Annilu – livin orange: may 2009

Thursday May 21, 2009


In addition to sewing, I also embroidered a T-shirt with Smila’s sakura motifs. The shirt was available this week at the big one "L" and I liked the clipping solution so much that I took two of them with me. Both were embroidered and turned into unique pieces. I love it!

Last minute

What does a woman do when there are actually countless holiday preparations on the slip of paper? She sews a very last minute daughter outfit:
Griselda was so kind to give me a petrol-colored jersey baby from her fabric supply so that I could use it to sew leggings for her green / colorful tunic dress. After the legging was cut, there was still a bit left and since the little spoon was a Griselda favorite, I didn’t want to let anything go to waste and therefore looked for a combination fabric in my fund and promptly found what I was looking for: a fine, fragrant cotton print from a fabric market 2 or 3 years ago in the right colors. This should always be a blouse or something similar for the big one, because unfortunately I don’t like the colors myself.
According to her current favorite cut "Kerhä" So she now has a third variant, which she can wear as a tunic or dress with or without the matching legging.
The neckline is embroidered with petrol-colored seed beads in the shadow and the hems on the sleeves and trouser legs are fitted with stretchy Vichykarou frills.

Leggings à la mom

As promised (or threatened?) Here is the entire outfit including the matching shirt.
Shirtschnitt: Ottobre Woman "wind"
I don’t know – I’m kind of funny, right??!

And here is the second leggings ensemble.

. with bought and then embroidered shirt.
Before someone asks about the cut for the skirts: they are >

Wednesday May 20, 2009

second helping!

Yes, I’m really fond of these ruffle leggings. That’s why there was one today. This time in light olive with red / white Vichy frills as a finish.
As fabrics I used for the leggings single-Jersey with 8% elastane taken, both "spoils" from sales of special works last week. The quality is very soft, but stays in good shape.
I think – this afternoon I have to go buy frills again. You never know when you’ll need them again.

Cut for the leggings: Ottobre Woman 2/2008 – model 16.

Tuesday May 19, 2009

In love.

. at first glance I saw myself in the leggings in Gretelie’s blog a few days ago. I was particularly drawn to the mini ruffles made of Vichy plaid on the hem. Then to me – what a coincidence! – At the fabric retailer I trusted, such ruffles in red and beige fell into the hands, it was immediately clear: they come on MAMI’s leggings!
Et voila!

A matching shirt is planned for the "leggings" – when that is done, there may still be an overall picture. in case you currently fail to introduce me to you in neat leggings. So I really like it: O) – and my girls are a little bit ne >

Monday May 18, 2009

Bunt bunt bunt.

If anyone has believed up to now that all of our grown-ups’ love of colors has anything to do with MY preference for colors, I can assure you today that the connections on this point are HIGHLY rudimentary. But at most!
I like colors, that’s right. And I really like colorful. But everything has its limits. And I swear – I would NEVER have made a garment for the big one out of the fabric I sewed a LORE for yesterday. NEVER!
That would have been too uncool even for an almost teen, and that means something!
And what does the big girl say? Yesterday sees the little sister’s new pants and spontaneously decides: "Mommy – please sew my favorite tunic out of it again!"

Well, your wish was my command and so our big, colorful snail now has a tunic dress based on her favorite cut and I’m pretty sure, it doesn’t get any more gaudy.

I added the dotted hem strip this evening, the tunic should be a little longer, because then it can also be worn as a dress – said the tall one.

As soon as the last seam was completed, she immediately put together the matching chain pendant in green / blue / turquoise and the entire combination was proudly executed in the orchestra rehearsal. Your violin teacher is slowly getting used to something.

In the last few days I have enjoyed a new pattern from farbmix and then sewed pants and a top.
With the trousers for the big one, I first had to enlarge the pattern a lot, because unfortunately the original ends with size 152. If I look at the result like this, then my choice of fabric was probably not the optimal one. I think the fabric should fall softer. But now it is already so and daughter No.1 has rated the pants as wearable. Well then.

On the other hand, both my and my daughter’s tight control withstand the top without any restrictions, which I had to enlarge first. However, the big one is convinced that EVERYONE will agree, that she wears it upside down because Mommy simply sewed the mushroom on the REAR without prior consultation. tststs.

