Wonnemar markheidenfeld: sauna arrangement

Wonnemar markheidenfeld: sauna arrangement

Sauna order WONNEMAR

1. With the sauna order is intended to ensure that all visitors find peace and relaxation. The sauna order should allow every user an undisturbed, functional correct use of the sauna and a relaxing stay.

2. Entering the sauna area is only permitted with a valid chip bracelet / Chipcoin. The usage time depends on the solved tariff. The training and dressing time are part of the period of use.

§ 2 Scope, supplementary orders, house law

1. The sauna regulations apply to the use of all facilities of the sauna area from entering and until leaving the sauna area. In addition, the house and bathing regulations, which are posted in the entrance area, are binding. For the inclusion in the (for example at the cash register) closed contract the legal regulations apply.

2. The staff of WONNEMAR exercises the house right against all bathers. The instructions of the staff are to be obeyed even with the reservation of a complaint.

3. Anyone who culpably violates the sauna order can be temporarily or permanently excluded from visiting the sauna and the bath.

5. The sauna regulations apply to the general sauna operation. Exceptions may be allowed for special events without the need for a special cancellation of the sauna order.

§ 3 Access and usage restrictions, notification obligations

1. The use of the saunas in WONNEMAR is permitted for everyone except the following restrictions. However, WONNEMAR reserves the right to exclude individuals from access and not to conclude a contract with them.

2. Children under the age of 16 may only use the sauna area of ​​WONNEMAR when accompanied by an adult. The parent or accompanying person is responsible at all times for the supervision of the children. This is not guaranteed if the supervisor is in a different area than the children to be supervised and there is no eye contact with the supervised children.

3. A condition for the visit of the sauna in the WONNEMAR is the health suitability. The specific stress on the cardiovascular system associated with the use of sauna, steam bath or other facilities offered by WONNEMAR represents a health burden that a user must first be aware of. In case of doubt WONNEMAR can request a medical confirmation. The sauna staff is authorized, in case of recognizable health restrictions of the sauna guest to refer this to a doctor or to call for medical assistance and an ambulance.

4. Persons excluded from a sauna visit are:

– Infectious diseases, septic infections and acute viral infections (eg influenza),

– acute inflammatory internal organs (eg liver, gallbladder, ovaries, etc.),

– acute and untreated pulmonary tuberculosis,

– known and untreated diseases of the cardiovascular system,

– known and treated diseases of the cardiovascular system, as far as the attending physician has not given his express consent to the sauna use,

– Seizure disorders (eg epilepsy),

– a stroke no more than three months ago,

– Severe vegetative-nervous disorders with high circulatory instability,

– inflammatory skin diseases and eczema,

5. Persons who are under the influence of intoxicants (eg alcohol, drugs, medications) may be excluded from use by the sauna staff.

The supervisor has to ensure the maintenance of safety, peace and order and compliance with the sauna regulations. The orders of the supervisory staff must be fully complied with, even if this results in a complaint. Subsequent complaints are accepted by the bath management at any time.

§ 5 Cleanliness and hygiene

1. Before using the entire sauna area, in particular the sauna cabins and pools (plunge pools, hot and cold water pools) in the shower room, every sauna guest must carry out a thorough body cleansing using body hygiene products such as soap and shampoo. It is recommended to dry the body moistened by the shower water before entering the sauna room again.

2. After leaving the sauna cabin, before using the pools (plunge pool, hot and cold water basins) the body should be cleansed of perspiration by showering.

3. The use of liniment of any kind immediately before the use of the sauna cabins and pools (plunge pool, hot and cold water pools) is prohibited.

4. Cosmetics, such as manicure, pedicure, shaving, hair cut or dye or the like, is not permitted in the bathing, sauna, shower and changing area.

5. The use of soap and shampoo outside the shower room is not permitted. As the experience showers in the sauna are not cleaning showers, the use of soap or shampoo is forbidden.

§ 6 Clothing, bath linen

1. The sauna area is considered a textile-free area. Thorough body cleansing and the subsequent use of all sauna cabins and pools (plunge pools, hot and cold water pools) must be carried out without exception. Children under the age of three are required to wear aqua glands.

2. The cloakroom is to be accommodated in the lockers. The cabinets are to be closed. A storage of the clothes in the sauna area is not permitted. Valuables are available for valuables, including jewelry, watches, cash and other valuables. Jewelry, watches, glasses and similar items must be stored before the sauna. The sauna guests are expressly advised that the high temperatures in the sauna cabins can damage jewelry, watches, glasses and similar items. It can also cause serious burns on the skin.

3. Bath linen (eg towels, bathrobes) can be provided against payment of a fee and deposit of a deposit. The fee does not include a tariff entry fee.

4. The bath linen is to be treated with care. In case of misuse, the lease can be terminated by WONNEMAR. Damage caused or the loss of the bath linen for which you are responsible lead to the obligation to pay damages.

5. The rental rate for the bath linen ends at the latest with the end of the visit time. The sauna guest is obliged to return the bath linen where he has received it.

§ 7 Behavior in the sauna

1. The sauna guests have to refrain from everything, which runs counter to the operational safety, the good customs, the maintenance of security, peace and order as well as the bathing pleasure of all bathers.

2. The use of recording devices such as film cameras, camera phones or “tablet PCs” (iPad etc.) is permitted only with the express permission of the WONNEMAR management.

