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Handcart in test 2019

Carts are super practical: as Replacement for a (sibling) stroller, for shopping, gardening, trips to the zoo, a picnic in the park or a beach visit. The application possibilities are as varied as the offer.

In the picture: the “Eco Mobil” by Hauck | Photo © Hauck

Not so easy to find from the different models the best carts for themselves. In this article, we would like to help you choose the right car and explain what to look for when buying. We spent a lot of time researching and looking at 8 carts – both made of wood and fabric. All details, advantages and disadvantages and which handcart for which purpose of the right, you read here.

Our top recommendations

  • low weight of only 12 kg
  • loadable up to 75 kg
  • can be folded easily
  • dual front brakes and adjustable handle
  • including sundeck, outer pockets and light padding

  • extremely robust and stable
  • very high load capacity of up to 100 kg
  • easy to disassemble and build
  • suitable for every surface (also for sand)
  • additional accessories (for example sun roof) sold separately

  • loadable up to 50 kg
  • easy to fold
  • good padding for a comfortable fit
  • suitable for any surface (including sand)
  • double rear brake
  • including sun roof

The most important data in comparison

mass load-bearing capacity measures in cm price
Beach style 15 kg up to 100 kg 90 × 43 about 120 €
Fuxtec FX-CT500 12 kg up to 75 kg 66x60x120 about 149 €
Hudora compact 14.5 kg up to 80 kg 126x63x43 about 165 €
Hauck Eco Mobile 16.5 kg up to 50 kg 97x75x100 about 178 €
Berg Toys L 27 kg up to 100 kg 107x60x108 about 239 €
Beach Wagon Lite 13.6 kg up to 80 kg 95x65x61 about 289 €
Beachtrekker LiFe 16 kg up to 100 kg 137x62x67 about 289 €
Jipfish 20 kg up to 80 kg 90x55x62 about 449 €

Our top 3 cart in detail

Fuxtec FX-CT500

Fuxtec’s FX-CT500 wagon is ideal for transporting children. It comes with a sunshade and has several outer pockets. He also convinces by his low weight of only 12 kg and the comparatively low price of 149 €. We also like that the handcart from Fuxtec is equipped with two front brakes and the handle is height adjustable. Unfortunately, the rather thin wheels in the sand drive only badly. If that does not bother you, however, this model is the best choice.

Berg Toys Handcart L

If you are looking for a classic, really stable wooden handcart, you will find it here. Because his extreme robustness is clearly the advantage of this trolley. He also convinces with his high load capacity of up to 100 kg. For it brings a high weight of about 27 kg, has no height-adjustable handle and no brake. Likewise, it can not be folded, but it is easy to disassemble and build up for transport. The wagon from Berg Toys is suitable for every surface. Matching accessories (for example, a children’s sunroof) are sold separately.

Hauck Eco Mobile

The Hauck Eco Mobil convinces with its price and the most Kid-friendly amenities. The sun canopy is included, as are the seat cushions for two children, which makes it particularly comfortable. It is foldable, works well on any surface and has a dual rear brake. It is also characterized by its low center of gravity and the wide, even wheelbase particularly tip over. Unfortunately, the wagon has no height-adjustable handle and can be loaded relatively small with 50 kg. With two small children, there is little room left for, for example, the weekly shopping.

What to look for when buying a Bollerwagens


The price is for many initially one of the key points in the purchase decision should, if possible, but not be decisive. Although you can find a wagon for less than 50 € – but the joy of the supposed bargain often does not last long. If you want, you can also spend up to 500 € for a handcart, but that does not necessarily have to be. Well-stocked carts are available from about 150 €.


To find the right wagon for yourself, the purpose is incredibly important. Do you want him first and foremost for gardening use, for (heavy) purchases or mainly as Mode of Transport for the children? Depending on the application, different properties are particularly useful – for example, whether the wagon is easy to clean, designed for heavy loads or well padded.