Except for two narrow stripes, which may one day become a cuff on a shirt, nothing is left of my beloved red / white striped fabrics.
I recently found the right crochet lace with a pulled-in Vichy check ribbon in the local fabric shop and of course had to take it with me immediately!

And whoever thinks that’s all is wrong.
There was also a LORE for daughter No.2. The matching top will follow, but the wardrobe gave off a matching Oilily particle that will be carried to the lorry until then.
When it came to the size selection for the trousers, I somehow had a board in front of my head that led me to choose the size in 110/116 (with length 122). The mini daughter is 130cm tall, but very narrow. Still – one size would be larger for sure good as well. Since the trousers are sewn, I will just copy and sew the cut again – this time larger. Not as a punishment – just for practice.

Fabrics: fabric market + ebay.
Cut: LORE by farbmix

Thursday May 14, 2009


Today I feel a bit like Christmas and the fabric market together!
Nearby a company that produces men’s clothing has scheduled a special sale and my dear Griselda knew about it. So don’t go there, right away at 10:00 a.m., to have a look at the entire range before everything is selected.
And we found it!
Probably we have, among other things, a stock of Vlieseline and other iron-on inserts, which were available in rolls at dream prices.
Top quality industrial jerseys were also available for “small money”, as Griselda would say, which is almost an exaggeration, “very small money” would be correct.
And there were zippers and buttons and grosgrain ribbon and leather and scissors and sewing machines and shelves and tables. undundundundund. a real hobby tailor’s paradise!

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Pea Pod

Today I had no motivation to sew clothes. But since I will be very short of time to sew in the foreseeable future, I didn’t want to let the day pass unused and so I desperately sewed a bag.

Fabrics: Amy & Ikea
Cut: Free download from here .
I sewed the lining in such a way that no seams can be seen on the inside or have to be cleaned.
The Pea Pod has this gathered outer pocket on both sides and inside there is a zip pocket and another, quilted pocket for cell phone & co.
The bag has a real size without being bulky and a really nice shape.
However, since I am an avowed 1-pocket user, I may exchange this baby. Let’s see.

Sunday May 10, 2009

Summer love No.4

Because the little girl was so happy yesterday with her new skirt, there was another today: rather romantic, in (still) beloved pink – because Rosalie was also used again – I think the little one fits (and by the way, she too !)

Fabrics: Rosalie by Ikea, Vichykaro pink / pink + cotton fabric pink with pink dots + apple-green cuff fabric from the fabric market in Ludwigsburg. Piping in different colors included in all dividing seams. Hem with valance and cotton lace.
I still lack an embroidery to complete the whole thing, but I have to go inside again. :O)

But now – with all (summer) love – this cut is enough for now. Others also want to be used.

Saturday May 9, 2009

Summer love No.3

The little girl is a little short in terms of clothes, but her closet is – to keep the facts – much better equipped than that of her big sister.
Still – summer love is sewn quickly and that’s why there was one for her today.

In many a colorful blog you will find enough examples of children’s clothing that consists of so many different colorful and patterned fabrics that I have often wondered how one can come up with the idea that these fabrics fit together. In the end, they actually do it somehow, but I often freeze in awe at the imagination of each producer – which I seem to be missing.
In any case, today I started an experiment by combining little pieces into a skirt in the absolute leftovers craze, for two reasons alone: ​​firstly because they are partly orange and secondly because only small pieces were left.

On the one hand, I am a little uncomfortable about sticking and also my willingness to experiment has its limits right here – I just can’t decide on an embroidery pattern that I could now also place on this colorful skirt-
So I like the result quite well, whether it gets the ok of the little ones. we will see.

Two hours later.

Now I have decided on an embroidery.

. and this is how it looks:

1000 thanks to my dear Verena, who digitized this rose for hours. I hope she likes it at this point – even in the not so typical rose orange: O)


Shirts are still missing in the closet for the grown-ups. As a complement to the skirts from yesterday there was this raglan shirt today. When it comes to the hems, the cuffs and the neckline, I’m always looking for alternative styles. This time I chose a used-look variant that is processed with an open edge.

