40 Games for children’s birthday

The right games are the be-all and end-all of every children’s birthday. The children’s birthday games that are played at the party not only ensure fun and joy for little party guests, but are also an important measure from the parents’ perspective to keep the children busy and to avoid an uncontrolled mess in the children’s room. Anyone who has ever hosted a children’s party can confirm that as soon as the little birthday party has been idle for more than five minutes, the wild pack will start to clear toys from the children’s closets and run wild. Quite often this ends up in arguments or even tears. Therefore, try to keep your birthday guests busy all the time if possible. With the right ideas and games for the children’s birthday, you are doing a great favor not only for the small party party, but also for yourself.

Games for children from 4 to 6 years

The little ones in particular don’t want to miss games on children’s birthday parties. But when choosing the right party games for kindergarten children, there are of course a number of things to consider. They should be easy to understand and not too wild for the little ones to have fun and enjoy them.

Indoor games
Funny games that can be played easily in the house

Outdoor games
Great outdoor game ideas for your birthday

Games for children from 7 to 9 years

For the little schoolchildren, the birthday games should be a bit more demanding, so that the kids sometimes have to strain their little heads. This is why games with a puzzle factor are particularly popular with children in this age group.

Indoor games
For older children within their own four walls

Outdoor games
For older children outdoors

treasure Hunt

One of the most popular games is the children’s birthday treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Together, the small birthday party tries step by step to solve all the tasks that are given to them on the treasure hunt and thus to reach the goal.

Treasure hunt in the apartment
Exciting tasks and games for treasure hunting in the house

Scavenger hunt for young children
Tips for scavenger hunt with young children

Game ideas for the theme party

So that the motto birthday is a complete success, not only the decoration but also the games have to match the motto. Whether pirate party, princess birthday or detective party, here you will find the right games for your birthday child’s favorite motto.

Games for the pirate party
5 funny games for the pirate theme party

Games for the detective party
5 game ideas for little detectives

Games for the knight party
6 children’s party games for noble knights

Games for the princess party
4 birthday games for little princesses

Games for the Star Wars Party
5 games for young Jedis

5 tips for planning: How to find the right games for children’s birthday parties

Games are part of the children’s birthday party like gifts and the birthday cake. For the children, the small competitions and the sweet giveaways that they can win are one of the highlights of every birthday party. For you as parents, the playful activities are a good way to keep the little rascals under control. Therefore, take enough time to choose the games. Not only is space important, the age of the children is extremely important; Because only when all children understand the rules and can implement them correctly, do the little ones have fun. Below are 5 tips to help you choose the right children’s birthday games.

Celebrate children’s birthday indoors or outdoors

The choice of games is not largely dependent on whether the children’s birthday is celebrated in the apartment or outdoors. Those who celebrate their birthday outdoors have the advantage that space is not a problem. The children can let off steam in games such as sack hopping, wheelbarrow racing or egg running. Children’s birthday games with a sporty aspect, such as B. races are always a good idea for the outdoor birthday party and highly recommended. But there are also many games in the apartment that keep the little rascals busy during the party and a lot of fun. In contrast to the children’s birthday party outdoors, the little birthday guests are not primarily physically but also mentally occupied. Children’s birthday games such as little hat memory, pirate gold or museum visits can also be played with little space. Guessing or word games are also a good idea and are generally well received by children, whether indoors or outdoors.

Children’s birthday games appropriate to age

The second important factor when choosing games for children’s birthday is the age of the children. The game ideas must match the age of the guests at the party so that all players understand the rules of the game and are physically able to play them. If you are not sure whether the children’s birthday games are suitable for your little party guests, just play them through with your birthday child. You will quickly see whether the game is feasible for children of this age or not. But what if not all children are the same age? Especially when the birthday child is still in kindergarten, the guests are often not all the same age. Sometimes older or younger siblings accompany the birthday guest or the birthday child has siblings who would also like to play along. Of course, this makes the selection of suitable children’s birthday games a little more difficult.

In order to make sure that the younger children have fun playing party games, it is advisable to simply relax the rules of the game for the younger ones. You do not have to do this in secret, but you can safely say that Julia, for example, can walk a shorter distance because she is even shorter. Or Daniel only gets a small chocolate focus at the chocolate contest dinner because he has a smaller stomach and otherwise gets sick. It is always amazing how sensible and sensitive the little ones are on such topics. In guessing games or memory games, the older guests of the birthday could also be allowed to give tips to the younger ones. The older ones will be happy that they can help and the smaller ones will mostly be happy that the big ones support them.

Play all together or everyone for themselves?

