4 Free short stories for seniors all about the chestnut tree

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Today we went through the internet and looked for beautiful stories for seniors about the chestnut tree. We found what we were looking for free storiessmiled more than once. Maybe one of the short stories about the chestnut is a welcome change for your seniors.

  1. How the chestnut got its prickly fruits. This story is about a hedgehog giving its spines to a chestnut tree. The chestnut needs the spines to protect its unripe fruit. The Hedgehog missing his spines soon. It’s a good thing the other hedgehogs are giving him away from their spines.
  2. The three chestnuts. This story is ideal for organizing an activation hour on the subject of chestnuts. Three chestnuts grow up together and have different paths of life ahead of them. One of the chestnuts is picked up. The reader can pull these out of his pocket at the end of the story.
  3. Magic chestnuts in autumn. Of course there is also a story by Elke Bräunling in this collection of stories. The magic chestnuts conjure up beautiful thoughts and become magic trees at the end of the story &# 128512; , By the way, there are some other chestnut stories on the website.
  4. Karlchen chestnut. Even in the story of the “Karlchen” chestnut, the chestnut ultimately becomes one tree. Until then, it’s a long journey. Karlchen is the smallest chestnut among his siblings.

The stories are of course suitable for any activation around the Autumn. Chestnuts are THE autumn fruits. When reading the stories, it is advisable to place some chestnuts in the middle of the table for decoration. If people participate who tend to put things in their mouths (this happens sometimes in people with progressive dementia), I advise placing chestnuts loosely in the middle. In this case, there may still be an old mason jar. Then the chestnuts can be decorated in the sealed mason jar.


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