memories of the beautiful day. It is even better if someone can even concentrate fully on photography and has no other important task.

Even if a birthday outside the home is at least as complex as organizing a party in your own walls: your effort will certainly be worth it, because all the children will talk for days about what they have experienced. And your child will remember it for many years to come!



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