In general, birthday games can be divided into four groups. On the one hand there are game ideas in which the children all play at the same time, such as wheelbarrow races or cone memory. On the other hand, there are games in which only one or two players take part, such as pounding the pot or eating chocolate. Furthermore, children’s birthday games can be divided into those in which the small party party plays with each other, for example in guessing games, or against each other, such as egg run.

The birthday games in each category have their advantages and disadvantages. If the children all play at the same time, the birthday can be very loud and wild. If you only play one or two at a time, it can quickly happen that the others get bored. Competitive games encourage ambition and excitement, but if only the same children win, it can be very disappointing for the others. So try to play games of every category at the children’s birthday party. If you are playing a game where only one child is playing, such as pounding the pot, make sure that the individual game units do not take too long. Involve the others so that they don’t get bored at the party. The other children can help with hiding and preparing, for example, or give tips. If the children’s birthday party includes more than 8 guests, you should probably do without such game ideas altogether.

When choosing the games for the children’s birthday, always pay attention to amusement. Children’s birthday games that drag on too long, for which the explanation takes too long or the breaks until a child’s turn comes back too long can cause boredom and displeasure among the little ones. If you notice that a party game is dragging on too long and the small birthday party is becoming inattentive, try to change the game rules so that the game is shortened.

In order to avoid disappointment and tears at the children’s party, sweeten the loss of the inferior teammates in competitive games. The loser is not the loser, but the runner-up. Of course there is also a small prize for second place, like a candy. When traveling to Jerusalem, the players who drop out of the game could get a fruit jelly, so the end of the birthday game is not quite as disappointing for them. Such little tricks and a colorful, varied mix of ideas and games will make the children’s birthday a complete success.

How many games should you plan for the party?

If you think about the games for the children’s birthday party, you will surely soon come to the question of how many you actually have to plan. As already mentioned at the beginning, the children should, if possible, be busy for the entire time of the children’s birthday. Of course, a party that is only rushing from one birthday game to the next is no fun either. So what’s the right number of games? The children’s birthday usually lasts about three hours. However, since many parents like to bring the younger guests in a little earlier or pick them up a little later, you’d better expect 15 to 20 minutes more. You can expect around 40 to 50 minutes for cake eating and unwrapping gifts. If the gang of rascals still receives dinner from you at the end of the party, you can also plan around 20 to 30 minutes for this. You have a net playing time of approximately two hours.

How many children’s birthday games you can accommodate during this time naturally depends on the games and the number of players. Roughly, you can assume that you will manage at least three and a maximum of five party games at two hours. So when planning your children’s birthday, prepare for five games if possible, including ideas for toys and prizes that the birthday child and his friends can win on the birthday. It is best to start with those where the children play individually, such as pounding the pot.

At the beginning of the birthday party, the birthday child and his little guests are the most attentive and are not easily tempted to run away and do other things while it is the turn of the other children. Then there are the children’s birthday games, in which everyone plays together, but where it is important that the game is finished, such as the trip to Jerusalem. Finally, on the children’s birthday, it is the turn of the games where it is not so important that they are played through to the end. Game ideas such as phantom ball or concept dice can be played as short or long as time allows and can be easily canceled at any time. So it’s not that bad, though the little guests are gradually picked up by parents while playing.

Prices and giveaways for the children’s birthday party

The small prices and giveaways, the the Children who can win at the birthday games always make the birthday child and his friends shine. Therefore, when planning the children’s birthday, you should definitely think about the much sought-after prices and giveaways. Small toys such as balls or yo-yos, key rings, pencils or, very popular with girls, plastic toy jewelry are suitable prizes. Even small sweets are always a good idea. It is very funny when the giveaways and prices match the motto of the children’s birthday and can be put on or put on straight away: eye patches for the pirate party children’s birthday, crowns for the princess birthday, vampire teeth for the scary party, small magnifying glasses for the detective party or whistles for the soccer party. Plan two to four “bigger” prices and a few consolation prices, for example sweets or stickers, for each child.

So that there are no arguments or tears, every child should of course have got the same number of winnings after the games on the children’s birthday. So that the children do not have to carry their winnings with them all the time and even lose them or – God forbid – swap them with the prices of other guests, think of small gift bags in which the giveaways can be kept. For most birthday sets there are the matching small gift or giveaway bags. If you do not have suitable party bags for the children’s birthday party, sandwich bags can also serve as a gift bag. However, to avoid confusion, do not forget to label the bags with the names of the little ones. Even as an adult, you can often have so much fun playing children’s birthday games that you lose track of time. So take a look at the clock every now and then to check whether you are still on schedule. This is particularly important if you want to have dinner with the children after the games. It would be a shame if the children could no longer eat the delicious pizza or Viennese with chips because the parents were already at the door.


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