7 Insider tips – children’s birthday in ludwigsburg

It’s time again – my children’s birthdays are just around the corner. How should we celebrate this year?
Whisking pots and grilling sausages again? These times are slowly coming to an end. "Too cool, mom," my kids complain. We also had an Indian party and a unicorn festival. Something else is needed this year! I went to Ludwigsburg in search of original and great party tips. Here are my favorites. It is best to reserve in time. Maybe there is something for your child too?

1.7 Kings and queens birthday in the children’s kingdom of the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg

Celebrate majestically in the “Children’s Kingdom” of the Residenzschloss. Depending on how many birthday you celebrate, you can choose between several royal offers. How about a birthday in English or French? That is also possible! You can dine very elegantly on a “cocoa bar”. There are more here Information about offer.

2/7 natural birthday at Nabu Ludwigsburg

Get out into the beautiful nature in and around Ludwigsburg. The Nabu Ludwigsburg offers a whole range of themed birthdays. Adjusted to the course of the year, you can choose between different offers. Whether at the Lurchi birthday, as a creek researcher, as a bird watcher, while hunting for nuts, or by the cozy campfire: there is certainly something for every nature-loving child! Further information >>

3.7 Birthday for artists

Artists get their money’s worth in the labyrinth art school. You can choose between a wood workshop, an art studio or a clay workshop. No matter what you choose, you will definitely produce great masterpieces! After two hours of creative work with artists, you can sit together comfortably and enjoy your birthday cake. More info >>

4.7 Climbing birthday in the grip

You will find one of the most ingenious climbing halls in Ludwigsburg. In Griffwerk you can celebrate a birthday at a dizzying height. Of course you can also go rock climbing or climb in the space children’s room, whatever you want. Professional climbing trainers accompany you and secure you. In a separate room, you can clean the birthday cake undisturbed. More info >>

5.7 Decorate ceramics with "mood"

Porcelain art can look back on a long tradition in Ludwigsburg. Why not even try to beautify your own service? If you feel like it, you can paint a plate or a cup according to your taste. Let’s see what you come up with. At the set table, including drinks, you can eat the birthday cake. Info >>

6.7 Dance Party – Produce your own dance clip

Which little dancer doesn’t dream of making her own video! Choose your motto and song and off you go! At TanzImPuls the dance teacher will study a small choreography with you. To top it off, you will shoot a real dance video as a souvenir! Such a cool give-away!
A birthday table can also be set up. Further information >>

7.7 Moving birthday in the MTV Moving Country

Sports cannons and their guests go wild in the movement of MTV Ludwigsburg best out! You can drop into a foam bath from a climbing wall or an adventure swing. These are just two of the countless options that are available to you here. The sports professional who accompanies the birthday shows you more tricks. Info >>

Are you interested in other family-friendly events in Ludwigsburg? You are curious and want new ones places, Get to know playgrounds, hobbies, children’s birthdays in Ludwigsburg? You are interested in what moves families in Ludwigsburg?


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