Capacity / capacity

If you are aware of the purpose, you can go to the next criterion – the load capacity. If you want to transport mainly your children in the car, a low load capacity (= 50 kg) is sufficient. For purchases (crates) or gardening (sand, stones, etc.) but you should choose a wagon that has a high load capacity (= 100 kg). tip: It is best to weigh your usual luggage (rucksack with filled water bottle, sand toy, etc.) before buying and add the weight of the children, if you are unsure how strong the cart should be.

3 children (or more) are no problem for the wagon from Berg Toys: it can carry up to 100 kg
| Photo © Berg Toys

own weight

A high weight speaks for stability of the Bollerwagens. However, one must remember that one must also pull the weight. If the car is fully loaded, that can exhausting his. Especially if you live in a hilly area. Who uses the wagon mainly on flat surfaces, can easily and gladly grab a higher weight. For orientation: 12 kg is particularly easy for a wagon, while 30 kg represent a very high dead weight.

Foldability Dimensions /

If you want to use the wagon for larger trips and can stow it in the trunk of the car, you should take a closer look at the dimensions of the car. Many trolleys are now foldable, so they can be easily folded for transport without taking up much space. Of course, you can also disassemble foldable wagons for transport – except that you have to disassemble them into their individual parts (possibly individual screws, etc.) and usually need tools for this.


There are two main differences in tires: pneumatic tires or solid rubber tires. Tire types have their advantages and disadvantages. Solid rubber tires are lighter than pneumatic tires and can not get plates. However, they rather use themselves. On smooth surfaces, they roll super, on uneven roads, however, they are not as comfortable as tire, compensate for the bumps and cushion, allowing a more even and quieter ride. But pneumatic tires are a bit heavier and have to be pumped up from time to time. In the worst case, you get a plate – but you can repair (unlike a worn solid rubber tire) easier. The material of the tires is therefore a matter of taste.

But above all, the width of the tire is important and decisive – at least when you are on difficult terrain with the wagon substrates like to drive sand. Here is the rule of thumb: the wider the tire, the easier it is to pull the wagon.

Different tires compared ( Beach Wagon, Fuxtec, Berg Toys, Hudora, Hauck)


Whether you need a brake on the wagon or not, is controversial. Many manufacturers refrain from brakes, on some handcart you can find them, however. If a brake is installed, then it is usually a parking brake – to compare with the brakes on a stroller. These prevent one Roll away, when the car is parked. A useful extra, but not essential – except, of course, if you live in a hilly area or on a mountain.


There are handles made of plastic or upholstered foam rubber – here decides the personal preference, which is a pleasant. Much more important than that material However, that’s the handle at best height adjustable should be. Especially if you are especially small or tall, or several people of different sizes use the car. Only when the handle can be adjusted to your own height, in the long term, a comfortable pulling the cart is possible. What you should also pay attention to is whether the handle (or the drawbar) when you let go on the floor fast, you can fix it or it locks in place. Some manufacturers (such as Fuxtec) also offer carts pushrods so that you not only pull the car, but – like a stroller – can push too.

Stability / wheelbase

Of course, a wagon should always be as stable as possible. However, especially if you buy it as a means of transport for children (who might not sit in the car and / or shift their weight), you should pay particular attention to it. It applies; the bigger the Wheelbase, As well as the distance between the wheels to each other, the more stable the car. Also stable is a wagon with a low center of gravity, as well as one same wheelbase.

Accessories, such as sunroof

Some wagons have a lot of accessories, such as a sunshade, rain covers or padded benches. All 3 things are particularly useful if you use the carts as a stroller replacement. Also outside pockets, brakes or even snow skates are available as accessories for some handcart cars. But Watch out: While some manufacturers already included any accessories in the purchase price, you have to buy everything separately. So an initially low purchase price can increase quickly – or a supposedly expensive price after a look at the accessory list suddenly seem justified.

Other alternatives

Beach Wagon Lite

The Beach Wagon Lite (available in several colors) is suitable for soft seat cushion Also very good for transporting children. In addition, he has a low weight of 13.6 kg, is foldable and suitable for every surface. Other accessories, such as a sunroof or a rain cover is available separately. Unfortunately, he has no brake and no height-adjustable handle. The load capacity is 80 kg in the upper midfield. The price, too, unfortunately.

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