Paddling pool for children: gift idea

Paddling pool for children – What should be considered when buying?

Children play in the paddling pool

It is summer! For many people, the best time of the year. Especially children are happy about the warmth and the possibilities that are offered in the open air during these months. A leisure fun is here just the little ones in the first place: the splashing in the water. Therefore, of course, the idea is to set up a corresponding paddling pool in the garden. But before a selection is made among the offers, there are still some considerations to make.

Which paddling pool is the right one??

To the delight of all children the choice is huge. Paddling pools for children in various designs are available at, for example. Of course, their selection again ensures that the election is a bit of agony. However, this is far better than having only two or three models available.

First, the size is an issue. For how many children or rather should the paddling pool have room? Even a small swimming pool has an irresistible attraction in the summer months, so a few more should be added to the own number of children who flock to it from the surrounding neighborhood. In this respect, a paddling pool is certainly to be understood as an active means of neighborhood communication. Smaller children, for whom a paddling pool is intended, are usually accompanied by at least one parent.

The fun factor and safety in the paddling pool

A private paddling pool in the garden

Of course, children can be bored even in the most beautiful weather and lots of water. So, the next point to consider is how much fun the different wading pools have to offer except playing in the water. Fortunately, there are models that bring everything in terms of both size and extra fun factor to keep the kids from getting bored. Of course, this has the pleasant side effect that the neighborly communication can go on undisturbed while, for example, the grill is being loaded with delicious things.

Nevertheless, one should of course always have a look at the little ones, because often parents is not aware that small children can drown even in very shallow pools. Of course, it is clear to responsible parents that even the smallest depths of water, like in a paddling pool, are dangerous. Accordingly, the children should never be completely without supervision. Therefore, another point in choosing the right paddling pool is the safety aspect with regard to sharp edges and corners. Since there is hardly a danger in most models, which are almost all inflatable.

Also on the capacity of the pool should be respected. For young children, the water level should not be too high on the one hand for safety reasons, on the other hand, a shallower pool has the advantage that the water can heat up quickly in the sun. In addition, a flatter pelvis, of course, does not make such a bad impression on your own water bill.

Handling and cleaning

The last points to consider when purchasing a children’s swimming pool are handling and cleaning. Clear that the choice usually falls on an inflatable model, which is quickly inflated with a corresponding hand pump or a small compressor and takes up little space in the empty, collapsed state. Not much has to be said for cleaning. Even coarse dirt can be removed from the surface with a damp cloth and for the footprint is additionally worried a tarp to protect the bottom of the paddling pool. To avoid dirt from above, you can still buy a matching tarpaulin.

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