“Accusation against educational staff not dispelled”

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The diocese of Mainz has defended its actions in the case of the Catholic daycare center Maria Konigin. The accusation of a violation of the duty of supervision raised against the educational staff of the kindergarten has not yet been cleared up.

The diocese stated on Wednesday. In addition, the allegation of a lack of care for the children, which had led to assaults between the children, could not be clarified. It is currently questionable whether the assaults between the children in all cases had been as drastic as described by parents and children.

According to the public prosecutor's office, predominantly exculpatory findings

The diocese emphasized that the suspicious dismissals would remain in effect. It also maintains its conviction that it will "no longer entrust children to these employees on our part". It pointed out that the coworkers had not been ready to cooperate in the clearing up. The public prosecutor's office Mainz had communicated on Tuesday, the reproaches had not been corroborated so far. Rather, exculpatory findings had emerged for the most part.

Accusation of serious violations of the duty of supervision

In June, it became known that, according to parents, there had been sexual assaults, the use of violence, and cases of eruption among children at the daycare center over a longer period of time. The diocese of Mainz accused the educational staff of the daycare center attended by more than 50 children of serious violations of supervisory duties and filed criminal charges. The responsible administrative board of the Weisenau parish of the Amption of the Blessed Virgin Mary dismissed the staff – six educators including the director and one educator – without notice. The Kita was closed.

Criminal complaint against Mainz priest

According to the public prosecutor's office, the diocese has also refrained from publishing the allegations against the pastor of the Catholic parish of Mainz-Weisenau because of the accusation of sexual abuse. There had been a clear presumption that the accusations would prove to be untenable.

The outcome of the investigation against the employees of the daycare center, on the other hand, could not have been foreseen from the beginning. Here only after conclusion of the investigations clarity will prevail altogether.

According to the prosecutor's office, the mother of two children had filed a complaint against the priest. According to their account, there had been sexual acts by the priest on these children. According to the public prosecutor's office, these allegations were not confirmed in the course of the investigation. After evaluation of a statement of the defense lawyer of the priest, which has now been received, the investigation can probably be concluded.

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