My body and what my parents can forbid me, child’s affair

It’s my body! Many children want to decide more about their looks and other things. What can parents prohibit? Cut and dye hair? Ear holes? Vegan diet? We’ll clear you up.

cut hair

Younger children don’t really care what their hairstyle looks like. But the older you get, the more important you look. Some want to stand out, others want to bring their style to bear. You can determine your hairstyle yourself? And your parents can force you to cut your hair?

According to Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, your opinion should always be taken into account according to age. Parents should take their children seriously and support them in their development. It is important that you develop your own style. And trying it out is part of it. That is why they should respect your opinion. However, parents can protest if they think your decision can harm you.

Nobody should force you to cut your hair, not even your parents. In adults, unwanted hair cutting is even a form of bodily harm that can be fined. This does not apply to children. However, it can lead to mental problems, so nobody should cut your hair unintentionally.


Hair dyes are developed for adults. In some agents there are so-called oxidative substances that can trigger allergies. Because hair coloring can be harmful to health, some packaging states that the product is not suitable for children under 16.

However, there is no legal ban on children’s hair coloring, the responsibility lies with the parents. If they allow you, you can dye your hair. It is then important to test the product in advance (for example behind the ear) whether you can tolerate it. Some hairdressers refuse to dye children’s hair, others want to see their parents’ consent.


Many girls want to put on makeup at a certain age. Most are between 14 and 16 years old. Some really want to do this at the age of 12. May parents forbid this?

As with hair cutting, your parents should respect your opinion. But your skin is also sensitive and there is a risk of allergies. Girls under the age of 12 should not make up under any circumstances – at this age parents can forbid you from applying makeup. From the age of 14, however, you should let them talk to you.

Pierced ears and piercing

There is no uniform age limit for pierced ears. Since having holes shot is always an intervention in the body, many doctors are against ear holes under the age of 14. For it consists always the danger that something can go wrong or that an allergy is triggered.

Parents must always give you their consent if you want to have ear holes. And of course they can also ban you – until you are 18 years old.

There is an age limit for piercings: they are only stung from the age of 14 and only in the presence of the parents. Some studios stab her from 16 years of age with written permission, others want to see the parents.

Vegetarian or vegan diet

There are often quarrels in families when it comes to food: “I don’t like that! "Try it at least …" – Do you know this situation? But what if you decide to stop eating meat? Or even to do without animal products altogether?

Can parents force you to eat animal products?

Of course, you have the right to have your own opinion (Article 12). If you decide to avoid meat, your parents should respect your opinion. But simply omitting meat products is not one quality Idea. If you want to eat vegetarian or vegan, you have to deal with your own diet a lot. The body needs important substances that have to be consumed in a different form. Your parents therefore have a say in the matter, because they have to make sure that you stay healthy and don’t get any deficiency symptoms.

May my parents forbid me to eat meat?

If your parents are vegans, then Life this conviction also in everyday life, not just in nutrition. You deal a lot with the topic. It is very controversial whether a pure vegan diet is also suitable for children. If parents feed their children vegan from childhood, the decision is not left to the child. With increasing age you should respect the opinion of your child.


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