Cut from an old Ottobre. Not much of the original is left, however. The side seams I have strongly A-shaped, the lower edge, on the other hand, cut very straight, so that at the end when wearing the zip-like effect as with the “Wind” tunic (Ottobre Woman). And the neckline has been enlarged a lot compared to the original cut.

summer love

Yesterday there was the new ebook at farbmix and because skirts are currently in high demand and are urgently needed, I was just right.
In no time there were two variants – one made of brown-mottled linen with a ring waistband, no frills, and the other made of camouflage jeans, which I was extremely comfortable with for my circumstances.
The tall woman thinks it’s great – she even graciously interrupted her violin practice for the photo shoot. “But just because it is you, Mommy!” – Thank you, darling!

What I find good about this cut is that it is ideal for recycling leftovers and is very uncomplicated and therefore quick to sew.
The daughters think it’s good that it’s so comfortable.
However, I find the price for"s ebook is quite violent compared to many other ebooks that contain both more parts and require a more extensive tutorial. And compared to a paper cut from farbmix, which costs just € 0.70 more.
But well, it was my own decision >

Thursday May 7, 2009

Rose shirt + legging

Did I mention that our girls love skirts and dresses over jeans and leggings? This is a combination that they wear with passion all year round! Now in the transition period, I find this particularly practical and that’s why this red / white combination was created today.
I sewed the skirt last autumn, one of the extremely rare achromatic parts in the closet of our grown-ups and actually their concert outfit. But she accepts it too red / white and will wear it even without a concert. :O)

Sewing pattern: Shirt according to Ottobre 1/2009 – model 31. Cutout flatter and therefore wider, like the tunic "wind" from Ottobre Woman. Legging also after Ottobre.
Skirt after Ottobre autumn / 2006 – model 36.
Fabrics: Interlock fabrics already well deposited + black jeans from the fabric market.

The rose was created on the model in Tildas Landsted. It is ironed on with Vlisofix and then only stitched on with a straight stitch, so that the edges may still fray a little after washing.

Wednesday May 6, 2009

Another tunic.

Vacation is coming in big steps and I’m not finished with the summer wardrobe of our grown-ups at the back and front – that’s why there was the next tunic today. In my eyes, there are really only a few items of clothing that are more practical and versatile than a tunic. In the closet of our girls they are real all-rounders for the whole year. With a shirt underneath and without – with jeans underneath or with leggings or with a cyclist or skirt – there are endless possibilities.

Cut: Ottobre 1/2009 – model 35, only without button placket, but instead with fitting parts made of jersey.
Fabrics: Cotton poplin with floral print and Vichy check in pink from the fabric market in Ludwigsburg. Paisleybordüre.

Culinary creative exchange package

Tuesday May 5, 2009

Today I am writing the 100th entry in my little boy. Hm.
I have to admit it is more fun than I would have thought six months ago. So – I’ll go on. :O)

From a remnant of the fabric from which my birthday blouse was made, our colorful-loving size wanted a sleeveless tunic based on the tried and tested cut.
Combined with Vichykaro in orange / pink, we particularly like the fabric. And what does the big guy think about the frills on the neckline?
"Mommy, I feel like a queen!" – Queen of my heart.

Cut: Ottobre 1/2006 – Model 37 – A-shaped added a little width
Actually a midsummer piece, but sometimes worn with a long-sleeved shirt underneath so that you can take it to school tomorrow: O)

Friday May 1st, 2009

Birthday blouse

We have a big birthday tomorrow and last night it occurred to me that I basically have NO clothes to put in my closet. Before that, however, the panic overcame me, I remembered model 106 in the Burda 2009/3 that I wanted to sew anyway and put this idea into practice right away. The bleating was finished this morning at 1.30 a.m., except for buttonholes and buttons – these have just been added.

And. I really like it! In terms of size, I cheated with a slightly wider seam allowance of 4cm width on the side and sleeve seams, but I already know that – they "normal" Cuts simply don’t take my anatomical features into account.
The blouse has 2.5 difficulty points at Burda – I don’t know, that seems almost a bit too much to me. Once you understand how the yoke with the cut-off collar belongs on the front parts, the only hurdle is basically overcome. It was very pleasant to me that there are only 5 pattern pieces in total and the result looks like a lot more.
In any case, this is a cut in which I will definitely become a repeat offender.
. and now the birthday can come!

Fabric: Cotton poplin from the Ludwigsburg fabric market in 2009
Buttons: very well stored flower buttons from Farbenmix


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