Wendelstein () – hike from the sudelfeld

Wendelstein (1.838m) – hike from the Sudelfeld

A wonderful view summit!

Who does not know him, the Wendelstein? After Zugspitze the most famous peak of the Bavarian Alps and belongs to the Mangfallgebirge.

Little angels and devils are always sitting on my shoulder when I think of Wendelstein. The devil immediately lists me on how much technology, SchnickSchnack and crowds on the zubetonierten summit “lurking”. You can not speak of relaxed peace and summit romance.

View of Wendelstein summit from the “Gachen-Blick”

However, there is still the little angel, which whispers to me then again very quietly “think of the beautiful view. You can see as many peaks of the main Alpine ridge as almost nowhere else (including Großglockner, Großvenediger, the Karwendel and Wetterstein mountains and the Zillertaler peaks) and if you then turn 180 ° and look back to the north, then you also see the Bavarian Forest. How wonderful is that??!

And who wins? – mostly the little angel &# 128578; because the view and also the quite nice and also mostly calm ascent from the Sudelfeld let me quickly overlook the deterrent points.

Ascent to Wendelstein

We park at the pass Sudelfeld at the popular motorcycle meeting. From there we start on a paved road Path to the youth hostel and on to the Larcheralm. After the Larcheralm keep left and follow the path uphill in some serpentines. You pass a stable and continue on the path that leads into a forest. The path turns into a meadow path and you continue to follow the red markings and comes east of the Mitterberg over.

North of the Mitterberg we turn right on a short hiking trail, which then meets a small tarred road that leads to the Lacheralm. From the Lacheralm the trail becomes narrower and leads into the Lacherkar. Walk along the right-hand edge of the Kar and continue under the cable car on the right across meadows to the laughing saddle into where the mountain station of the Lacher ski lift is located.

The further way leads us into the cellar Scharte into it. There we keep to the left and climb up a flight of stairs up to then in turns again a steep piece up to Wendelstein Church and Wendelsteinhaus to overcome.

Then it goes to the final spurt the last 100 vertical meters to the summit. The way there is unfortunately anything but alpine ;-).
As I said before … with beauty the summit can not shine … but with the great view. So close your eyes to the surrounding area and sweep your eyes into the distance ;-).

View from Wendelstein

View from Wendelstein

As already mentioned above, the Wendelstein is an outstanding observation mountain due to its exposed location. To the north you can see far beyond Munich and on good days to the Bavarian Forest. In the northeast are an Inn, Simsee and the Chiemsee at your feet.
The further views range from the Kampenwand in the Chiemgau Alps, the Berchtesgaden Alps, the Kaisergebirge, the Grossglockner and Großvenediger, the Karwendel, and the Zugspitze to the Benediktenwand in the very west.

Descent from Wendelstein

The descent is analogous to the ascent.

Stages of the hike

Sudelfeld car park – Wendelsteinhaus (1:40) – Wendelstein summit (0:30) – Wendelsteinhaus (0:20) – Sudelfeld car park (1:30)


You can also make a detour to the Lacherspitz from the Lachersattel. Or on the boiler wall. The way to get there is more difficult as there are lots of boulders and also quite steep.

>>Quick info about the tour

  • Character: Easy mountain hike
  • Start: Bayrischzell – Sudelfeld, parking at the Biker-Treff
  • Altitude: 840 m
  • Duration – ascent: 2:10 hours
  • Duration – descent: 1:50 hours
  • Path: flat rising, interesting path with everything (asphalt, pavement, meadow path, stairs)

Map: Wendelstein hike from Bayrischzell / Sudelfeld

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