Reading service for children

Reading service for children

Reading aloud is a topic – in almost every age. But not all parents always have time and desire to do so. I can tell from myself that the constant watching of the same children’s books would have almost driven me crazy. Fortunately, my husband has much more endurance than me … Especially in the first year, when it was mainly about discovering the “Wauwau” and the “Uah” on each side, I almost fell asleep regularly.

So I was very curious when the new online service LivingKidsBooks approached us. Together with my editorial colleague Uli, I was allowed to test the video reading service online. Here come our experiences:

LivingK >books online. I knew some titles from my own childhood in the GDR. That surprised me positively. So you do not have to worry that there is only “newfangled stuff” like Conni and Lilifee to choose from.

During our test phase, there was no information about the age for which they are suitable in the book titles. Since I did not know many stories, we always had to first look into the video to see if our child would be overstrained. Meanwhile, however, this has been retrofitted – this makes the selection of suitable Vorlesevideos much easier.

In the videos, each book lies smoothly on the table. The camera is filming from above. The speaker moves his hands while reading aloud. So the kids see what’s going on or are told what character is talking. It’s about the same as you would do it yourself. But a little “cleaner” and “neater”. It seemed to me very intentionally clear. How my son found that, I can judge badly.

The reading matter did not interest him during our test anyway. Of course, it’s exciting when he gets to mom’s “turkey”. But unfortunately he already knows that there (via YouTube) excavators, trucks and construction sites can be seen. So that he hardly focused on the story, but always called for the construction vehicles.

The hoped for “cooking in peace”, which I actually intended, so unfortunately only worked, as I clicked on one of these bleak site videos, where you can see for three hours, as a dump truck after another is fully charged.

I think my kid is just too small for LivingKidsBooks. Let’s see how Uli did with her son Finn:

LivingKidsBooks for the 5 ½ year old son

Finn was allowed to listen to the reading of books by the big brothers since birth. He loves to look at books and comics, and of course, when someone reads to him.

When I offered to try LivingKidsBooks, he was right there. He stared at the screen and listened to the reader, all tense, focused and not distracting.

But when the story was over, there was no “I want to go back,” as I know it from him. I talked to him about what it was compared to reading aloud to mom or dad, such a book from the computer … He thought it was ok, but not so exciting. He lacked the cuddling, the asking, the book itself in the hand and the speed to determine.

I noticed that he dives into the story a lot more during personal reading. When reading through the computer, he is more likely to wait for exercise. Since the pictures do not move then, which is not the purpose, the interest is not so great for him. The movements of the readers’ hands were not enough for him.

Our conclusion to LivingKidsBooks

The idea has excited both mothers immediately, because immediately germinates hope for a few minutes rest and undisturbed working on. Unfortunately, this did not work out so well with our kids for a variety of reasons. We will try the reading portal later with our guys again. Let’s see how they find it with a higher age …

About LivingK>

The platform went online a year ago, in October 2014, and now contains over 70 videos on various books. The target group are children in reading age and beginning readers, from about 2 years to 7 or 8 years. The e-mail newsletter regularly informs you about new titles and also learns something about the content of the book.

Access is free in the basic version (with registration). For € 14.99 per month you also get access to all premium videos and can use the platform ad-free.


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