3. Not allowed are in particular:

– performing your own infusions,

– the bringing of sharp objects (nail scissors, cornea rasp, razors etc.),

– the use of mobile phones,

– Smoking in all rooms – with the exception of the outdoor area in the designated places,

– Throw away glass or other sharp objects,

– the transport of glass objects and dishes in the entire sauna area,

– spitting on the floor or in the pools,

– the bringing of pets.

4. The consumption of brought food and drinks throughout the sauna area is not allowed, especially not the consumption of alcoholic beverages brought. Waste must only be disposed of in the containers provided for this purpose.

5. Sauna guests staying in the dining area or at the tables are, for reasons of hygiene and respect for the other guests, required to wear a bathrobe or a dry sauna towel enveloping the body.

6. Conversations are to be reduced to the minimum required out of consideration for other guests seeking relaxation in the sauna. Noise, singing, whistling, playing music and the operation of brought along music-playing devices of any kind, such. B. radio and television or tape recorder is not allowed. This applies in particular to the sauna cabins as well as to all lying and resting areas.

§ 8 Behavior in the sauna cabins

1. The use of the sauna cabins is only permitted with a sufficiently large towel. Any contamination of the benches by sweat, honey, salt or other liniments should be avoided. The towels are to be taken when leaving the sauna cabins.

2. For reasons of fire protection, no objects of any kind may be deposited on the sauna stoves, the stones lying on top of them, as well as on the barriers and linings of the sauna stoves. Any drying of towels or laundry in the sauna room or on radiators of other rooms is prohibited.

3. When using the sauna cabins, the bather must note that the high temperatures (up to 40 ° C at floor level and up to 100 ° C at ceiling height) are characteristic of this room and essential for its operation. A touch of the stove is to be omitted as well as the handling of thermostats, thermometers and other facilities of the sauna cabins.

4. The use of the emergency button is only permitted in an emergency.

5. The individual steps of the banks, which are typically stacked one above the other, should be climbed carefully and left again. Handrails do not count to the usual equipment of sauna cabins.

6. The cabins are to be entered barefoot. Beach sandals have to be parked in front of the sauna cabins.

7. Seat pads made of foam rubber, plastic and newspapers and pamphlets may not be taken into the sauna room.

8. For the sake of your own safety and peace, but also out of consideration for other guests, every sauna user in the sauna cabins has to sit quietly in his place.

9. Infusion and ventilation times are determined exclusively by the sauna staff.

10. Water and herb infusions on the stove may only be performed by the sauna master. The bringing of spirits or strong-smelling essences, especially the dumping of such substances or even flammable essential oils on the heater, is strictly prohibited. Substances, if not properly distributed in the water, may ignite in the oven and lead to sauna areas.

11. The sauna cabins are to be left quietly after the sauna has been closed and the doors to be quietly closed. The length of stay in the sauna cabins depends on your own well-being. It is requested to wait for a time controlled by the clock. However, it is recommended not to exceed 15 minutes per sauna session. Sauna watches in the cabins are available to check the length of stay. Exaggerations can cause health problems.

12. File or cut off sweat, brushing, combing, nails and the like. Ä. is omitted for hygienic reasons.

13. It is strongly recommended to visit the open air area after a sauna session from the sauna cabins.

§ 9 Behavior in the outdoor area

1. The effect of sauna heat on the body and circulatory conditions requires that you walk in an open-air bath with calm steps up and down to stabilize the circulation.

2. When breathing in an open air bath, exhalation should be considered. It should not be over-breathed, otherwise seizures may occur.

3. Avoid excessive noise in the outdoor area.

§ 10 Behavior in the cold and hot water area

1. Kneipp tubes and body showers should be used as advised by the supervisor. The application of a water jet aimed at the body with a sharp jet is dangerous and must not be carried out on any other bather.

2. Before using the pools (plunge pool, hot and cold water pools) the body is to be cleansed of sweat. With regard to the other bathers and to avoid accidents may not be entered into the pools (plunge pool, hot and cold water pool). Similarly, the splashing and diving in the pools is prohibited.

3. Any type of liniment must not be used before using the pools (plunge pools, hot and cold water pools).

4. Any excessive water consumption must be avoided. The simultaneous keeping open of several showers for mutual use is not permitted.

5. The use of the foot warming basin, which is to be carried out regularly after the cold application, is used to warm the feet and to stabilize the circulation. The use of the pelvis for foot cleaning is prohibited.

§ 11 Behavior in the lying and resting area

1. For hygiene reasons, when using the loungers, cover the lying surface with suitable and sufficiently large textiles (eg bathrobe, large bath towel).

2. Reserving the beach chairs with towels, bags or other objects, which czt. not used, is prohibited. A claim to the beach chairs by the sauna guest is not. The sauna staff is entitled to remove personal belongings from reserved chairs and to take them into safekeeping.

§ 12 Other Code of Conduct, House Law

The operation of windows, ventilation equipment, fans and other technical equipment must be carried out exclusively by the sauna staff. Any handling of bathroom equipment that is not intended for immediate use by the sauna guest must be avoided. Unauthorized activity can lead to far-reaching liability claims; an ad for property damage is not excluded.

§ 13 wishes, complaints, suggestions

Wishes, complaints and suggestions are gladly accepted by the staff, but they can also be presented verbally or in writing to the management.

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