A grave sin

A grave sin

Clear words: basically, "sexuality, sex, is a gift from God," Pope Francis emphasizes. But clericalism coupled with an obsessive fixation on sexuality, on the other hand, is a grave sin.

This is especially true when no attention is paid to other sins such as social injustice, slander, lies and gossip, the magazine "Civilta Cattolica" quotes the head of the church in its latest ie. At this point the church must convert itself thoroughly. The journal of the Jesuit order documents the pope's conversation of about an hour with members of the order during his visit to Mozambique in early September.

"Clericalism," Francis continues, "is a true perversion of the Church, which pretends that the shepherd always goes before the flock, pretends the route and excommunicates anyone who departs from the flock." This is "the exact opposite of what Jesus did".

Sexuality a gift from God

"Such clericalism condemns, separates, frustrates and despises the people of God. He confuses priestly ministry with priestly power." As a direct consequence of such an attitude grows a rigid rigor. Behind any rigid clericalism, however, often lay serious personal problems.

Basically, "sexuality, sex, is a gift from God," the pope is further quoted as saying. This has "two purposes: to love and to beget life". Sexuality has to do with "passion, with passionate love," Francis is quoted as saying in the further course of the conversation. "True love is passionate," says the pope.

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